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I may have spent my time trawling Holland Village since childhood, but it looks like I still managed to miss some things One of them is SG Face, a facial salon located at the long-standing but very much neglected anchorpoint of Holland Village – Holland Road Shopping Centre. You might know it as the building where anchor tenants Cold Storage and Guardian Pharmacy sit.

While Holland Road Shopping Centre may not be the most exciting spot within Holland Village to visit, it is extremely convenient to get to; it’s just three minutes away from the MRT station, and that’s one of the most important factors for a facial salon you go to regularly, isn’t it?

It’s easy to miss the salon. After all, the hidden gem is located round the corner from the escalator. What welcomed me may look like a small reception area, but it was certainly made up by the warmth of the staff’s greetings.

I later found out that the small size of the shopfront was deceptive, as the salon boasts a sizeable back area that is not visible from the front, with a locker area for bags and five fully-equipped facial rooms.

Pre-facial assessment

SG Face specialises in facial treatments, and best known for their anti-acne facials. Using only high quality natural and organic products from respected spa brands such as Babor, Jurlique, and Decleor, SG Face facials are suitable even for those with sensitive skin.

Jurlique facial treatments are especially popular among women who don’t just want a session that improve their skin, but also helps them relax. With a focus in aromatherapy, Jurlique facial treatments are calming and soothing, and are known for their anti-ageing and wrinkle-prevention benefits.

A thorough assessment was given before I was recommended a facial treatment. They reached their verdict quickly: I didn’t have actively acne-prone skin, so the anti-acne treatment wasn’t the best type for me. My skin was dry on the surface but prone to oiliness coming from within, so they recommended that I go for the sensitive skin treatment, and the professional therapist ensures that only ingredients most suitable for my skin type would be used on me.

The treatment used products that are formulated from blue chamomile flower, for its anti-inflammatory and skin-softening properties, and the comfrey plant, which can apparently stimulate new tissue growth on the skin layer, and heal any skin damage.

Besides people with naturally sensitive skin, other groups of people that can consider this treatment are those with sun-damaged skin, or those on oral anti-acne medication with skin-thinning side effects.

The facial process

My face was first cleansed with an Aloe Sensitive Cleansing Milk, and then a gentle scrub was applied. I usually don’t take very well to scrubs, but thankfully, this one wasn’t too gritty.

Next, some cotton pads were applied on my face, soaked with a solution that was said to soften blackheads in preparation for the extraction process coming up. The cotton pads sat on my face while it was steamed gently for about five to ten minutes. I was happy to find that the steam used here was not too hot, and didn’t give me breathing difficulties.

Now came the “fun” part. Extractions are a big reason why I don’t regularly attend facials, as I have a low pain tolerance and don’t enjoy trying not to cry in front of strangers. For me, the decision of whether I would choose to re-visit a facial salon probably revolves almost entirely on how painless the extraction process turns out to be.

SG Face’s extraction process was certainly very tolerable and I’m happy to say that they passed my pain-tolerance test. Extraction is skilfully done with a metal tool or with the beautician’s sanitised hands, depending on the blackhead situation.

I could also feel the gunk being squeezed out every time, more so than other facial salons I’ve tried, and that sensation was oddly satisfying.

A thin piece of gauze was placed over my face and a disinfection rod was rolled over the skin, apparently to kill bacteria from the open pores. I have heard that this type of disinfection machine could sometimes cause a zapping or stinging feeling when passed over the skin, but I personally experienced no pain or discomfort during this process.

The gauze was removed and now another cooling machine was used on my face. The beautician also applied Anti Couperose Ampoules on my skin while rolling the cooling machine.

As the cooling machine closed the pores which have been opened from steaming and extraction, the liquid from the ampoules could be evenly distributed and absorbed all over the face at the same time.

At this point, I was just enjoying the cool temperature of the machine and the liquid on my face, especially after the extraction.

Another piece of thin gauze was then placed over my face and a peel-off Anti Couperose soft mask is applied on top of it. The gauze used had large holes in it, so the goodness of the mask was still able to seep into my skin.

This is the first time I’ve had a mask being applied on top of gauze, but after I experienced how it made the mask removal so fuss-free, I’m beginning to wonder why more places don’t already do this.

During the duration of the mask, I was treated to an amazing neck and shoulder massage done with fragrant lavender lotion. The massage was mild but it was just enough for me to feel happy and relaxed.

The mask came off in one motion, thanks to the gauze underneath, and then the Anti Couperose Cream Light was applied on to my skin. This was a light, watery and almost gel-like formulation, which was gently but thoroughly massaged into my skin. (I really liked how many massages I got throughout the facial.)

Another mask was applied next, this time without a gauze because it was the Anti Couperose Cream Mask. While the previous mask was more of a soft, viscous consistency, this one felt more like thick moisturiser. Instead of another massage, I was left alone for 20 minutes while letting the mask sit, during which time I almost fell asleep.

The facial came to an end after this, and I was given the customarily brief back and shoulder massage.

Post-facial thoughts


I liked how my face felt hydrated after the process, but did not feel oily to the touch, a common post-facial symptom. I did have some red spots on one side of my face, but a Daily Vanity colleague who had accompanied me to the facial observed that it definitely looked milder than the typical post-facial redness.

The beauticians assured me this redness will fade in about a day or two, but for me, the redness had completely subsided by the next morning. My skin definitely felt a lot smoother and healthier, and I got comments that very night that my pores are noticeably smaller!

All in all, I’m very satisfied with the results of the facial, and glad to find such a gem in a relatively unfrequented place like Holland Road Shopping Centre. Given the means, I’d definitely be keen to re-visit. I will certainly recommend SG Face if you’re looking for a good facial experience by skilful therapists who are trained in extraction and anti-acne therapies. SG Face also told us that they promise a “no-hard-sell policy”, which will set customers at ease.

SG Face is currently having a promotion where first-time customers receives 50% off their first visit, whether they choose to go for one session or to sign up for the 10-session package. That’s right, this means you could potentially get 50% off a 10-session package, which is a hard to come by offer! If you’re looking to try out an alternative salon to get your facials done, look no further.

SG Face – Beauty and Make-up Specialist is located at #03-42, 211 Holland Avenue, Holland Road Shopping Centre, which is just a three-minute walk from the MRT station. Call 6763-9466 or 8468-1680 for appointments and visit their website for more information.

This article is brought to you by SG Face.