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Skin Inc is probably best known for its data-driven solutions and customised skincare in the form of their My Daily Dose® routines. The My Daily Dose® routine gives you a custom serum cocktail formed by specific boosters based on your skin’s needs, derived from a skincare test that you can do online or in person with the beauty advisor.

The most recent innovation by the brand completes your routine with a customised sleeping mask, the first of such solutions in the world, to make sure that you get a nightly routine that’s curated specifically for your skin too.

And Skin Inc says that this is an especially timely launch.

According to data from the brand’s Skin Identity Check, 92% of their consumers indicated that they were stressed out in 2020, with 71% indicating that they face over six hours of screen time and 65% slept less than six hours a day.

These skin stressors, coupled with other typical urban environmental aggressors such as UV, free radicals, pollution, and allergens, can lead to premature ageing and increased inflammation.

Skin Inc Custom Recovery Mask Night

Since our body’s repairing processes occur at night, Skin Inc decided to step in with the launch of the My Nightly Dose, Custom Recovery Sleep Mask. This is an intensive overnight treatment mask that reverses the damage and accelerates the recovery of your skin health and immunity.

Offering over 20 different custom-blended permutations to address your unique skin concern, the Custom Recovery Sleep Mask is made up of a choice from two mask bases (Hydro Gel and Hydro Cream), which are super-charged with a choice of two Serum Booster Shots (picked from Age-Proof, Clarify, Detox, Glow, and Soothe). Mix the base with the boosters together to form your unique formula of sleeping mask so that you can wake up to your best skin the next day.

Skin Inc My Nightly Dose Custom Recovery Sleep Mask review

Skin Inc Id Check

I did the Skin ID Check and the results showed that my Nightly Dose consists of the Age-Proof and Clarify boosters. The former is made up of Bakuchiol, Zinc PCA, and Sodium PCA for anti-ageing benefits, and the latter is made up of Niacinamide and Salicylic Acid for Anti-Acne benefits. These are to be mixed with the Hydro Gel as a base.

There are a few ways I could use the products.

The first is to use the boosters as a seven-day intensive treatment. Each of the boosters is shaped like a syringe so you can pump out the right amount, based on the markers on the packaging.

Skin Inc Custom Recovery Mask How To Use

Another way you can use it, is to drop the boosters into the base (in my case, the Hydro Gel), give it a shake to mix everything in, and then dispense one pump for application each day.

Finally, you can also use the boosters as spot correctors, treating specific areas on your skin that needs more targeted care.

I decided to go with the first method, pumping a day’s worth of booster onto my palm and applied it all over my face.

Skin Inc My Nightly Dose Custom Recovery Mask Review

Skin Inc was very generous with the number of capsulated active capsules in this series of boosters – 1,000 of them in each syringe, according to the brand – and they look almost like precious caviar, which popped and activated upon application. The texture is rich but the product can be absorbed into the skin after massaging it in for a minute or two. After that, the skin looked radiant and felt nourished.

Skin Inc My Nightly Dose Custom Recovery Mask Review2

I used it for three consecutive nights now and have been waking up to skin that looked brighter and less dehydrated. These results that are very noticeable, and on the night that I paired the routine with their famous Optimizer Voyage Trilight device, I find that the effects doubled up.

The only complaint I have about it is that it can be rather tricky to pump out the serum with butterfingers like mine. I used too much strength once and dispensed too much product – I got my husband to use the rest of it so that it doesn’t get wasted.

Otherwise, I find that it’s easy to use and feel comfortable on the skin. It also has a clean formula so it should also please those who have sensitive skin.

The Custom Recovery Sleep Mask, My Nightly Dose Set, which consists of one base and two boosters, retails for S$168. You can also get the individual My Nightly Dose Serum Booster Shot at S$48 each. These are available at the Skin Inc website, Skin Inc Concept Stores, Sephora, Lazada, and Shopee.