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DIY skincare has always been around, and it involves mixing ingredients that you can find in your own pantry to create face masks that reap supposed benefits for the skin.

While these ingredients are, in theory, good for the skin, the truth is that DIY skincare isn’t always the best idea.

Not all skin-loving ingredients work well together, which means that even the best ones can cancel each other out. When mixed together in the wrong concentrations, these supposedly great-for-the-skin ingredients won’t do anything at all for the skin or, even worse, can cause a bad reaction.

So, if you’re hoping to have fun whipping up a face mask at home, we recommend turning instead to products that have already prepared the formulas you need. This way, you’ll be able to whisk and mix your way to more radiant skin – sans the guesswork that typically comes with DIY skincare, of course.

An “ice cream tub” face mask that’s both fun and effective

sekkisei clear wellness purity mask DIY (10)

The Sekkisei Clear Wellness Purity Mask is the DIY face mask that’s right on our radar. It’s a limited-edition mask that’s packaged in a paper “ice cream tub”, containing everything you need to make your own face mask right at home.

Pop open the paper lid and you’ll find three items inside: a powder packet, a packet of liquid fluid, and a wooden spatula.

sekkisei clear wellness purity mask DIY

All you have to do is toss the powder and liquid fluid together into the paper tub. Then, you use the wooden spatula to stir until the mixture takes on a soufflé, mask-like consistency.

Spread the mixture evenly over your face, and your skin will enjoy renewed radiance – no guessing whether your skin reaps the benefits.

What makes the Sekkisei Clear Wellness Purity Mask good for your skin?

sekkisei clear wellness purity mask DIY

The star ingredient in the Sekkisei Clear Wellness Purity Mask is the Okinawa Ishigaki sea salt, a 100% natural sea salt that’s rich in minerals like calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

Calcium, in particular, is meant to give the skin a boost of moisture. It’s also known for promoting cell regeneration and strengthening the skin’s barrier, giving you skin that’s healthy and glowing from the inside out.

sekkisei clear wellness purity mask DIY

If you’re familiar with Sekkisei’s Clear Wellness skincare collection, you would also know that the products are specially infused with the brand’s newest, proprietary ingredient, ITOWA, which is a plant-based blend from Japan.

Containing skin-firming Alpinia speciosa leaf extract, antioxidant-rich peony extract, soothing noni juice, and hydrating glycerin, ITOWA delivers a whole bunch of benefits for your skin to enjoy an instant pick-me-up.

That’s right, your skin will feel silky-smooth and take on a clear, translucent glow. It’s no wonder, considering that these are tried-and-true ingredients for hydrating, minimising pore size, and brightening the complexion.

How I used the Sekkisei Clear Wellness Purity Mask

sekkisei clear wellness purity mask DIY

It seemed slightly underwhelming when I first opened the lid of the paper tub because there were only three items inside. But I passed judgement too soon because when I started to whip up Sekkisei’s DIY mask formula, I had so much more fun than I thought I would.


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I started by ripping open the powder packet and sprinkling the contents into the “ice cream tub”. I noticed a fresh, refreshing scent, which made me feel all the more excited to discover how the finished mask would feel on my skin.

sekkisei clear wellness purity mask DIY

Next, I opened the “Liquid Fluid” packet and poured its contents into the tub. The mixture looked a little like flour mixed with egg whites – white powder suspended lumpily in the clear liquid.

sekkisei clear wellness purity mask DIY

I took the wooden spatula and stirred lightly so that the powder and fluid combined to form a thicker, soufflé-textured mask. How it works is that the calcium present in the powder reacts with the alginic acid in the liquid fluid, thereby forming the mask’s light and fluffy texture.

sekkisei clear wellness purity mask DIY

After I was done stirring, I quickly picked up the mask with the wooden spatula and spread it over my skin. The mask adhered easily to my skin and the formula was light yet with a slightly creamy, bouncy texture – the most unique I’ve felt on my skin.

sekkisei clear wellness purity mask DIY

The mask contains emollient oils and other active ingredients that are supposed to penetrate the skin to moisturise and strengthen its barrier. It caused my skin to tighten even as I wore it, and I experienced a cool, minty sensation that was extra refreshing too.

Since the mask will start to dry, you should quickly apply it to your skin after you’re done stirring the mixture, because you don’t want it to harden or take on an overly-bouncy texture.

sekkisei clear wellness purity mask DIY

After my face was fully blanketed in the soufflé mask, I left it to dry for 15 minutes. Though the instructions were to peel the mask off, mine didn’t have a peelable consistency. I had to scrape the pieces off my face instead because I may have done too much stirring. They came off in chunks like jello.

Then, I used a damp cloth to clean the remaining formula off my face. I was left with skin that felt smoother as well as looked brighter and more radiant.

sekkisei clear wellness purity mask DIY

Sekkisei’s tip? Instead of stirring the mask lightly and for a long period, you should whisk it fast and well before applying it to your face (don’t worry about having to achieve a completely even mixture).

The mask should quickly harden when you’ve stirred it thoroughly, and you should be able to peel the mask off your skin instead of scraping it off as I did.

I loved the whole process of making the face mask, even more so because I felt assured that it was a formula that would benefit my skin. The process of mixing the mask didn’t take more than a minute. Yet, it was super fun, satisfying, and made me feel like a master chef for a while.

Next to the Sekkisei Clear Wellness Purity Mask, I’d say TikTok’s crazy homemade milk tea-infused face masks can certainly take a backseat.

The Sekkisei Clear Wellness Purity Mask D.T retails for S$15 and is available at all KOSÉ department store counters (METRO, ISETAN, OG, BHG, and TANGS Vivo City), all Welcia-BHG stores, selected Guardian stores, and the KOSÉ Official Store on Shopee.

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This article is brought to you by KOSÉ Sekkisei.