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I remember watching SK-II commercials on TV, where its ambassadors talk about the Facial Treatment Essence as “miracle water” and I often wondered if it really works miracle for the skin.

Now, I finally got to own my very own SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, following the launch its long-awaited men’s series last year.

In case you’re wondering what’s the magic behind the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, this beauty essence is formulated with the natural ingredient, Pitera. The story that scientists observed how sake brewers have youthful-looking hands despite growing older (and have wrinkled faces), and decided to look into the make-up of sake ingredients. This is when they discovered Pitera, and use this in all SK-II products.

Does SK-II Men Facial Treatment Essence work?

I love how the Facial Treatment Essence is odourless. My skin feels cool when I apply the essence on my skin. I used to have oily skin and enlarged pores but I noticed a difference after the third day of usage. My pores are less visible and the product also helps balance skin’s oil level without dehydrating it. In fact, my skin becomes more moisturised and my complexion has improved visibly. Even after hours of outdoor activities, my skin remains matte and moisturised. Thanks to SK-II Men, my skin is visibly more radiant in just about two weeks of usage.

How to use SK-II Men Facial Treatment Essence?

The SK-II Men Facial Treatment Essence is best used together with its Moisturising Cleanser and Age Revitalize Moisturiser.

After cleansing, pour a few drops of SK-II Men Facial Treatment Essence onto the palms and gently pat it onto the face and neck area. After which, apply the Age Revitalize Moisturiser all over face and neck. Your skin should feel energised and refreshed after the regime. It actually doesn’t take a long time to complete it – just around 10 minutes.

Taking care of your skin does not makes you more feminine. Men do not need to work in the mud to define manliness. In fact, I believe a real man should take good care of himself – an indication that you’re capable of taking care of the bigger things in life since you’ve got your life in control.