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If I were to name any skincare ingredient that has become prominent only in the last few years, I’d probably say it’s PDRN (PolyDeoxyRiboNucleotide). Skincare enthusiasts have become very familiar with this ingredient because it is the key component used in skin boosters (or 婴儿针 in Chinese, which literally translates to “baby jabs”), a non-invasive treatment that’s very popular in aesthetic medicine recently.

What is PDRN?

PDRN molecules are derived from salmon DNA that’s extracted from salmon sperm and testicles. It was recently found to contain components that are similar to the substance found in human placenta, and has a 95% match to human DNA. PDRN is said to be able to help fight signs of ageing thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and its affinity with human skin. When infused into skin, it can help promote healing and boost skin’s natural resilience.

You may have already written off PDRN the moment you read “salmon sperm and testicles” – I, too, wrinkled my nose when I first heard it. But reading up more about it gave me ease of mind. We have to remember that the final ingredient that is infused into your skin has already gone through multiple extraction methods to harness only the skin-healing components, as well as high-tech processing to make sure what is used is safe and hygienic.

Want to try out a PDRN facial?

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I tried out a luxurious PDRN facial

I am not ready for any a skin-boosting jab yet, but I’m certainly game for a relaxing facial that promises to help you reap the benefits of PDRN, without any needles poking into my skin. I made an appointment at Spa Rael for its PDRN Intense Face Spa, which uses this new technology to deliver anti-ageing, brightening, and rejuvenation benefits to skin.

Spa Rael Review Room

Located in the compound of luxury five-star hotel Goodwood Park Hotel, Spa Rael was easy to get to either by car or public transportation (it’s near Orchard MRT station). The spa occupies a spacious 6,000 sqft area and has a garden spa concept, reflected in the tranquility of its surrounding lush greenery.

Once I entered the spa, I was greeted by the warm smiles of the reception staff, who promptly verified my appointment and ushered me to a cosy seating area to fill out a questionnaire and enjoy a cup of tea.

I was then brought to my facial cabin, where I laid down on a special Tempur bed that was absolutely comfortable. For the uninitiated, Tempur is a luxury mattress brand that is known for its comfort.

Spa Rael Review Anti Ageing Facial exfoliation 1

After basic cleansing, Ultrasonic Peel was used for exfoliation. The device is probably the newest technology for microdermabrasion, and is loved by many luxury spas because it uses ultrasound vibration to offer gentler and safer re-texturising result. Expectedly, the process was pain-free and didn’t cause any redness to my skin. I like that it felt like a mini facial massage that also stimulates blood circulation – an important benefit that can help products that were applied later to penetrate more deeply into my skin. Think of this as a warm-up for the skin for the “workout” that it’s about to go through!

Spa Rael Review Anti Ageing Facial Electroporation 2

Once my skin was prepped for better skincare product absorption, the PDRN solution was infused into my skin using an electroporation procedure. This is another high-tech process that creates very tiny pores in the cell membrane so that serums can be delivered deeply into the dermis level – something that regular application can’t achieve.

This step is definitely the heart of the entire facial, where a powerful product is combined with an intense delivery process to ensure that all the nutrients is sent to the skin cells for them to be rejuvenated.

A special ampoule – the Idebenone Gold + Multi-Growth Factors – is used in this step too. Idebenone is one of the most well-known ingredients around that can help protect skin cells from environmental damage. And this Idebenone-enriched formula is powered with antioxidants that are collectively known as “topical Botox” to some aestheticians.

Besides the anti-ageing benefits, Idebenone is also great for its brightening benefits that are four times stronger than vitamin C.

Spa Rael Review Anti Ageing Facial Pdrn 3

If the exfoliation step was like a warm-up, the Cool Infusion step is certainly like a cool-down. The Cool Infusion helps to soothe, seal, and lock in the active ingredients into skin. It is also great for minimising the appearance of pores.

Spa Rael Review Anti Ageing Facial Pdrn 4

Finally, a mask was applied on my face while I relaxed on the comfortable bed for a very satisfying rest.

Spa Rael’s anti-ageing facial review: Is it good?

Right after the PDRN Intense Face Spa at Spa Rael, I could instantly feel that my skin was firmer. Looking into the mirror, my feeling was confirmed – my facial contour looked more lifted and my complexion was a lot brighter.

I must say that I didn’t go for the facial with a lot of expectation, mostly because I didn’t have a lot of visible concerns or blemishes I was looking to correct. However, I was surprised that even with relatively good skin like mine, I was still able to experience noticeable improvements after the treatment. I really liked how radiant and youthful my skin looked after the session. My face also looked sharper and my cheekbones more obvious.

Spa Rael Review Anti Ageing Facial Pdrn 5

My facial contours looked significantly sharper and my cheekbones more obvious after the session.

Most importantly, the results sustained for at least one more week. My skin continued to glow in the next few days, and I felt so good about my complexion that I was confident about going to work without applying any foundation. Even so, I received compliments from work associates about how perked up and well-rested I looked. Considering how I didn’t change much of my skincare routine or lifestyle habits, I was quite sure that the PDRN Intense Face Spa had something to do with that glow.

Spa Rael is located at Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221. Whatsapp to 82096878 (click on the number to send a message easily) to make an appointment.

The PDRN Intense Face Spa at Spa Rael retails at SGD680 (before GST) usually, but they’re now offering Daily Vanity readers a promotional trial price of SGD128 nett. You’ll also get to bring home a home kit worth SGD74.90.

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