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Our smile is arguably one of our most important features. Unfortunately, there are plenty of things in life that can dim its beam.

For me, a few cups of tea, a healthy serving of turmeric fish, and even my favourite pasta sauce can leave my teeth looking yellowish and grimy. Those stains have a strong hold on my tooth enamel and don’t come off no matter how hard I brush.

Now that we aren’t required to don our masks in most places, I get a little more self-conscious when I attend events and social gatherings. Those yellow stains can really take a swing at my confidence at times, and I’d laugh with a hand over my mouth to hide them.

In an attempt to brighten my smile, I’ve tried at-home treatments like whitening strips and trays, but would often be met with disappointing results and side of tooth sensitivity. A professional, in-office treatment isn’t quite the solution I’m looking for either, as it comes with a hefty price tag and a higher likelihood of tooth sensitivity.

As luck would have it, iWhite sent over their Natural Dissolving Whitening Strips for me to try. Needless to say, I was excited to put them to the test to see if they could live up to their promise.

How do these natural teeth whitening strips work?

iWhite Natural Dissolving Whitening Strips 1

A leader in non-hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening, iWhite has formulated its Natural Dissolving Whitening Strips with the same technology as its high-performing, peroxide-free whitening kits, making them safe and effective according to clinical studies.

iWhite Natural Dissolving Whitening Strips 2

Each strip is infused with 100% natural teeth whitening actives, such as papain and strawberries.

iWhite Natural Dissolving Whitening Strips 3

Papain helps remove the plaque’s protein component, thereby dissolving stains that are attached to these proteins so you get a whitening effect after just one application. Meanwhile, strawberries are renowned for being potent all-natural bleaching agents. They’ve been clinically proven to whiten teeth by removing stubborn stains.

After application, the strips will gradually dissolve on your teeth, so you can use them while you’re on the go. The result it promises? A brighter smile that’s up to seven shades whiter.

To find out how effective they truly are, I’ll be trying the strips for two weeks! Read on for my first impressions and final verdict.

iWhite Natural Dissolving Whitening Strips review: First impressions and how to use them

Housed in a green and white recyclable box, the iWhite Natural Dissolving Whitening Strips come individually wrapped for hygiene and convenience. All I had to do was stash a few of these thin sachets in my bag or purse and I could whip them out to use them almost anywhere at any time.

iWhite Natural Dissolving Whitening Strips review grabcar

You can hardly see them on my teeth! (shown on right)

The first time I tried them was when I was heading to meet my friends in town. I hopped on a Grabcar and tore open two sachets – I made sure to sanitise my hands first, of course. Before I placed the first whitening strip on my upper teeth, I moistened my teeth with a little saliva. After laying the strip flat against my teeth, I folded the excess strip behind that upper row.

I repeated the same steps to my lower teeth, et voilà! All done. Here, you can barely see them on when I smile, and by the time I reached my destination, they had almost completely dissolved in my mouth. I love how naturally sweet and fruity they taste too, thanks to the strawberry extract in the formula.

iWhite Natural Dissolving Whitening Strips review restaurant

Excuse the unflattering expression while I put the strips on

On a separate occasion, I was out having dinner at a restaurant with my family. Once we were done with dessert, I brought out a few sachets from my purse and proceeded to apply the strips to my teeth.

Curious, my dad asked me what I was doing. “I’m putting on these teeth whitening strips. They dissolve after 15 minutes,” I explained, flashing a wide smile at him when I was done. “Oh, I can’t see them on your teeth. Quite convenient also,” he remarked before reaching across the table to take a gander at one of the sachets.

iWhite Natural Dissolving Whitening Strips review lift

Again, you can’t see them on my teeth when I smile (shown on right)

During the trial, I would put the strips on in the morning as I headed to work. That way, I won’t forget to use them later in the day. I would pop on two strips in the elevator as I head up to the office.

I love how quick and simple it is to use them, but it can get a little awkward when the lift stops halfway and someone enters to find me fiddling with my teeth.

iWhite Natural Dissolving Whitening Strips review: Results after 2 weeks

iWhite Natural Dissolving Whitening Strips review before after

After two weeks, my teeth were the whitest I had seen them in a long time. Granted, they don’t appear veneer-white like what you’ll see on most celebrities, but iWhite’s Natural Dissolving Whitening Strips have made a marked difference.

iWhite Natural Dissolving Whitening Strips review before after 1

At this point, my teeth still had a few spots of discolouration, but I didn’t mind them much. Foods that were more likely to stain my teeth, such as red wine, laksa, and berries, were also what I avoided during those two weeks as a precautionary measure.

While I couldn’t give up my daily cup of tea (I need it to jumpstart my body), I was still able to achieve great results with the Natural Dissolving Whitening Strips.

They’re truly the most convenient ones I’ve tried that were able to brighten my teeth in 14 days – a terrific life hack to get my pearly whites back when I’ve indulged in teeth-staining food and beverages. Even better, the strips gently polished off stubborn stains without hurting my sensitive teeth and gums.

iWhite Natural Dissolving Whitening Strips 4

If you’re searching for a quick, painless solution that doesn’t break the bank, I recommend trying iWhite’s Natural Dissolving Whitening Strips. Whether you’re getting ready for a big day or just want to a boost in self-esteem, these natural, dissolving strips are it. No fuss, and no hassle!

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This article is brought to you by iWhite. All images by Daily Vanity.