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We raved about this brand not too long ago and how their Extreme Cream changed our lives (and skin) with its super-hydrating but non-greasy properties.

Atopalm Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream Review 2

Now, Real Barrier is back again with another product and we were super excited to hear what it does: it targets the red, itchy bumps that most of us would have experienced at some point or other.

Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream

Atopalm Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream Review 3

Real Barrier’s latest addition, the Cicarelief Cream, is the star of their solution skincare line and consists of ingredients that help to immediately soothe and restore skin that’s going through a rough patch. The cream is marketed to be a SOS first aid cream, which means that they’re your first line go-to when your skin starts acting up with rashes and bumps.

It helps with rashes and period zits

We’ve all experienced that feeling before: when your skin feels particularly dry and rough, and it starts breaking out into an annoying and itchy rash which won’t go away. What about those annoying breakouts that plague us every month when our periods are just about to come, leaving our skin looking red, bumpy, and irritated?

Atopalm Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream Review 5

Scratching it only seems to make it worse, over-the-counter anti-itch creams don’t seem to do much for it, and the steroid-based products from the pharmacy aren’t recommended to be used more than a week straight.

Putting even the thickest moisturisers on the problem area only seems to help for a short period of time before the problem comes back, and you can’t ignore the discomfort it’s causing you. What’s more, if these skin problems happen to be tied to your menstrual cycle, then this frustration will keep recurring every month. What does a girl have to do?!

That’s where the Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream comes in to fill the gaps.

Does it work?

In order to test the efficacy of the product out, 45 women aged between 20 to 30 years old were asked to try out the Cicarelief Cream on problem areas of their face. The following photo is a sample of the result:

Atopalm Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream Review Before After

Source: Real Barrier

In the left circle, a particularly angry-looking area is visibly calmed down after as little as three days of the Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream treatment. The right circle shows a patch of skin with some visible red bumps, which has completely healed over after the same three days.

Does the Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream work? In a nutshell, yes.

The texture is so, so comfortable

If you’ve watched our video or read our articles talking about the Real Barrier Extreme Cream, you’d know that one of our favourite things about the brand’s hero product is its texture. Even though it was a thick cream-based moisturiser, it also absorbed quickly and completely, leaving our skins feeling deeply hydrated without any annoying greasiness.

Atopalm Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream Review Texture

The Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream, therefore, had big shoes to fill, but we’re happy to say that our very high expectations were not disappointed.

Atopalm Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream Review Application

How the Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream applies; Source: Real Barrier

Although it’s named as a cream, the Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream is actually a more gentle lotion-like texture, but it spreads very easily and absorbs as quickly as the Extreme Cream did. At first, we were worried if the light pink cream might leave behind a white tinge on the skin after spreading, but it didn’t!

Atopalm Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream Review Layer

Source: Real Barrier

It forms a protective layer that helps to reduce your skin’s sensitivity to environmental irritants. Don’t worry though, this “layer” is barely tangible and your skin doesn’t feel sticky or greasy after that.

How to use?

Atopalm Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream Review 6

The Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream is best dabbed on to your skin, since it’s meant to be applied on to problem areas and spots only rather than the whole face.

If you have other skincare products in your regime (as we are sure most of you would), then apply the Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream last. Depending on the severity of your skin condition, it may take a few days up to a few weeks for you to see improvement, so be patient and keep using it twice a day with the rest of your skincare regime!

Like most spot treatments, once your skin has calmed down sufficiently, you can cease the application and keep it for a rainy day.

The Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream is suitable even for those with sensitive skin – which makes a lot of sense since they would benefit the most from the calming and protective effects of the product. The SOS first aid cream is well placed to be the first thing you reach for when you’re getting another sensitive skin reaction.

It soothes, heals and hydrates your skin

Most of the anti-rash creams we’ve tried before tend to only target the itchiness and redness, but it doesn’t leave our skin feeling more hydrated than before – in some cases, it even dries out our skin a little! To our surprise, the Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream broke the mold with that stereotype.

Atopalm Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream Review 4

The key ingredients of the Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream are bound together in what they term as the 3 Calming Complex, consisting of:

  • Calamine (at a concentration of 7,000 parts per million)
  • Panthenol (at a concentration of 17,500 parts per million)
  • Madecassoside

Although its main active ingredient is skin-soothing Calamine, it also contains Panthenol and Madecassoside, the same active ingredients as the Extreme Cream, which doesn’t just hydrate the skin but also restores your skin barrier. We’ve already talked about this concept before, but to recap: if you have a damaged skin barrier, rehydrating your skin with a regular moisturiser is only curing the symptom but not the cause.

The brand also uses a globally patented technology called MLE (Multi-Lamellar Emulsion), which was specially developed to combat against the problem of weakened skin barriers:

atopalm real barrier mle skin barrier

MLE repairs skin barrier and keeps allergens and microbes out

A damaged skin barrier not only means that you seem to have dry, flaky, dehydrated skin no matter how much moisturiser you spam on your face, but it also means that your skin is more prone to infections and irritation – hence the red, itchy bumps that nobody likes!

So, consider the Cicarelief Cream as a dual-pronged attack on this annoying skin condition – it not only soothes and solves the immediate problem of annoying itchy bumps, but also restores your skin barrier which prevents that rash from coming back.

Atopalm Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream Review 1

You could be trying it out for free

If you’ve been looking out for products that are great for breakouts, you’re in luck now. Real Barrier will be giving away these prizes to six lucky winners!

Atopalm Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream Review Gift Set

The Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream Set retails for SGD38 at selected Watsons stores islandwide and on their official Lazada store.

All you need to do is scroll to the bottom of this article and tell us in Facebook comment widget why you need the Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream. You will stand to win either the Real Barrier Cicarelief Set or an Real Barrier travel kit, both of which contain a full-sized product.

Also, be sure to like the Real Barrier Facebook page so you will be the first to know what’s new from this rising Korean skincare brand!

Cicarelief Set contains:

  • Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream (full sized)
  • Real Barrier Soothing Ampoule Mask (travel sized)
  • Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream (travel sized)
  • Real Barrier Eye Contour Cream (travel sized)

The Real Barrier travel kit contains:

  • Real Barrier Essence Mist (full sized)
  • Real Barrier Eye Contour Cream (travel sized)
  • Real Barrier Extreme Cream (3 sachets)
  • Real Barrier Extreme Cream Mask

This article is brought to you by Real Barrier.