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As the year-end festivities slowly creep up on us, what’s there to really do but to light up our precious stash of Christmas-scented candles and put merry little tunes on repeat in anticipation of Christmas?

While we’re definitely excited for the holiday season to be in full swing, the massive amount of holiday sales that typically roll around at this time of the year may be presenting a real challenge for those of us looking to prolong the lifespan of our hard earned penny.

That’s why Daily Vanity has curated a list of our favourite launches of the month, focused on bringing the most value-worthy picks of the season. After all, everyone needs a little bit of self-care every now and then! Ahead, you’ll find 19 of the most pampering products that’s a total bang for the buck.


1. Ange Gardien Paris First Makeup Range

Ange Gardien Paris Colour Lip Lacquer

Functional, stylish, and on point, Ange Gardien Paris returns with an all-new colour cosmetics range in their very first comeback launch, bringing much joie de vivre to the lives of ladies all around the world.

Formulated in six lust-worthy shades ranging from pink corals to orange-tinged tones, the Colour Nurture Lip Lacquer is a full coverage yet lightweight matte liquid lipstick that contains hydrolysed acacia peptides and unique Hydractive™ technology that effectively locks in all the moisture you’d need on your puckers. This hydrating matte lippie is also transfer-resistant — see what we mean by functional?

The Colour Nurture Lip Lacquer retails for S$39.

Ange Gardien Paris Here's Proof Volumising Mascara

Besides lippies, the brand debuts three shades of an innovative two-in-one cushion foundations, an eye shadow palette, and a curling mascara. The Ange Gardien Paris Here’s Proof Volumising Mascara in specific caught our eye as we sought to make our peepers the centre of attraction this festive season. Lending curling and lifting effects due to its unique wand design, the mascara is also smudge-resistant to withstand the modern-day hustler’s day-to-night schedule.

Singapore-based makeup artist, Andrea Claire, gave her nod of approval at this budge-proof mascara that’s been specially designed to lengthen the typical short Asian lash, so it’s certainly a product you should check out.

The Here’s Proof Volumising Mascara retails for S$38.

This range will launch 27 November 2020, be sure to check it out on Ange Gardien Paris online. 

2. THEFACESHOP Glitter Universe

Thefaceshop Dr.belmeur.lip Balm Duo Set

As part of its massive holiday collection, THEFACESHOP has put out one of the most comprehensive range of limited edition makeup and skincare sets of the month. The sparkly line-up of skincare products include the Dr. Belmeur Lip Balm Duo Set in both colourless and coloured balms comprising a blend of healing ingredients like cica that leaves an ultra-kissable pout right under the mistletoe!

Fmgt Glitter Universe Rouge Satin & Matte Lipstick Set

Be the talk of the party with fmgt’s best-selling lip wear, as part of a specially curated gift set featuring the Rouge Satin Moisture and Rouge True Matte Lipstick. Purchase the set to split amongst friends, or feel free to keep all four eye-catching shades for yourself!

The Dr. Belmeur Lip Balm Duo Set retails for S$28 while the fmgt Glitter Universe Rouge Satin & Matte Lipstick Set retails for S$38 on Shopee and at THEFACESHOP retail stores islandwide.

3. Tata Harper Water-lock Moisturiser

Tata Harper Water Lock Moisturizer Jar (open) (1)

Tata Harper has transformed the skincare industry with its farm to face botanics, and this time the brand is boasting another home-grown organic product formulated without a single drop of synthetic chemicals. The Water-lock Moisturiser delivers a lightweight hydration that — just as its name suggests — locks water in the upper layers of the skin with its innovative water-trapping matrix, right where you need it most. And although you may not be able to tell right away, orange peptides and pomegranate spheres have been added to ensure a breathable barrier and smoothing effect in this silicone-free formula.

In line with Tata Harper’s eco-conscious ethos, an airtight packaging accompanies the Water-lock Moisturiser, uniquely engineered to be refillable. Instead of throwing out your empties, simply replace the jar with a new pod to prolong the product’s life cycle and reduce wastage.

The Starter Kit (pod and refillable jar) retails for S$95 while the Refill Pod retails for S$104 at Sephora and Tata Harper online.

4. TWO L(I)PS Prebiotic Range

Two L(i)ps Prebiotic Range

As 2020 saw a shocking increase in the usage of sanitising products, it’s inevitable that our body’s microbiome gets disrupted and thrown off balance as essential, “good” bacteria get stripped away along with fervent cleansing. When our microbiome is affected, our skin’s efficiency in absorbing products goes down — perhaps this may be the reason why the products you’ve been loving are working less effectively now! 

Luxurious intimate care brand TWO L(I)PS recently unveiled their newest multi-tasking prebiotic range, supported by the proprietary prebiotic complex found in all five products. Strengthen and fortify your skin’s resilience by keeping its microbiome well-balanced and diverse with this addictive 5-step routine starting from the RINSE cleanser (S$55), followed by SCRUBBS, a Konjac jelly scrub (S$70) that gently removes grime and dirt accumulated through the day’s activities. Read more about our writer Jade’s experience here.

Juice Two Lips

Further pamper your skin with JUICE, a lightweight prebiotic body balm (S$80) that conditions, tones, and smoothes the skin with its nourishing  blend of squalane, trehalose, and healing shea butter. End off with SLEEPOVER, a repairing overnight mask (S$100) and pore-refining sunscreen (S$70), SCREEN for the perfect glow — be it for the vulva or the face!

The TWO L(I)PS Prebiotic Range is available at all Strip outlets islandwide and TWO L(I)PS online.

5. NITA Cosmetics Warung Collection

Nita Cosmetics

If you’ve been a fan of NITA Cosmetics, rejoice as the brand finally arrives at the shores of Singapore! Joining us exclusively on e-commerce beauty platform SocietyA is a bevy of unapologetically zestful products at ultra-affordable price points — we’re talking about prices below S$20!

Check the NITA Cosmetics Warung Collection out on their website.

6. Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb in Rosé Rave & Royal Icing

Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb Rose Rave

Let’s put our hands together to welcome two limited edition shades to Fenty Beauty’s all-time favourite Diamond Bomb line — now in illuminating Rosé Rave and Royal Icing. Achieve your #glamgoals with this all-over highlight formulated with a unique jelly-powder texture that adds an incredibly dazzling veil of crystal-coated shine that lasts all night! These new exclusives are the closest to bathing in diamonds — and that’s in Badgirlriri’s words, not ours!

The Rosé Rave Diamond Bomb retails for S$60 at Sephora while Royal Icing retails for USD39 (~$52.37) exclusively on Fenty Beauty online.

7. K-Palette Procast The Eyeliner

Kp Procast Eyeliner 01 (1)

Fans of K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo range, rejoice! The series introduces the new Procast The Eyeliner in a skincare-meets-makeup addition that meets all our practical needs. The multi-tasking eyeliner is waterproof, sebum-proof, and smudge-proof — this means, for fellow peeper-kneading individuals out there, expect your perfect wing to last throughout the night without worries! Formulated with Baikul Root Extract, skincare benefits include the prevention of ageing, wrinkled lids and protection from environmental pollutants like pollen, dust, and cigarette smoke!

Available in four colours, the Procast The Eyeliner retails for S$21.90 at Don Don Donki, Watsons, Welcia-BHG, Shopee, Lazada, and Japalang Store.

8. KEEP COOL Soothe Bamboo Sun Essence

Soothe Bamboo Sun Essence (1)

With an optimised recipe hailing from Korea, KEEP COOL is a clean vegan beauty brand with an EWG green grade, meaning its ingredient list has been examined, checked, and removed of hazardous additives!

Something we’re keeping our eye on is the water-based Soothe Bamboo Sun Essence, a moisturising sunscreen with a unique essence-type consistency that absorbs instantly without leaving a heavy layer of unsightly grease. In fact, its natural blend of antipyretic herbs gives our skin a light, refreshing feel to kickstart the day on a good note. Suitable for sensitive skin.

The KEEP COOL Soothe Bamboo Sun Essence retails for S$29.88 on Shopee and Justrend.sg.

9. Real Barrier Extreme CreamReal Barrier Extreme Cream

This one’s for folks with dry, acne-prone, or sensitive skin. The crowd-favourite Extreme Cream sees a reformulation, bringing a new and upgraded formula packed with even more fortifying ingredients that help strengthen the natural skin defence ability.

Besides its patented triple ceramide formula and biome peptides, the new version contains the latest Omega-Ceramide-16 technology that effectively preserves and tightens the skin barrier — this helps with recovery from external irritation at double the speed in just five days of use. Suitable for sensitive and weakened skin, this moisturiser has been tested hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

The Real Barrier Extreme Cream retails for S$62 on Shopee and Justrend.sg.

The Real Barrier Extreme Cream Ampoule (S$46) and Real Barrier Extreme Essence Toner (S$42) have been reformulated as well. 

10. Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics

Sturm Baby & Kids

Leading Fashion Retailer FJ Benjamin will be bringing Kim K-approved skincare line Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics to Singapore and boy, can we be more excited?!

The expansion will include cult-favourites Glow Drops, Hyaluronic Serum, Enzyme Cleanser, the Baby & Kids range and much more. With a strong emphasis on science-based recipes and result-yielding skincare, the brand focuses on natural healing and practises an anti-inflammatory approach with the help of edge-cutting ingredients.

The range is available on Dr. Barbara Sturm online.

11. Rookie Beauty Camelina Omega-C Brightening Fluid

Camelina Omega C Brightening Fluid Packshot

Facial oils balance out the skin’s hydration levels while protecting it from environmental stressors and the various signs of ageing, but we get it, oils can be intimidating for day wear especially in Singapore’s humidity!

Lucky for us, we’ve found a gem from local superfood-powered, clean beauty brand Rooki Beauty. Concocted with a dry touch formula, the Camelina Omega-C Brightening Fluid is made with a unique balance of omega 3, 6, and 9 — an astounding volume of restorative omega fatty acids! Its skin-tightening Japanese yuzu and anti-inflammatory horse chestnut leaves even oily skin types feeling refreshingly light and invigorated.

The Camelina Omega-C Brightening Fluid retails for S$90 at Design Orchard, Kris Shop, and Rooki Beauty online.

12. Emma Lewisham Illuminating Cleansing Range

Emma Lewisham Illuminating Line

With the Illuminating line, Emma Lewisham proves once again that you don’t need to trade scientifically-backed skincare for our precious planet’s health. This range offers the Illuminating Oil Cleanser and Illuminating Exfoliant that harnesses the superpowers of 100% natural ingredients that’s safe for every type of skin, at every stage of life.

Illuminating Oil Cleanser

Containing 23 high performing actives that plunge the skin in complete hydration and a full spectrum of antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins, reach for the Illuminating Oil Cleanser for a good cleanse that draws gunk out from even the deepest of pores. This milky emulsion is infused with Bulgarian Lavender Oil for the ultimate pampering moment. Lavender also helps promote the release of Beta-endorphin, aiding muscle relaxation, naturally softening fine lines.

The Illuminating Oil Cleanser retails for S$76 on Emma Lewisham online.

Illuminating Exfoliant With Aha Bha

Physical exfoliants often cause abrasion and even long-term irritation when used incorrectly. The Illuminating Exfoliant takes exfoliation to the next level with its unique chemical and physical hybrid formula featuring state-of-the-art AHAs and BHAs alongside naturally-occurring jojoba beads that are great for gentle exfoliation without causing even the slightest of micro-tearing. Pentavitin, a powerhouse hydration ingredient that replenishes the skin more effectively than hyaluronic acid, holds 1,000 times its water weight for a plum youth complexion.

The Illuminating Exfoliant retails for S$82 on Emma Lewisham online. Both products are refillable and recyclable through the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle.

13. CHANEL Rouge Allure Laque

Rouge Allure Laque 2020 Still Life(7)

As the use of face masks remains an essential part of our everyday look, here at Daily Vanity we’ve been in search of the best transfer-proof lippiesAnd our newest find just might be it!

Unveiling the CHANEL Rouge Allure Laque, an ultra-nourishing lip wear formulated with cutting-edge colour radiant agents that lock in extreme intensity and shine for up to 12 hours.

Let its delicate and creamy texture envelop and accentuate your lips comfortably with its perfect blend of oils, antioxidant complex of Sappan wood, and vitamin E for continuous shine. On top of being smudge-proof, the dazzling Rouge Allure Laque is water-resistant as well, ensuring impeccable puckers from day till night. 

The Rouge Allure Laque is available in 20 alluring shades, retails for S$52 at CHANEL boutiques and counters.

14. Christian Louboutin Beauty Loubiworld Fragrances

Christian Louboutin Beauty Loubiworld Fragrances 2

We don’t know about you but we’d love to receive a miniature version of the iconic red-soled stilettos this Christmas.

This season, allow Christian Louboutin’s Loubiworld Collection take you on a journey through the evocative imagination of the designer himself. Immerse yourself in the magic of seven different fragrances, all arriving in a luxuriously poetic bottle lacquered with scarlet.

Crowned with a fantastical cap adorned with seven fascinating mystical objects and creatures, the Loubirouge is choreographed with a sensual wake of cardamon, iris, and vanilla — an indulgence for the senses!

The Loubiworld Collection is available in seven glamorous scents, retails for S$440 exclusively at TANGS.  

15. KUNDAL Personal Care range

Kundal Personal Care Range

This brand probably needs no introduction. Voted as the number one personal care brand in Korea, KUNDAL is finally launching their iconic Pure Natural Balancing Refreshing Shampoo in Singapore!

Together with three other core products, the popular hair treatment, serum, and body wash, look forward to four different signature scents (we can’t wait to try out the Baby Powder one) crafted by French perfumers. This well-loved brand delivers powerful nourishment by combining various natural extracts and leading technology on top of luxurious macadamia oil in every one of their products — all at a wallet-friendly price.

KUNDAL is available at Guardian.

16. Neutrogena Rainbath Anti-bacterial Washes

Rainbath Anti Bacterial Hand Wash (1)

With many bacterial-cleansing washes out there leaving our skin badly parched (as if squeaky clean hands have to come at the cost of the skin’s moisturise), Neutrogena Rainbath changes the game for us with an Anti-bacterial Body and Hand Wash duo that effectively delivers a serious bout of germ-fighting power without compromising on its hydrating effects.

Remove up to 99% of harmful bacteria with this gentle cleanser formulated at an optimum pH range of 4.2 to 4.8 that leaves hands feeling soft and protected. Water-retaining powerhouse, glycerin, also plays an important part in effectively keeping moisture levels up. And can we just say, the sleek, lime green packaging that follows along is making this duo a compelling purchase.

The Body Wash retails for S$17.90 at Guardian, Watsons, Shopee, and Lazada while the Hand Wash retails for S$7.95 exclusively at NTUC Fairprice.

17. d Program Urban Damage Care

D Program Urban Damage Care Foaming Wash, $32.90 For 150ml (1)

Studies have shown that women living in urban cities reported 10% more skin sensitivity and irritation than the average. This can be widely attributed to free radical damage and the break down of natural collagen levels in the skin due to excessive exposure to environmental aggressors — key culprits include exhaust fume, foreign particles, dust, and cigarette smoke.

d Program, A.S. Watsons, and Shiseido understand this and has created a simple two-step routine comprising a gentle Foaming Wash and moisturising Concentrate that effectively cleanse, stabilise, and strengthen the skin for an overall healthier and more radiant complexion.

Fortify your skin barrier with Shiseido’s proprietary H-stabilising B alongside ginkgo biloba leaf leaf extract and rehmannia chinensis root extract in the fine cleanser that’s designed to reduce redness and abrasion in a single wash.

D Program Urban Damage Care Concentrate (moisturiser), $49.90 For 100ml (1)

Follow up with the Concentrate Moisturiser that adds an extra layer of protection against allergic substances and neutralises harmful acidic pollutants on your skin. Stay hydrated up to eight hours with this milky formulation that’s lightweight and non-sticky to the touch — a total bonus we’re loving! Best used together with the foam cleanser, reviewers have commented on the immediate soothing effect this moisturiser has on sensitive skin.

The d Program Urban Damage Care Foaming Wash retails for (S$32.90) while the Concentrate retails for S$49.90, available exclusively available at selected Watsons stores and online.

18. GreenLife Derma Bright

Greenlife Derma Bright

As the demand for beauty supplements continues to rise, GreenLife launches a no-frills, multi-tasking dietary supplement tackling pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and an excessive exposure to UV rays from the inside out! Formulated with NutroxSun™, a clinically researched ingredient for UV protection that prevents the formation of deep wrinkles, the loss of skin elasticity, and sun-induced damage, Derma Bright works to fight the common negative side effects of living in the sunny tropics with a daily dosage of antioxidants and glutathione encapsulated in soft-gel capsules.

If you’re one often unbothered by the need to reapply sunscreen, this might just do the trick! It’s worthy to note that reviewers have reported an improvement in the complexion in as short as two weeks. You’d bet we’re secretly hoping to receive these for Christmas.

Derma Bright Retails for S$92.85 (box of 30 capsules) on GreenLife’s website.

19. Miriqa Professional Hair Nutrition Supplement

Miriqa Professional Hair Nutrition Supplement 2

A homegrown brand started by husband-and-wife duo, Miriqa offers individuals experiencing hair loss a convenient, safe, and clinical-proven solution to revive their crowning glory. Powered by natural ingredients that help replicate the optimal conditions for scalp and hair follicles to develop to its healthiest state, the Miriqa Professional Hair Nutrition Supplement is a 100% drug-free oral dietary supplement that relies on hair-thickening botanicals and proteins to rebuild the keratin structure found in hair. With just two capsules a day, easily manage the effects of hair loss no matter the cause.

The Miriqa Professional Hair Nutrition Supplement retails for S$125 (box of 60 capsules) online and at selected spas and clinics.