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About Shiseido Professional Color Cocktail Service

Shiseido Professional Bleach Master 2

Shiseido Professional Color Cocktail Service is a hair colouring service available in Shiseido Professional Salons that allows you to achieve any hair colour you desire without compromising your hair condition.

This service uses Shiseido Professional’s newest bleach line from the “PRIMIENCE” brand called BLEACH MASTER, which is developed to make it easy to customise your hair colour while protecting it.

Specially designed for Asian hair, BLEACH MASTER focuses on complex hair damage caused by colouring or bleaching, addressing each form of damage with System-Bond Technology.

The Customisable Bleach System in BLEACH MASTER allows for easy control of both lightening and undertones, so you can request any colour style of your choice during your Color Cocktail Service.

The bleaching products used in the Color Cocktail service are also formulated with a fruity scent so that you can enjoy a relaxing hair colouring experience without the odour of chemicals in hair dye.

5 readers review Shiseido Professional Color Cocktail Service

Shiseido Professional Color Cocktail Service
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All of our reviewers initially had very poor impressions of bleaching due to their bad personal experiences or general views of bleaching being bad for hair and having an unpleasant smell.

However, all of them were very impressed that the BLEACH MASTER used in Shiseido Professional Color Cocktail Service exceeded their expectations: not only did they all report that there was no burning or itching sensation throughout the entire bleaching and colouring process, some even noted the bleach came with a pleasant smell – one reviewer even fell asleep because it was so comfortable!

Post-bleaching, the reviewers found that their hair was also not as dry, frizzy, and damaged as they initially feared, with a handful even sharing that their hair actually looking healthier than before the session.

Despite initial concerns that they would not get the hair colours they desired, all of our reviewers were very happy and pleased with the colours that they managed to achieve in the Color Cocktail Service, thanks to the effective BLEACH MASTER and also the expertise of stylists at Shiseido Professional salons.

Gillian Lim, 26

Outlet visited: M+ by Monsoon (Tampines 1, #05-26)

Shiseido Professional Color Cocktail Service Gillian Review

I’ve bleached my hair before, but it was not a good experience at all: it was super drying, and my hair ended up thin and damaged afterwards. It even took me weeks to get my hair back to its original condition! As I am afraid that my hair will be permanently damaged, I avoid bleaching my hair often so that it won’t be dry and brittle as per my previous experience.

After being advised by my hairstylist, Ken, on what styles would fit my facial structure and exactly what steps will be done during the treatment, I was given an iPad with information on the bleaching and hair dye product, which helped me understand exactly what was being used on my hair.

I shared my preferred hair colour (pink/purple) and style, and then the hair dyeing process started proper. One interesting thing I noticed was that the bleach actually did not stink, nor did it give off a sharp smell –  so comfortable for me, in fact, that I even fell asleep during the bleaching process!

Ken M By Monsoon

The entire process of applying bleach on my hair took about 20 to 25 minutes as Ken was really thorough. After the bleach was set, I had my hair shampooed three times to make sure all the bleach was out. When the staff was blow-drying my hair, that was when I really noticed how good the bleach actually was because my hair was not dry, unlike all the other bleaches I’ve used before!

After my hair was dry, they proceeded to dye my hair, where the top half was dyed purple, the bottom half pink, and both colours blended together in the centre.

The bleach used in the Shiseido Color Cocktail Service is really good – far better than any I’ve tried! It really does not damage my hair as much as other bleach products. I am happy that at least my hair looks healthy and it doesn’t break apart or seem frizzled and brittle.

I am also very satisfied with how my hair colours turned out – for starters, the stylists can really give you appropriate advice on what works for you, and even takes into account what the colour will turn out to become once the original bold colours have faded away, which is a huge plus.

Emiley, 22

Outlet visited: EX Style Sculpture Jurong (Jurong Shopping Center 1, #03-06D)

Shiseido Professional Color Cocktail Service Emiley Review

I worry about damaging my hair (e.g. hair breaking more often) and even losing it in the long term during a hair dyeing process. Coupled with the fact that not getting the hair colour I want is a serious concern for me, I have avoided bleaching my hair entirely until now.

My Color Cocktail Service started with my stylist, Linus, asking me about my preferred hair colour and giving advice on the colours that are suitable for me, so I went ahead with dyeing my hair an ombre mix of pink and green.

The dyeing process itself started with a pre-treatment before the bleaching to help protect my hair, and the product used in this step was also added to the bleach. After that, bleach was applied to my entire head – this took roughly two hours and an additional 30 minutes of waiting time for my hair to turn a lighter shade before I could have the bleach washed off. I was required to do additional bleaching on my ends, which resulted in a longer bleaching process for me.

Linus Ex Style Sculpture Jurong

The bleaching process stood out to me the most as I was very surprised by how blonde my hair turned out after just one bleach. I was quite surprised that the bleaching felt so comfortable, as I did not feel any itching or burning sensation on my scalp throughout the entire bleaching process.

I also really liked the hair dyeing part as I was excited to see if my hair colour would turn out as expected. I was happy to see that my final hair colours exceeded my expectations and that it looked much healthier as well! It felt smoother, more moisturised, and not a single bit dry and frizzled as I had initially worried.

I would go for Shiseido Professional’s Color Cocktail Service again, as I am so impressed by how effective the bleach used is, and how beautiful my hair has turned out to be!

Grace Lee, 19

Outlet visited: Prix Salon by Kevin Neo (Funan Mall, #B1-16)

Shiseido Professional Color Cocktail Service Grace Lee Review1

I never had a positive impression of bleaching before I tried this service.

To me, bleaching had always been associated with being very time-consuming and bad for your hair (causing it to be too fizzy or dry), coupled with the fact that hair bleaches usually smell pretty bad as well. Hence, I don’t bleach my hair often because I am afraid that my hair will be damaged beyond repair, and that it would be hard to manage on a daily basis.

My stylist, Kevin, first started by spraying a treatment in my hair, which was followed by the bleaching process, where the previous colours in my hair were removed with the BLEACH MASTER. During the washing off of the bleach, Kevin also did some neutralisation so as to remove the yellow tinge in my hair from my previous bleach job.

Following that, we proceeded to have my hair dyed my ideal colours – ash grey with lilac. At first, I only wanted to try ash grey, but because I was so spoilt for choice with all the colours I could do with the BLEACH MASTER in Color Cocktail Service, I eventually settled for an ash grey with lilac.

Shiseido Professional Color Cocktail Service Grace Review

I must say that I was impressed by the fact that I did not feel any burning or itching on my scalp when I was having my hair bleached, nor feel any discomfort on my scalp during and after the entire treatment. This is certainly the best and most comfortable bleaching treatment that I have ever had!

The end result has also exceeded my expectations, where I have pretty hair colours without compromising the quality of my hair. It actually feels smoother and I see less hair breakage and loss after the Color Cocktail Service, which I have never gotten before from other bleaching and/or colouring treatments.

I would highly recommend the Shiseido Professional Color Cocktail Service to others as I had such a good time throughout the entire process that I did not have to worry about anything at all.

They are also able to achieve very pretty hair colours – here, I would like to also mention that I am impressed that the service can embrace my existing hair colour to give me a transitional colour, which all my friends said was really pretty!

Vonn Tan, 30

Outlet visited: Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio (Ngee Ann City, Tower B, #05-23)

Shiseido Professional Color Cocktail Service Vonn Review

I have tried to do a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) bleach before, and I did not like the experience at all. It was a mess and way too damaging for my hair, creating a lot of unwanted split ends in my hair.

I am also usually worried that in addition to hair damage, it may be difficult to get the exact hair colour I want during a hair colouring service, so I was a bit apprehensive about this service at the beginning.

I requested for a combination of blue and purple on my hair, so my stylist first did a colour test on my hair and found out that the mid-section of my hair has darker pigment, which could cause an uneven colour during bleaching. Thanks to this thorough testing, he did a gradient bleach down my hair in order to achieve a more even colour.

Throughout the entire bleaching process, there was no irritation at all even when my stylist was applying the bleach and leaving it on my hair. There was also no harsh bleach smell, so it made for a very comfortable bleaching experience – I even think that it smelt very nice!

Shiseido Professional Color Cocktail Service Vonn

After my desired hair colours were applied, I was also shocked to see that my hair doesn’t look like it has been bleached before because it was simply so shiny and smooth – as though I had just done hair treatment! The brightly-dyed colours and healthy feeling of my hair & scalp really impressed me thoroughly, because my hair has never been so healthy after a bleaching and colour treatment.

I really love the lasting smoothness and shine on my hair even after the entire hair colouring process, so I would definitely do this Shiseido Professional Color Cocktail service again! I strongly recommend this to people who want to do bleaching and colouring of their hair as well – this is the one that really delivers awesome bleaching and vibrant colour result!

Yan Chui Ping, 37

Outlet visited: M+ by Monsoon (Tampines 1, #05-26)

Shiseido Professional Color Cocktail Service Chui Ping Review

During my previous bleaching experience, I found that it damaged my hair and it took a long time for my hair to recover from the damage. This makes me worried that such dye jobs would leave my hair dry and prone to damage, which could lead to hair loss in the long term.

Hence, I also avoid bleaching my hair often as well, but I do not like that this restricts me to the hair colour choices that I can have.

From the start of the treatment, I knew that I was in good hands. My hairstylist, Kason, took time to share about BLEACH MASTER to me, where he explained about all the ingredients inside so that I would better understand what I was in for. At every step, he would also explain what was being applied on the hair and how many layers of protection were applied before the process of bleaching started.

Being quite tanned, I also had initial reservations about the colour I chose (rose gold), but Kason also made the effort to assure me that it would not be a problem. I was also worried about growing out my roots and wanted to know what type of colours would suit me after this colouring, and Kason patiently showed the colour palette that was suitable for me.

During the hair bleaching and dyeing process, I did not experience any discomfort, be it itchiness or burning sensations on my scalp.

Shiseido Professional Color Cocktail Service Chui Ping

I was so excited and happy during the big reveal when I saw my popping new hair colour – the result was smashing, and I never thought that my hair could be so pretty! My friends and colleagues were all amazed by my hair colour and asked me questions about it – I’ve even had strangers admiring my hair!

If I had to bleach my hair again in the near future, I would certainly opt for Shiseido Professional’s Color Cocktail Service. I believe that BLEACH MASTER is the best product in the market right now for bleaching hair, and thanks to this positive experience I had, I am now no longer afraid to do creative colouring more often.

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