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Do you adore the bold elegance and long-lasting nature of matte lipsticks, but find yourself avoiding them due to the discomfort they cause, especially when you have dry lips?

While matte lipsticks have long been a beauty staple, many have experienced the frustration of parched lips and a flat, lifeless appearance after application.

So, how do you find one with a perfect balance of lasting comfort and three-dimensional colour in the plethora of matte lipsticks on the market? Keep reading to find out!

What to look out for in a matte lipstick

shu uemura rouge unlimited kinu matte lipsticks

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Matte lips have always been a timeless classic and their allure goes beyond their long-lasting effects. The bold finish they provide can effortlessly elevate any look, making a statement with every application has always captivated me.

However, as someone with chronically dry lips, I’ve often found myself caught between the desire for a sophisticated matte look and the discomfort that follows. Through my trials and tribulations, I’ve found two factors that can make or break a matte lipstick.

Ingredient list

shu uemura rouge unlimited kinu matte lipsticks (2)

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What I’ve learned on my quest to find the perfect matte lipstick is that the key to a comfortable matte lipstick lies in the ingredient list.

You’d want to find a formula that has over 70% of lip-nourishing ingredients, and matte lipsticks enriched with botanical oils are often game-changers for me.

These plant-derived ingredients provide exceptional hydration by locking in moisture and preventing my lips from becoming dry and chapped.

They are also high in vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, as well as having non-irritating properties that nourish and soothe the delicate skin of my lip.

And, because they are derived from plants, matte lipsticks with botanical oil are generally safer to use than those with a high concentration of chemical additives, and regular use has even helped improve my lip texture and softness over time!

Clinical testings

shu uemura rouge unlimited kinu matte lipsticks (3)

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Clinical testing is a good indication of whether you should get the product. I’ve discovered that brands that conduct clinical testing to back up their claims are often more reliable and trustworthy investments.

Knowing that they’ve put their lipsticks through thorough testings gives me peace of mind, allowing me to confidently purchase and wear the product without fear of disappointment.

So, the next time you make a purchase, check for any clinical testings on the product, or you may end up with buyer’s remorse!

shu uemura rouge unlimited kinu matte lipsticks review: Could this be the most comfortable matte lipstick ever?

shu uemura rouge unlimited kinu matte lipsticks

As someone with perpetually dry lips, I was delighted to discover that shu uemura rouge unlimited kinu matte lipsticks boast an impressive 88% lip conditioning formula.

It is infused with the highest concentration of tsubaki oil, also known as Japanese camellia oil, which has been used in Japanese beauty and skincare traditions for centuries.

When incorporated into lip products, the high concentration of fatty acids, like oleic acid and linoleic acid, help to lock in moisture, preventing lips from becoming dry or chapped throughout the day.

It is also packed with vitamin A, E and B – complex vitamins to promote smoother, softer lips, while its lightweight texture makes matte lipsticks it comfortable to wear, providing moisture and comfort without compromising the matte finish.

Tsubaki oil doesn’t only possess anti-inflammatory properties that calm irritation, but it also contains natural antioxidants like polyphenols to neutralise free radicals and protect the lips from environmental stressors.

The shu uemura rouge unlimited kinu matte lipsticks also underwent rigorous consumer testing with an impressive 79%* of women agreeing that it complements their skin tone and 74%* agreeing that it enhances their complexion.

Introducing the four charming shades

The moment I laid eyes on the four shades, I couldn’t help but gasp in awe. They were undeniably the most perfect hues for Asian skin tones, and each shades were enclosed in a sleek black case with a sharp pointed bullet, exuding such an air of elegance in my beauty pouch.

shu uemura rouge unlimited kinu matte lipsticks BR793 fallen momiji

Among them, the star shade is BR793 fallen momiji – an enchanting reddish brown that is a must-have for the upcoming fall season, adding a touch of warmth and radiance to my complexion.

shu uemura rouge unlimited kinu matte lipsticks RD171 tsubaki in snow

Inspired by the vibrant red tsubaki flower, RD171 tsubaki in snow offers a bold and striking look for those glam makeup moments. I prefer wearing it with just a tiny dab to grant my lips a rosy hue that is perfect for a touch of radiance to my “no makeup” makeup look.

shu uemura rouge unlimited kinu matte lipsticks OR599 tasogare haze BG964 sakura after rain

OR599 tasogare haze reminds me of an orange dusk with its pinkish-orange hue. This shade is a must-have for warm-toned individuals, with its ability to elevate any makeup looks with its sophisticated colour.

shu uemura rouge unlimited kinu matte lipsticks

My favourite is BG964 sakura after rain, a soothing beige-pink shade that’s reminiscent of cherry blossoms. This shade adds a hint of loveliness to my everyday makeup look, making it a true must-have in my beauty collection!

shu uemura rouge unlimited kinu matte lipsticks review: First impressions

shu uemura rouge unlimited kinu matte lipsticks

I couldn’t help but notice the lipstick bullet’s thoughtful design. Its carefully crafted origami shape enabled precise lip contouring, making it easy to outline the surface of my lips.

The bullet also featured a gorgeous monogram engraving, adding a touch of elegance that almost made it too beautiful to use!

shu uemura rouge unlimited kinu matte lipsticks

Upon application, I was pleasantly surprised by its soft and weightless texture, evoking a luxurious sensation that reminded me of Japanese kinu silk. I also loved the captivating aroma of Japanese hinoki – a woodsy fragrance that elevated my experience.

The formula glided smoothly, effortlessly filling in lines and creases to create a beautiful soft matte finish, and even added volume to my lips, making them appear fuller and more defined.

Usually, I experience flakiness and cracking almost immediately after applying other matte lip products, but to my delight, my lips felt soft, conditioned, and protected with this matte lipstick.

What truly amazed me was how shu uemura rouge unlimited kinu matte lipsticks seemed to reflect light, giving my lips a soft, silky dimension, which was achieved through the innovative fusing matte technology, using two sculpting matte powders that absorbed excess oil.

Lasting abilities and re-application

shu uemura rouge unlimited kinu matte lipsticks lasting ability

Left: lipstick at 2pm, right: lipstick at 7pm

Despite my pleasant first impressions of the shu uemura rouge unlimited kinu matte lipsticks, the real test begins with its lasting abilities. With a jam-packed day ahead, I was eager to see how this lipstick would hold up through lunch and the end of my work shift.

I applied BG964 sakura after rain at 8am and by 2pm, the colour surprisingly remained intact even after a hearty lunch and a lot of snacking in between. While there was minimal fading in the centre, this result far surpassed my expectations for any lipstick.

I then reapplied the lipstick, which admittedly can be a daunting task, as this can emphasise dryness and create an uneven finish. However, this was not the case as the lipstick glided on just as beautifully as it did the first time with no clumping, thanks to its airy texture.

As the clock struck 7 pm, I took a moment to appreciate how my lips looked nearly as fresh as they did in the morning, and how the shu uemura rouge unlimited kinu matte lipstick delivered on its promise of maximum comfort.

Unlike some matte lipsticks that tend to leave my lips dry and cracked upon application, this one stayed put without compromising my lip’s moisture. My lips still felt soft and conditioned, a rarity for a matte formula, and the colour remained vibrant without any unsightly flakiness!

Where to get shu uemura rouge unlimited kinu matte lipsticks

shu uemura rouge unlimited kinu matte lipsticks retail information and swatches

If you’re still not convinced about the remarkable formula of this matte lipstick, be sure to check them out at your nearest shu uemura counters and boutiques.

This is the perfect time to try out the new kinu matte lipstick as you can get a complimentary lip makeover at any of the shu uemura stores by their trained beauty advisors, and get a FREE cleansing oil or foundation three-day trial kit without any purchase.

shu uemura rouge unlimited kinu matte lipsticks sling bag and free service

What’s more, you can even get a complimentary 3D face, eyes or lips service, deluxe travel sized products, shu uemura’s stylish sling bag and a personalised bag tag, depending on your minimum spending!

And that’s not all, because by spending S$450, you can get an instant rebate of S$58 in celebration of Singapore’s 58th independence from 9 to 13 August.

Shu uemura rouge unlimited kinu matte lipsticks (3.3g) retail for S$53, so head on over to your nearest shu uemura stores to check it out!

You can also find them at shu uemura e-shop, Sephora online, and in all sephora stores islandwide.

*Consumer testing panel of 114 asian women, aged 20 to 45 years old.

This article is brought to you by shu uemura.