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Shero Ching Firming Mask Review Product

Those who are always on the lookout for beauty products with glowing online reviews are likely to have heard of Shero Ching. The brand has a cult following, and carries products that many people swear by. And among all their products, the Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask has to be its bestseller to date.

Growing a loyal customer base purely through word of mouth, this product is said to help lift and shape facial contours while shrinking the appearance of pores and increasing skin’s elasticity.

The mask is formulated with Brazilian Pectin, a unique ingredient that helps to dehydrate fat cells and reduce fluids in cellulite tissues.

These properties help to give facial contour a more lifted and shapely look – a result that online reviewers often mention.

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Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask review: 10 readers share their honest opinion

We know that there have been doubts about the authenticity of the product, since some of the reviews sound too good to be true.

We decided to get 10 Daily Vanity readers who aren’t paid nor are affiliated with the brand to try the Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask for one week. And they tell us their honest opinion about this product.

Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask
  • Overall satisfaction


Every reviewer who has tried the Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask observed some skin improvement after using it. All of them said that their skin felt smoother and more hydrated, and many of them attested to the reviews we’ve been seeing online – that it had helped their facial contour look slimmer and firmer.

The texture of the product is generally a hit among reviewers. Most of them said that it felt pleasant on skin and it was easy to apply. The scent of the mask, however, received mixed reviews. While majority of the reviewers said that they enjoyed the scent of the Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask, there were a few that said they would like the product even more if the scent were different.

Reviewers also described the mask as pampering and many said that they looked forward to using it because they find that it delivered the benefits it promised.

Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask Review Zoie

Zoie Esther Tan
26, Combination skin

I started using the mask after an extraction facial treatment and I believe it helped my skin heal more quickly; my extraction marks used to take at least one week to disappear but this time, it took only three days.

While I didn’t experience any firming or lifting effect after using the mask, it definitely helps make my skin feel a lot smoother – I like how I can glide my finger across my skin nicely after using the product. The mask also made my skin look brighter. I’ve only tried the product for a week, which may be too short to see obvious results. The product seems quite promising, so I think I might be able to see lifting and firming results when I use it for a longer period.

Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask Review Racheal

Racheal Wong
26, Sensitive skin

I like the texture of the Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask – it is easy to apply and doesn’t drip everywhere on my neck and clothes, unlike some other masks I’ve seen. After using the mask, I notice that my skin felt firmer, tighter, and smoother. The mask makes it easy to achieve a sharper and more toned-looking face – something that I experienced in just one use! I believe that I can achieve an even slimmer face if I continue using this product.

Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask Review Kym

Kym Tey
43, Combination skin

The mask is easy to apply with the silicone spatula that is provided. It has a light and sweet fragrance that I love. After using the product, I notice that fine lines seem to be smoother almost immediately. My skin is super smooth to touch – I can’t stop touching it! After using it for four days, I noticed that my pores look smoother and foundation was easier to apply because of the smoother skin texture.

I will recommend this to anyone who is looking to reduce fine lines and wants smoother skin. However, I have some reservations about using it on sensitive skin because I feel some itch whenever the mask dries. Nonetheless, I am surprised but impressed at how the mask has helped to lift my face.

Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask Review Yuppie

27, Sensitive skin

The Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask has a thick, creamy texture but is easy to spread. It has a cooling sensation upon application and the scent is pleasant. I have sensitive skin and I find that it is suitable even for my skin type. My skin feels tighter and I especially love how it has a great effect on my eye area – it appears smoother and firmer after using this mask. I really enjoy using this mask because it is so pampering.

Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask Review Jasmine

Jasmine Tsoi
29, Combination skin

This mask has a lightweight texture that is pleasant to apply. I find that it had definitely helped my skin feel smoother and more hydrated, and I saw less water retention (puffiness) after using it. I really like how my face look after using the mask and am looking forward to using it for a longer period in order to see firming results. However, I am not a fan of the scent and really hope that it can be changed.

Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask Review Joycelyn

Joycelyn Liang
25, Combination skin

The product feels very luxurious and can be slightly difficult to spread evenly. However, I find that it gets easier after I used it for a few times and got used to it. While I observe bouncier cheeks, I find that it is a little drying on my skin and I recommend using a heavier moisturiser after washing it off.

I didn’t see much results initially but during my third application, I decided to lay down with my neck propped up and apply the neck in an upwards, continuous motion using the application. After trying this application method, I find that there’s indeed a lifting effect on my cheeks up to my temples. This application method may be tricky but the result is totally worth it!

Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask Review Amanda

Amanda Chia
25, Oily skin

The mask feels like it’s of great quality. I like that it’s easy to apply with the tool provided. After the mask dries, it forms a tough layer that holds on to the skin tightly – I believe this effect helps with firming the face! It does what it promises – I observe more firmness in my skin and I see my jawline look sharper. I am actually very impressed! After using this mask for a week, I also find that my skin is bouncier, healthier, and more hydrated. I am happy that my skin is now firmer and my face looks slimmer.

Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask Review Alicia

Alicia Ang
31, Combination skin

The Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask has a smooth texture that makes it easy to layer onto the skin. I like that the scent is not overpowering and is pleasant – something that’s important to me since it’s applied all over my face. After using it, I observe the effect of a smaller face. It also makes my face look more lifted and my skin smoother. I’m glad that I can see results only after using it for seven days. I will continue using it to hopefully see even more results.

Shero Ching Firming Mask Review Candy 1

Candy Tan
39, Combination skin

I like the scent of the Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask – it feels comforting to me. But more importantly, I can see a significantly sharper jawline and smaller pores after using it. My skin also feels smoother and looked more plump. Those who have a chubby face, saggy skin, or suffer from water retention are going to love it. I would even recommend this to those who are considering an aesthetic face lift because I find the results comparable. This is certainly one of the best masks I’ve tried; I love how my face looks significantly smaller and sharper – I’m amazed.

Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask Review Graclyn

Graclyn Wong
34, Dry skin

The mask leaves a cooling feeling on my skin upon application, which makes it feel relaxed and happy. I actually look younger since using this mask and my colleagues have been asking me what I’ve been using. I’m impressed at the lifting effect of the mask and how my face looks slimmer – I really like how my face look after using this product. My skin also feels smoother. These being said, I didn’t enjoy its scent and I’d love it more if it is fragrance-free or has a different scent.