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If you’re on a journey to healthy, glowing skin, experts often recommend incorporating fresh salmon into your diet. The fish is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which soothe inflammation and boost collagen production to keep your skin supple and bouncy. It even helps to retain your skin’s natural oil barrier, combatting dryness and dullness.

While this inside-out approach is tried and true, you may not see visible results right away. Enter salmon DNA, the buzzy ingredient that could be the secret to a youthful complexion.

What salmon DNA can do for your skin

salmon dna skincare

Credit: Valeria Boltneva/Pexels

Harvested from – you guessed it – salmon, salmon DNA has potent regenerative properties, and it sinks deep into the skin to encourage cell turnover. That way, it is able to firm the skin and maintain its elasticity. It’s also said to be an anti-inflammatory ingredient that can aid in wound and tissue repair.

As we get older, our cells become slower at regenerating – this is where salmon DNA steps in. Offering a slew of anti-ageing benefits, it’s no wonder salmon DNA has been used in a sought-after South Korean facial treatment called Rejuran Skin Healer.

In this treatment, nucleotides collected from salmon DNA are injected into the dermis layer of your skin using microneedles. This increases microcirculation and stimulates growth factors to regenerate ageing and damaged skin cells, all while enhancing your skin’s elasticity.

It’s a trending ingredient that has been used exclusively in beauty treatments, until now. Meet the illumiaSKIN All 1n One Mask, a sheet mask that gives your skin a dose of salmon DNA anytime, anywhere.

Give your skin a dose of salmon DNA with this sheet mask

salmon dna skincare illumiaskin All 1n One Mask

To create an all-encompassing skincare product, illumiaSKIN has infused a potent blend of key ingredients into each All 1n One Mask to aid your skin’s natural reparative process. This way, it helps to restore your skin to its smooth, youthful glory.

Of course, the sheet mask taps on the rejuvenating benefits of salmon DNA, one of the most innovative anti-ageing solutions in skincare that smooths out fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s paired with hydrolysed collagen and hyaluronic acid, which draw up to 600 times more moisture to the skin to revive your skin and keep it soft and plump.

What’s more, there’s adenosine and niacinamide to firm and brighten your overall complexion, allowing you to address three of the most common skin concerns: a weak skin barrier, signs of ageing, and a dull, uneven skin tone.

Like all the other products in illumiaSKIN’s line, the All 1n One Mask is dermatologically-tested and tested by the founder of Illumia Therapeutics and Papilla Haircare, Kim Lim. Developed by Illumia’s team of skin experts and doctors, every product from the range is made with premium ingredients that promise healthy, glowing skin.

illumiaSKIN All 1n One Mask review: First impressions

After receiving glowing reviews from our readers, I knew this multitasking sheet mask was a product I had to try.

Drenched in a nourishing serum, the illumiaSKIN All 1n One Mask felt hydrating and refreshing on my skin. Its serum is also fragrance-free, something my sensitive skin and nose really appreciated.

The unique microfibre sheet felt incredibly cooling on my skin and it’s softer than other cotton sheet masks I’ve tried. I didn’t have to readjust it constantly while it was on my face too.

salmon dna skincare illumiaskin All 1n One Mask fit

The lightweight, microfibre sheet sat comfortably on my face and retained its serum well, so it didn’t create a mess or waste a single drop of nourishing serum.

Before applying the illumiaSKIN All 1n One Mask on my face, I measured the hydration level of my right cheek. Then, I kept the sheet mask on for 10 minutes and recorded the second measurement after removing it.

salmon dna skincare illumiaskin All 1n One Mask moisture meter

The results speak for themselves. Just take a look at how well the All 1n One Mask helped quench my skin’s thirst while rebalancing my sebum levels. It bumped up my moisture levels by a remarkable 21%.

Although the All 1n One Mask’s serum has a viscous texture, it was able to sink into my skin fast, prepping my skin for the next step in my routine. Best of all, it provided ample hydration yet didn’t feel overly rich or heavy.

Most masks I’ve tried leave a sticky feel after application, which can feel very uncomfortable on the skin. However, I didn’t experience that with the illumiaSKIN All 1n One Mask. It replenished my parched skin in minutes and I could have easily done without a moisturiser after.

My skin looked a little brighter after the first use too, so I was thrilled to see what it could do for my skin after five days of use.

illumiaSKIN All 1n One Mask review: Results after 5 days

salmon dna skincare illumiaskin All 1n One Mask before after 1

After the trial, my complexion gained a dewy gleam. Thanks to the niacinamide in the formula, rough patches were smoothed out and the redness on my forehead had subsided, leaving me with a more even skin tone.

My overall complexion looked more radiant too, likely due to the Salmon DNA in the serum. My skin felt firmer and bouncier, and I could feel the hydrating effects of the masks for longer.

salmon dna skincare illumiaskin All 1n One Mask before after 2

After five days of daily use, I noticed that my acne-prone skin produced less sebum and the blemishes along my jawline had started to fade. My pores appeared smaller and tighter too – impressive results I saw in a short amount of time.

If you’re searching for a product that does it all in two ticks, look no further than illumiaSKIN’s All 1n One Mask. It’s perfect for those who want to give their skin a brightening boost before a big event or want to restore their skin’s moisture barrier for a younger-looking complexion.

illumiaSKIN All 1n One Mask retails for S$48 (five pieces per box) at illumiaSKIN’s website and in-store at Illumia Therapeutics Orchard.

This article is brought to you by illumiaSKIN by Kim Lim.

Featured image credit: xFrame.io (left), Ivan Samkov/Pexels (right)