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The hot and humid climate in Singapore, as well as incessant air-conditioning, isn’t good news for our skin. It’s probably why so many of us in Singapore suffer from dull-looking complexion that lacks a natural luster, The strong sunshine here also means stronger UV rays, which may lead to more pigmentation problems at an earlier age!

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Shakura Pigmentation Facial Therapy Review 1

Shakura’s new Pigmentation Facial Therapy is set to address all these concerns plaguing Singaporean women. This facial reduces pigmentation on the skin, helping clients achieve clearer, brighter skin within a 90-minute session!

Specially imported from Japan

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Shakura’s story began in the lush green fields of Japan, where a revolutionary discovery was made. A group of researchers stumbled upon a remote dairy farm and found that the women working there had exceptionally radiant, clear, and youthful skin.

The secret is simple: milk. The dairy farm’s unused milk became part of these ladies’ daily beauty ritual, used in nourishing baths and cleansers, contributing to their everlasting beauty.

Inspired by the glowy, fair skin seen on these Japanese women, Shakura mastered this skincare secret and brought it to Singapore to help improve skin in these five areas:

  • Clarity: reduces spots and improves clarity of your skin
  • Translucency: revitalizes skin
  • Radiance: improves your skin’s natural glow
  • Fairness: rightens your skin tone
  • Moisture: hydrates your skin, making it look more supple and dewy

The aim of the treatment is to improve skin pigmentation issues while also improving radiance and revealing a glowy complexion that you never knew you had.

Shakura Pigmentation Facial Therapy Review 3

The Facial Therapy is infused with the Shakura Active Formula which consists of a potent and nourishing blend of Milk Essence and Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Roselle) Flower.

Milk Essence is renowned for its ability to stimulate renewal of skin cells for brighter, younger-looking skin while lightening pigmentation. The Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower used is enriched with Vitamin C and amino acids.

Together, these two ingredients synergistically work to refine the texture of the skin, brighten pigmentation, and improve blood circulation so that your skin looks clearer, younger, and more radiant!

Shakura Pigmentation Facial Therapy Review 2

Oh, and don’t worry if you think your skin is more sensitive or irritable than others. All Shakura Pigmentation Facial Therapies are customised by their professional and well-trained consultants after a thorough and in-depth skin analysis.

This means that the Facial Therapy is suitable for all skin conditions, types, and needs, because your individual skin concerns are going to be taken into account. The treatment is able to tackle a wide range of pigmentation skin concerns like acne marks, post-natal pigmentation, sun spots, and even an uneven skin tone!

What you will be able to see after one session

Shakura Pigmentation Facial Therapy Review 4

Based on an internal survey done on 240 first-time customers, 95% of Shakura’s first-time customers have been able to see clearer and brighter skin in just 90 minutes of the treatment. Research conducted by global data measurement company Nielsen found that clients observed visibly lightened pigmentation and experienced no redness or pain* after the treatment.

This award-winning treatment has even been raved about on television program features such as Lady First Singapore (女人我最大) and by top local and international celebrities, like Taiwan beauty guru Kevin Chou and Mediacorp artiste Ya Hui.

Here are just some of the impressive results from Shakura’s satisfied customers!

Shakura Pigmentation Facial Therapy Review 7 Copy

“After giving birth, the pigmentation on my face worsened. It became bigger and darker. I’ve tried IPL treatments to remove it but the dark spots came back. However, Shakura’s facial treatments have helped me remove those stubborn dark spots and the results are long-lasting! Thank you Shakura!” – Tan Gim Kuan, Lisel

Shakura Pigmentation Facial Therapy Review 8 Copy

“When I had pigmentation problems, I used to partially cover my face with my hand when talking to people. However, ever since Shakura has helped me regain a beautiful complexion with their facial treatments, I am no longer afraid of looking at the mirror. Instead, I want to start learning how to put on light makeup to make myself look even better.” — Rohani Binte Ahamad

Shakura Pigmentation Facial Therapy Review 9 Copy

“Singapore’s weather and work stress caused frequent breakouts on my face, leaving behind reddish-brown acne marks and scars. Thankfully, I found Shakura. They have helped me in the removal of unsightly skin pigmentation with their facial treatments. Now my skin is smooth, radiant and fair. Even my husband was so pleased with the results!” – Zhang Xiao Jie

* Based on research conducted by Nielsen, among 805 first-time customers of Shakura Pigmentation Beauty from March – June 2015. ^Aged 50 & above

See visibly brighter skin in just 90 minutes

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Get spotless, radiant, youthful skin like the Japanese!

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