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If you spend the time and money to colour your hair, it only makes sense that you would want your new hair colour to stay around for a while.

However, no matter how bold your hair colour is, any hair dye could easily rinse off your strands and straight down the drain without proper hair care maintenance.

Ahead, we share seven of the most surprising things that we commonly do – or don’t do – that are fading our hair colour faster than usual.

Seven surprising things you do (or don’t do) that take out the vibrancy of your colour-treated hair

1. Washing hair too often

Hairstylists believe that excessive hair washing is the main culprit of premature colour fade, mostly because our treated water tends to strip off hair dye pigments as you rinse off the shampoo lather.

But in Singapore’s hot and humid weather, washing your hair every few days isn’t exactly ideal as that may cause itchiness and oiliness of the scalp. Instead, try to wash just once a day to keep your scalp clean while preserving your hair’s colour and shine.

If needed, use a dry shampoo at midday to keep your crowning glory feeling fresh.

2. Exposing hair to the sun without proper UV protection

exposure to uv damage

Not protecting your hair with a hat or hair products that offer UV protection is another reason why your hair colour doesn’t stay salon-fresh for that long.

That’s because the sun, which produces harmful UVA and UVB rays, not only breaks down the chemical bonds in hair dyes but also exposes the natural remaining pigments, which are usually the unwanted warm brassy tones.

The best workaround for this? Look for haircare products that are enriched with UV protection or have ingredients that prevent oxidative damage, like the L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Shine range which is formulated with 100% French rose oil to fight oxidation from UV exposure to prevent colour fading so that dull, coloured hair can regain healthy hair radiance.

3. Using heat styling tools too much

Another recipe for hair colour disaster? Too much artificial heat from your styling tools. Blow-drying your hair helps close up cuticles after a hair wash to keep breakage and frizz at bay but if you use a hairdryer along with straighteners and stylers, all that heat can be a culprit of your hair colour fading.

While most hair stylers require a certain heat in order to achieve the desired style, you can turn the heat down on your hairdryer at least to curb damage. If you want to minimise colour damage even further, apply a thermal protectant before you blow-dry or style your hair.

Thankfully, there are some hair serums and hair oils in the market that also double up as a heat protectant so you don’t need to invest in an additional product. Case in point? The cult-favourite L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Hair Treatment Oils, which are so popular – in fact, they are the number one choice in the world* – because the formula not only provides UV protection but also heat protection of up to 230 degrees Celsius.

4. Washing with hot water


Photo source: Torwai Photo/Freepik

You may have done all your homework and even got yourself the perfect shampoo for your hair type, but what you may not know is that the water temperature you use can still damage your hair colour.

When it comes to washing your hair, it’s better to do so with warm to cold water to help preserve hair colour. Using water that’s too hot causes hair cuticles to remain open for longer which, in turn, leads to colour fade due to dye pigments being washed out of the hair cuticles.

5. Skipping a heat protectant

skipping a heat protectant

You know by now that a thermal protectant can help reduce heat damage on your hair, but it’s important to remember that using a heat protectant simply isn’t optional if you have coloured tresses especially on days that you absolutely cannot avoid heat styling.

To keep your hair looking fresh, it’s imperative that you spend that extra few minutes applying a heat protectant to your hair before you heat style.

Luckily for you, the Precious French Rose Infusion Fragrance Hair Treatment Oil from the L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Hair Treatment Oil range we mentioned in point #3 is delicately perfumed with the scent of French rose which you’ll surely want to reach for it every time before you blow-dry or style your mane.

6. Not having a complete haircare regimen

Let’s face it, many of us are guilty of thinking that shampoo and conditioner are more than enough to keep our hair protected and healthy. But when there are so many internal and environmental aggressors that affect our mane, it’s crucial that we reinforce our daily haircare routine with treatment products such as hair serums and oils for additional hydration and protection.

Apart from that, being lazy in your daily haircare routine is also possibly one of the biggest no-nos you can commit to your mane. Think about it: if applying your skincare day and night gets you healthy, beautiful skin, wouldn’t you want to do the same for your hair?

With just a simple three-step daily routine for your hair (that’s shampoo, conditioner, and a hair serum or oil), you are essentially giving your mane the armour and ammo it needs to protect itself from any external assaults from the environment.

7. Not incorporating purple shampoo in your haircare routine

loreal paris everpure sulfate free purple shampoo conditioner

You must be thinking, why do I need a purple shampoo when my hair isn’t platinum, blonde, or pink? Well, here’s the trick: purple shampoo can also protect and brighten up brown hair while offsetting the brassiness in your hair colour.

That’s because the purple pigments have the ability to neutralise warm yellow and orange tones to make coloured hair look brighter and healthier –  like you’ve just stepped out from the salon. In other words, it’s really a simple, lesser-known trick you can incorporate to make your hair colour last longer.

Here’s an affordable way to help keep your hair colour from fading

loreal paris elseve extraordinary oil shine range

Photo by Daily Vanity

Now that you know the main things you shouldn’t do to prevent your hair colour from fading, here’s something you can use daily to protect and pamper your colour-treated hair: the L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Shine range.

Formulated specifically for Asian hair, the collection – which comprises a Silicone-Free Shampoo, Nourishing Conditioner, and Hair Treatment Oil – is infused with premium and rare 100% French rose essential oil that’s tediously extracted to preserve its colour-protecting benefits for healthier, more brilliant coloured locks.

Made with urbanites in mind, the Silicone-Free Shine Shampoo is powered by Micro-Purification Deep Cleansing Technology to get rid of oil, dirt, and PM2.5 pollutants effectively so that hair is left clean and non-greasy until your next wash, making it suitable for oily scalp caused by our hot and humid climate. As hinted in its name, the cruelty-free shampoo is formulated without silicones and parabens.

Also cruelty-free, the Nourishing Shine Conditioner is packed with 10 times more nourishment than regular conditioners to give your mane all the well-deserved TLC.

It comes in a thick, creamy consistency that allows the paraben-free formula to double up as a hair mask with no leave-in time needed (yay!) – and to give you a luxurious experience in the shower, there are gold shimmers found throughout the creamy conditioner.

loreal paris elseve extraordinary oil shine hair treatment oil edited

Photo by Daily Vanity

The last step in the daily routine is none other than the Precious French Rose Infusion Fragrance Hair Treatment Oil. Don’t be put off by the word ‘oil’ in the name, this Hair Treatment Oil is far from being a heavy, greasy hair oil that leaves an unwanted oil slick on your mane.

On the contrary, the formula comes in a serum-like texture that’s incredibly non-greasy, lightweight, and absorbs really quickly on both wet and dry hair to let your hair colour shine through. As mentioned earlier, the hair oil also pulls double-duty as a UV and heat protectant prior to any blow-drying or styling.

But, that’s not all. The Hair Treatment Oil can also be used pre-shampoo – simply add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner to increase nourishment for very dry, damaged hair. The multi-purpose product can also function as an overnight hair treatment or as the finishing touch to fix bed hair and add shine before you start your day!

The Extraordinary Oil Shine range is even clinically tested^ by L’Oréal Paris to deliver 154% better colour radiance in just one wash! To see if the haircare system can really deliver what it promises, we enlisted the help of our team member, Wan Kee, to put the Shine range to the test. Here’s what she has to say about the three-step haircare regimen.

loreal paris elseve extraordinary oil shine range review wan kee

Wan Kee’s hair looks shinier and healthier after trying the Shine range

“The first thing that caught my attention was the slightly sweet floral scent in the shampoo and conditioner from the Shine range, which I absolutely adored because it simply helped me relax in the shower after a long hectic day!

Compared to other shampoos I’ve used, the consistency of the Silicone-Free Shine Shampoo was just right for me as it was neither too runny nor thick, making it easy to lather. The Nourishing Shine Conditioner made the entire hair washing experience more indulgent thanks to the presence of gold shimmer in the formula.

I also noticed that the shampoo and conditioner are packaged in transparent bottles, which may sound trivial to some but I really appreciated this packaging detail as it allowed me to actually see the amount of product I have left.

I’ve been a user of the L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Hair Treatment Oil for quite some time now and the Shine version with French rose essential oil has now become a firm favourite of mine as I continue to use hair oils in my routine – the dried rose suspended in the bottle just elevates the entire daily haircare regimen for me.

Not only that, but the hair oil also helped hydrate my hair instantly while taming all the split ends that I had been dealing with since I coloured my hair earlier last month. I have been using hair oils in my routine and will continue to do so!

As someone who frequently dyes her hair, I always keep in mind to find a haircare system that helps prolong my hair colour and enhance its shine and vibrancy – and I think I may have found it in the most affordable way.

After using this three-step haircare regimen from L’Oréal Paris, my hair has become noticeably glossier and my hair colour doesn’t look as dull as before. The best part is that the products are paraben-free and they also help protect hair from harmful UV rays.” – Wan Kee, senior sales manager

Meet the other hair heroes in L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil haircare ranges

loreal paris elseve extraordinary oil sleek range group

Photo by Daily Vanity

L’Oréal Paris is known for providing high quality, salon-inspired haircare that caters to all demanding hair needs, which is probably why the renowned brand is voted the most trusted haircare brand by Singapore consumers#. In keeping with its brand ethos, the Extraordinary Oil series has two other ranges to meet other common hair needs as well.

Both available as a daily three-step haircare regimen, there’s the Sleek range to target dry and frizzy hair and also the Wave range to take care of damaged or permed hair. The Sleek series features 100% French amber cedarwood oil in the shampoo and conditioner to deeply hydrate dry, frizzy hair.

Recommended to be paired with the Hair Treatment Oil (Gold), this three-step haircare routine is designed to keep frizziness at arm’s length for smooth, sleek hair that lasts even in our humid climate.

loreal paris elseve extraordinary oil sleek range review melissa

Melissa’s hair looks a lot sleeker and more manageable after trialling the Sleek range

To put the Sleek range to the test, Daily Vanity team member, Melissa, tried the three products and shared her honest feedback here.

“As someone with frizzy hair, I can never air-dry my locks because it only ends up worsening the frizz. To tame my hair, I use a hair mask at least twice a week and I also use a hair straightener to style my hair every time I head out of the house.

I’ve gotten used to taking these extra steps to keep my wild hair under control but sometimes, I can’t help but wonder if there are products out there that can help me manage my hair more efficiently. To my surprise, the Sleek range did just the trick – I especially loved how the conditioner comes in a thicker consistency which makes it a good hair mask alternative.

With it, I just need to leave it on a few minutes longer than usual before rinsing off in order to let my hair soak up all the added nourishment. That means I no longer have to invest in an additional product – which is a hair mask in this case – to give my hair all the TLC it needs!

I liked that the shampoo and conditioner felt really luxurious and suited my hair type really well. Despite having long, thick hair, I was pleasantly surprised that the shampoo managed to reach every hair strand to thoroughly cleanse my hair without leaving it feeling overly dry or coarse.

Truth be told, it felt like I’d just went for a salon treatment every time I used the three-step haircare system! Having gone for a few hair relaxing treatments in salons, I would say it’s a comparable experience.

Like my colleague Wan Kee, I cannot emphasise how much I love the mild yet pleasant scent of the shampoo and conditioner – the relaxing aroma made me look forward to using the products every day!  I definitely recommend using this if you’re looking to have a relaxing shower experience after a busy day.

And also like Wan Kee, I’ve actually been using the hair oil prior to this review – it’s actually my holy grail for the past couple of years! It’s super effective in taming my frizzy, dry, and coarse hair without any greasy residue.

After using the Sleek range, my battered hair not only looked sleeker but I also somehow feel it’s no longer as oily by midday which was quite a surprising benefit. It’s helped my split ends as well, leaving my mane smooth to the touch.” – Melissa, senior campaign executive

loreal paris elseve extraordinary oil wave range

Photo by Daily Vanity

The Wave series comprises a shampoo and conditioner that are infused with 100% French white truffle extract, and is recommended to be paired with the Extra Rich Hair Treatment Oil (Brown) to help deeply repair and restore the health of damaged and permed hair for livelier, bouncier locks.

However, the Wave range stands out because it’s formulated not just for those with permed or curly hair, but also for anyone with damaged, brittle or weak hair that needs an extra keratin boost for improved hair health and elasticity.

To try out the Wave range, we got our team member, Peony, to use the three-step haircare regimen on her fine, fragile locks – and she shared her experience with us here.

loreal paris extraordinary oil wave range review peony

Peony’s hair looks less damaged and even has a slightly glossy appearance after using the Wave range

“Struggling with fine, fragile hair that’s also flat is no easy feat – while I acknowledge that my hair condition (which I didn’t use to have until after my pregnancy) needs a keratin boost, I also try to steer clear of any heavy or oil-based haircare products because I worry that they might make my hair look even flatter. This worry of mine had only grown stronger after I snipped my hair shorter recently.

So, you can only imagine my concern when I first used the shampoo and conditioner, which were quite thick in texture. But, all my worries were unfounded as the products took great care of my weak hair without weighing it down.

I was especially afraid that the shampoo would be too oily for my scalp but it turned out to be one of my favourite products from the Wave range as I could actually feel that this silicone-free shampoo thoroughly washed away all the excess dirt and oil in my scalp.

The conditioner was just as effective as I was able to comb through my wet hair without encountering any tangles or knots – and after my hair had fully dried, it was actually still really easy to run my fingers through.

The hair oil, though, was a game-changer for me. I have tried so many hair oils previously and none of them seemed to help much but using just the right amount of the Hair Treatment Oil (Brown) in this range, the product actually helped make my hair look more manageable without any greasiness.

I was told earlier that one to two pumps will do the trick for those with coarse, thick hair but I found that just half a pump was more than sufficient for my fine tresses.

Apart from the effective hair oil, the premium packaging of the products definitely caught my attention too, and made my hair washing experience that much more pleasant every time.” – Peony, senior marketing executive

*No.1 hair treatment brand in the world based on Nielsen’s consolidated data from 31 countries, including Singapore. ^Results may vary according to individuals. #L’Oréal Paris haircare is the No.1 trusted haircare brand by Singapore consumers based on Daily Vanity’s Beauty Consumer Survey Report 2020 (Singapore Edition).

Where to find the L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil ranges + prices

The L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Silicone-Free Shampoos (440ml) and Nourishing Conditioners (440ml) are priced at S$16.90 each across all three ranges.

Meanwhile, the L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Hair Treatment Oils (100ml) retail for S$26.90 each.

You can find the entire L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil collection at Watsons, Guardian, and Fairprice as well as online at Shopee and Lazada.

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