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Balayage has been trending tirelessly for years now, and for a good reason. Often confused with ombré and traditional highlights, balayage is its own unique technique which gives the hair a natural, surface highlight on the top of the strands that cascades into full colour.

What’s more, the technique promises a fairly low-maintenance way to go lighter, as it preserves your base color and blends your natural roots for a softer grow out.

However, not all balayage procedures are created equal, which is why we asked five Daily Vanity readers to try the SALONPLUS 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour to see how it fared. Keep on reading to see what they have to say about the hair colouring service.

What to know about SALONPLUS and its 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour

SALONPLUS 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour review salon space

Founded by husband-and-wife duo Dave and Audrey, SALONPLUS started out as a home-based salon 19 years ago and was formerly known as DA Hair Dressing. Dave started out in a studio that styles local artistes, and has transformed the tresses of celebrities into head-turning hairstyles on the red carpet.

He decided to start his own home-based salon with Audrey in the hopes of creating a cosy, comfortable environment for all his clients. This way, they were able to provide quality hairstyling services to all at a fraction of the price.

Needless to say, they garnered a loyal following of customers, which allowed them to expand their business and relocate to the charming Far East Plaza. Here, they’re able to cater to the influx of new clients while still retaining their affordable prices.

At SALONPLUS, you can enjoy a plethora of services, from a stylish haircut and perm to colouring and anti-frizz treatments to revive damaged locks. If a gorgeous balayage is what you seek, try SALONPLUS 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour.


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A customisable hair colouring treatment, the ammonia-free formula contains argan oil, which enhances your hair’s brilliance and lustre as it hydrates and nourishes every strand for silky, weightless tresses.

It’s further bolstered by 24k gold keratin therapy, which gives your hair an intense moisture boost, leaving your hair silky smooth and soft. What’s more, the treatment taps on vitamin E’s natural and powerful antioxidant properties to fight hair ageing as it shields the hair from damaging free radicals.

Those with brittle strands and a sensitive nose will be pleased to know that the hair dyes used are ammonia-free as well, so it won’t take a toll on your hair’s health.

For maintenance, it’s recommended that you schedule a colour touch-up session once every three months if you want to upkeep your dye job. Do note that SALONPLUS doesn’t recommend this hair colouring technique to customers with permed or rebounded hair as it can further damage your tresses.

SALONPLUS 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour review: 5 readers share their honest opinion

SALONPLUS 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour


All of our readers were satisfied with the results they saw following a session of 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour at SALONPLUS.

Based on the reviews, SALONPLUS 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour seemed to effectively produce natural-looking results that flattered each individual’s skin tone. Most readers agreed that they not only achieved vibrant colour, but their hair also felt soft, smooth, and strong post-colouring.

All of them particularly appreciated the friendly and professional hairstylists at SALONPLUS who went the extra mile to ensure that the reviewers were comfortable throughout the session and shared aftercare tips with them. The knowledgeable hairstylists were also said to be very patient and thorough in explaining the hair colouring process in detail.

Overall, all reviewers liked that the SALONPLUS 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour is versatile and customisable according to their needs and desired outcomes. Many of them also liked that the 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour comes with a more wallet-friendly price tag.

Two reviewers appreciated Juice Day, which offers granola cups and fruit bowls at the salon to keep hungry customers full during long appointments.

All of our readers would not hesitate to recommend the hair colouring service to their friends and family because of the result it delivered as well as the exceptional service they received in the salon.

Celine, 33

Current hair type and condition: Thin, wavy hair that’s frizzy, damaged, and dry

SALONPLUS 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour review celine

I usually opt for in-salon colouring and I’ve been quite satisfied with the results thus far. Though the colour lasts long, there’s often a strong ammonia smell during and post-treatment.

It was my first time getting a balayage style at SALONPLUS, so I wish I were given a few visual references beforehand to get a better idea of what my hair would look like after.

Eventually, I left it in the hands of my stylist. He recommended a light balayage with some greenish and ashy tone to complement my tan skin tone. I was excited yet unsure of how the final results might turn out.

I was very satisfied with the end results in terms of the colour and texture of the hair. My hair feels smooth and light after trying SALONPLUS 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour. The hair colour gives an overall brighter tone to my tresses too, and it really complemented my skin tone. Friends and family who saw me after the session complimented my hair as well.

Plus, the process is much shorter and the treatment smells more pleasant than other colour treatments I’ve tried.  I will definitely recommend this for those who don’t like the post-treatment ammonia smell.

I felt at home and cosy in the salon, as they made sure I was comfortable with the process. The stylist is also knowledgeable in his product range and treatment, and able to provide advice and haircare tips after the session.

Fiona, 32

Current hair type and condition: Thin, dry, and damaged hair that underwent severe chemical processes

SALONPLUS 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour review fiona

I let my stylist choose my hair colour for me, but I requested for a less obvious balayage as my work only allows me to sport subtle hair colours.

Throughout the session, my hairstylist constantly reassured me and put my comfort level first. In fact, the SALONPLUS 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour was totally painless and hassle-free. I’m in love with my hair colour now. I love the gradient of the colour, and my damaged hair felt much softer, smoother, and stronger after the session.

It helped tame my hair frizz better than other hair colouring treatments, and it made my hair feel more moisturised. My frizz and flyaways have been smoothed out as well. I was surprised that it didn’t damage my hair despite a round of bleaching.

My hairstylist was competent in answering all my questions, and I was given good post-treatment care tips after the session too. I recommend this service to everyone and would love to try out other colours from SALONPLUS!

Josephine, 30

Current hair type and condition: Thick, unruly, and frizzy hair

SALONPLUS 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour review josephine

My hairstylist took note of my preferences and we went through some photos of hair colours and styles that I would like. Due to the nature of my work, I cannot dye colours that are too bright or loud. My hairstylist was practical in asking and recommending what is acceptable for my line of work.

The session was very comfortable and quick. My hairstylist was patient in answering my questions throughout the process. He explained the benefits of SALONPLUS 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour. He also checked in on my comfort during the application of dye and gave me the option of walking around to relieve my neck ache from sitting during the session.

After the session, my hair felt much softer, smoother, and healthier. Plus, friends and family who saw me complimented my hair.

Interestingly, my hair loss had reduced the next few days after the 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour. Usually, I will get a couple strands of hair when I run my fingers through my hair and experience hair fall when I wash my hair.

However, even days after the hair dye service, there were no strands of hair when I ran my fingers through my tresses – only one to two strands fell when I washed my hair too. My hair also retained its shine and smoothness for two to three days although I started washing my hair daily on the same day after the treatment.

It has been a positive experience in terms of the salon environment, hairstylist, and results of the hair colour. I would recommend this service to everyone!

Pei Ying, 25

Current hair type and condition: Unruly, frizzy, dry, damaged hair that is bleached

SALONPLUS 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour review peiying

My hairstylist was very patient, respectful, and nice. SALONPLUS 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour was very comfortable and quick. I had a very chill session there and could even do some reading throughout the process – it was a great opportunity for me to have a self-care day.

The purple colour that my hairstylist mixed and picked out for me was awesome and I love it. It shows that they really put in the effort to obtain the desired colour of consumers. He made sure to cater to my needs and was very friendly and genuine. He also took the time to let me know what steps are next so I know what to expect.

The session was completely painless and hassle-free too. Plus, this treatment smelled more pleasant than other in-salon hair colouring treatments I’ve tried in the past.

My hair looked healthier and felt much softer and smoother after the session – it really helped tame my frizz and flyaways. I was also given good post-treatment care tips from the hairstylist after the session. The entire service was very pleasant and stress-free.

Friends and family who saw me complimented my hair. I would recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a pampering session. SALONPLUS has other services like head spa and scalp treatment at affordable prices too.

During my session, I also had a chance to try a juice bowl from Juice Day, which is made available to all SALONPLUS customers. It was amazing!

Mel, 26

Current hair type and condition: Thick, unruly, frizzy, dry, damaged, coloured and bleached hair that underwent severe chemical processes

SALONPLUS 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour review mel

I’ve tried both box dye and in-salon colouring in the past. I wasn’t satisfied with box dyes as they always left my hair super dry and frizzy. It also didn’t give me the exact colour I wanted. In-salon colouring was a bit better but it was still extremely drying. I find box dyes suffocating due to the stronger smell too.

My hairstylist was extremely helpful in advising what colour would suit me. I’m quite thankful that my stylist suggested pink as it would bleed less compared to red, which was the colour I considered.

My hairstylist was very thoughtful throughout the appointment, always checking in to make sure I was comfortable with the processes and that I wasn’t feeling any pain on the scalp, especially since there was some bleaching involved. He also informed me of every step to make sure I wasn’t confused or unsure of what was happening to my hair.

SALONPLUS 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour was very comfortable, and there was no discomfort or unpleasant smell. My hair also looked smoother after the dying process! The colour also lasted longer than I expected!

I really liked the vibes of the salon as it felt super cosy and everyone was very friendly! I was even more surprised that they have another brand under the salon called Juice Day, which is perfect if your appointment stretches across lunch or dinner.

You can purchase food like a granola cup (with fruits and yoghurt inside) and have it as a snack! I think that’s very thoughtful of the salon as they understand that appointments can be quite long.

I really liked the whole experience as it was very comfortable and reassuring. Everything was communicated coherently and expectations were clear so I knew what to expect as the end result. Would definitely recommend SALONPLUS if you’re looking for a chill, cosy place to get your hair done!

SALONPLUS 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour: Prices and location

First 50 Daily Vanity customers will get to enjoy a special promotional price of S$181 (U.P. ~S$300) on SALONPLUS 24K GOLD Keratin Balayage Colour*! Quote DV24KGOLD when you make an appointment.

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*The promotion includes a balayage and base colour for all hair lengths.

You can also add these optional services to your balayage session:

  • Stylist Cut (for all hair lengths) – S$45
  • Unlimited Bleaching – S$99
  • Shiseido Salon Programme Hair Treatment – S$50

Other hair colouring services such as full colour, ombré, and retouching are available at SALONPLUS as well. Prices vary according to the service and hair length.

Address: 14 Scotts Road, #04-08, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213
Operating hours: 11am – 7pm (Mon to Fri) | 9am – 6.30pm (Sat & Sun)
Contact: WhatsApp 8282 9922 or email [email protected]
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