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I have been a convert to BB cushion ever since I started on my first one. I love how it is lightweight, and provides me with a dewy complexion. I thought I’d never be going back to liquid foundation. Until I tried this product.

I’m talking about the new Shu Uemura Petal Skin Foundation, which will be launched next month.

What’s the technology behind the Shu Uemura Petal Skin Foundation?

Inspired by the touch of petals, this foundation promises to leave skin looking soft, hydrated, and smooth. It is able to do so thanks to how its unique technology allows pigments to be dispersed as a thin layer. The fine and spherical pigments diffuse light effectively to create the look of radiance; the shape and size of pigments further provide seamless coverage so that skin looks flawless. The formula also includes the botanical oleo-veil that seals the skin’s surface so it looks smooth, and depsea water to offer instant hydration.

Is the Shu Uemura Petal Skin Foundation good?

I love how effortlessly it glides onto skin. The product is extremely lightweight and it doesn’t require much technique to achieve a streak-free, natural-looking coverage. This means that you can be a complete makeup newbie and find it easy to master this product.

It instantly evens out my skin tone and gives a soft radiance to my complexion. I am very pleased with the dewy effect it offers to my skin, and how it is relatively more long-lasting compared to regular BB cushion, even without setting it with powder.

However, while it has buildable coverage, it definitely doesn’t offer great coverage. I am lucky that I don’t have a lot of blemishes to conceal and so this works out very well for me. But if you are fond of high coverage foundation, you may not find the Petal Skin Foundation satisfactory.

The Petal Skin Foundation will be launched together with a special brush to use with. The Petal 55 foundation brush has soft bristles, an amazing ergonomic shape that works with the contours of face, allows easy grip, and even able to stand semi-vertically for better hygiene and quicker drying after washing.

Watch me apply the product (start from the 5:57 mark):

The Petal Skin Foundation (SGD68) and Petal 55 Foundation Brush (SGD80) will be available from 1 April 2017 at all Shu Uemura counters and boutiques.