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We want to always be sporting eye-catching nail looks but intricate designs can cost quite a bit at a nail salon and can take forever to create.

This is why press-on nails are gaining popularity. These stick-on nail extensions look like gelish and can carry complex designs, but without the same time and monetary investment required if you had visited a salon.

The application process is also simple; all you need to do is to glue it on, which means you don’t even need to have nimble fingers to pull it off!

If you’re now intrigued by the idea, read on for our picks for the press-on nail brands and designs we love. .

1. Elegant Touch – Rich Red

Press On Nails Elegant Touch Rich Red

Want to glam it up? You can’t go too wrong with classic red – it brightens your fingertips, and goes with just about anything.

We recommend this one from Elegant Touch, a brand that carries a huge variety of press-on nails. Each kit contains 24 nails that are shaped to fit your nails and have a sleek, professional finish that looks as though they’re done in a salon.

These press-on nails are also created with an ultra-flex technology to mould to the natural contours of your fingers so the fit looks seamless.

They can typically last for up to ten days and won’t fade or chip unlike traditional polish.

Retails for S$9 at LookFantastic.

2. Elegant Touch – Porcelain Nude

Press On Nails Nude Collection Elegant Touch

If what we mentioned about the quality of Elegant Touch press-on nails appeal to you but you’re looking for something matte finish, you’d be happy to know the brand offers that too.

We love the one in Porcelain Nude, which has an understated, timeless design that you can wear to any occasion.

Retails for S$13.50 at LookFantastic.

3. Elegant Touch – French Bare


For minimalists, a French manicure may be your go-to look. Thanks to these press-on nails, getting a French mani has never been this easy!

Retails for S$13.50 at LookFantastic.

4. Dashing Diva – Delight Red

press on nails dashing diva
Dashing Diva is one of the names that will definitely come up when we talk about press-on nails. Offering good quality press-on nails with gorgeous, chic designs, it’s not surprising that the brand has received a lot of great reviews about their products.

We’re currently in love with this pretty design. Featuring different looks for each nail, this set comes together beautifully and looks like something you will get at a nail salon after a few hours!

Retails for S$16.90 at Dashing Diva.

5. Dashing Diva – Letter Me

Press On Nails Letter Me By Dashing Diva

If you prefer a look that looks like what your favourite Korean celebrity may wear, then this design will be it. Featuring smudge checks, mattes, and a pretty glitter accent, this is certainly a pretty look that you can get creative with.

Retails for S$16.90 at Dashing Diva.

6. The Nail Moment – Galaxy Series

Press On Nails Galaxy The Nail Moments

These are hand-painted nails (instead of printed ones), which explains why they cost a little steeper than the others in the list. If you could look past the price, you’ll be getting for yourself a unique set of nails that would like something a manicurist drew for you freehand at a salon.

Retails for S$35 at Etsy.

7. Nails by Fels – Black Marble


The interesting thing about the press-on nails at Nails by Fels is that you can even choose the nail shape that you prefer, whether it’s long coffin, short coffin, stiletto, square, almond or oval.

The designs they carry are also very unique; we recommend that you check out its Marbles collection for the prettiest looks. The design we like best – Black Marble (featured in photo above) – is from this series.

Retails for S$25 at Nails by Fels.

8. Shopee – Punk Metal Nails


Ultra-reflective designs may be hard to create or find at a nail salon but it’s absolutely possible and easy with press-on ones.

What’s more this set of nails is so affordable, you can swap them out without heartache the moment you get tired of it.

Retails for S$4.29 at Shopee. There’s a discount going on at the time of writing so click on the link to get its latest price.

9. Shopee – Assorted cute designs



We’ve found a merchant on Shopee that carries a wide variety of press-on nail designs (we’re talking about 20 designs!) that are all incredibly adorable.

These can certainly pass off as manicures that are done at a nail salon – except that you got it at a fraction of its price and time spent.

Retails for S$10 at Shopee. But there’s a HUGE discount going on at the time of writing, so check out the link for the latest price.

10. ChristyDIDTHAT – Abstract


These hand-painted press-on nails are gorgeous – you know you won’t find another person who’s wearing the same design as you.

The creator offers sizing sample kits that you can purchase so you can guarantee a fit. Each set is handmade and made to order, so while it may be slightly expensive, you can be sure they’re truly unique.

Retails for S$37.44 at Etsy.

11. Paramount Dips – Rugrats Glow Up Collection

Press On Nails Rugrats Glow Up Collection

For something fun for night’s out, consider these ones that actually glow in the dark. These are definitely for the bold-hearted who want to make a statement – and you can be sure you’ll do it without saying a word with nails as outrageous as these ones!

Retails for S$61.01 at Etsy.

12. OohLaLaNails – Vintage Porcelain


These handmade press-on nails look almost like real porcelain if you don’t look too close.

All nails are made to order so you can even let the creator know if you’d like to have any changes made to the design (e.g. changing the colour). She will then send a picture to you of the changes you want to make sure you’re satisfied with the results.

Retails for S$20.80 at Etsy.

13. LetUsAllPressOn – Black Lace and Roses

Press On Nails Black Lace And Roses

These beautiful press-on nails have received a 5-star rating (from 180+ reviews) on Etsy and we’re not surprised why.

Many said that the work was intricate and the fit is perfect if you follow the sizing chart provided closely.

We’re quite sure these hand-drawn pieces are going to turn heads.

Retails for S$34.94 at Etsy

14. BunnyPressOnNails – Black Night Cloud


Want to wear the night sky on your fingers – here’s the look to go for. This creator has received a 5-star rating (from 470+ reviews) on Etsy, with most of them praising her for stunning, quality work, and great customer service.

Retails for S$46.45 at Etsy.

15. EmiliaNailArt – Cute Cat


Are you a cat-lover? Announce that love for felines on your nails with this intricately drawn set.

The creator is a former nail artist, so you can be sure that she knows exactly what she’s doing.

Retails for S$19.40 at Etsy.

Additional research by ShuRin Hoe.