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While you might decide to get a manicure or facial on a whim, semi-permanent hair removal is one of those beauty treatments you usually have to think about before committing to the process, mainly for three reasons: the pain, the results, and the price.

For many, weakening the hair follicles with beams can be unnecessary and downright uncomfortable. Meanwhile, others view it as a fundamental luxury – just think of all the time you can get back by eliminating shaving, waxing, or plucking from your beauty regimen.

Light-based hair removal can help rid of body hair more permanently if you’re always dealing with ingrown hairs and razor bumps, but when it comes to popular options out there, such as IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and SHR (Super Hair Removal), the process of achieving fuzz-free skin is not always the most comfortable or effective.

Enter Strip’s Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) Hair Removal treatment, the next generation of semi-permanent hair removal that ensures a painless yet more effective and precise hair removal that’s able to cover a larger surface area.

The next generation of semi-permanent hair removal

strip aft hair removal process

With over 20 years of experience under its belt, Strip is a go-to when it comes to all types of body hair removal. Its team has serviced over four million bushes in 12 major capital cities across the globe too, so you know they’re the ones to trust when it comes to Brazilian hair removal.

To bring us the most comfortable experience and the most effective results, Strip has partnered with Alma Lasers, a world-leading manufacturer of light-based treatments, to introduce the revolutionary AFT Hair Removal treatment.

Unlike IPL, which uses a broad wavelength to disperse spikes of energy, Strip’s AFT utilises a narrower wavelength of light to deliver an even distribution of energy, so what you’ll get is a more targeted and precise treatment that removes up to 80%* of hair over a course of six sessions.

What sets the AFT Hair Removal treatment apart is that it uses custom-made 5cm crystal applicators, instead of 3cm ones used in IPL treatments. This allows the AFT machine to cover a wider surface, thereby enhancing its overall effectiveness, especially in the Brazilian area.

Strip AFT Hair Removal treatment review badge of honour

Even better, Strip’s AFT Hair Removal treatment uses a unique built-in cooling system, which is accompanied by an ‘in-motion’ technique to make it highly suitable for those with very low pain thresholds. This makes the treatment an absolute breeze to sit through. Plus, there’s no downtime to the treatment at all.

Apart from the Brazilian area, the treatment can also be done from head to toe, including arms, underarms, legs, bikini line, back, and upper lips – just to name a few.

To reap the full benefits of Strip’s AFT Hair Removal, consider going for a course of six sessions with four-to-six-week intervals. The treatment slows down your natural hair growth, so you can enjoy smooth, fuzz-free skin that lasts up to two to three years.*

While I didn’t get to complete the recommended six sessions, I did get the chance to try the treatment once. Here’s how it went!

Strip AFT Hair Removal treatment review: What the procedure is like

strip aft hair removal review mandarin gallery storefront

I arrived at Strip’s Mandarin Gallery outlet located on the third level, tucked away in a quiet corner so I could experience the treatment in peace. A much-welcomed respite in the middle of a busy work day.

strip aft hair removal consultation form

The warm and friendly receptionist handed me an iPad so I could fill in an indemnity form to share my personal details and declare any medical conditions that may deem me unsuitable for the treatment.

If you’ve consumed Accutane (an acne medication) within the past six months, have irritated or broken skin, or you’re on your period, then the Strip AFT Hair Removal may not be recommended. Click here to find out if you’re suitable for the treatment.

After I signed the form, the receptionist took me through the entire form once more and mentioned the possible side effects of the service. She was incredibly thorough, which is something I appreciated.

strip aft hair removal store interior

Since I was a little early to my session, she offered me a drink and a seat to get comfortable.

strip aft hair removal treatment room

When my therapist was ready, I was ushered into one of the cosy treatment rooms.

strip aft hair removal review pre-treatment

To prep me for the treatment, my therapist handed me a sachet of the TWO L(I)PS Wipeout so I could clean up down south before propping myself on the treatment bed.

strip aft hair removal review disposable tools

When she returned to the room, she prepared a brand new razor and tore open a fresh AFT kit. Strip takes its one-person-per-razor policy very seriously, which gave me complete peace of mind. Plus, there’s no extra charge for this!

The therapist first shaved off any remaining hair around my pubic region. She was quick yet careful – no nicks at all. After that, she slathered a generous amount of cooling gel on the area. The sensation still took me by surprise despite getting a heads-up about it.

strip aft hair removal review machine

After handing me a pair of tinted shades to don, she reached for the machine’s applicator and glided it around the treatment area in circular motions. Unfortunately, I can’t show you how exactly she did it – those are pictures for a different kind of website.

Jokes aside, I did feel a slight tingling sensation at the beginning, but it went away in a few seconds. This is a huge plus when you compare it with the rubberband-snapping sensation of IPL.

Overall, the AFT Hair Removal treatment felt like a warm massage – easily the most comfortable hair removal treatment I’ve ever tried.

The therapist ended the treatment by applying the TWO L(I)PS ICE Calming Rescue Cream to soothe my skin. And we’re done! The entire treatment took no longer than 20 minutes, which is great news for time-starved individuals.

strip aft hair removal review aftercare

After the session, my therapist handed me a few samples to take home. I applied the Bumpps Sebum-Control Serum to prevent any ingrown hairs before slathering on the ICE Calming Rescue Cream to keep any irritation at bay.

Strip AFT Hair Removal treatment review: Results after a month

It’s safe to say that Strip’s AFT Hair Removal treatment is by far the most comfortable and effective light-based hair removal option I’ve tried.

Over the next few days, I didn’t experience any redness or soreness which surprised me because I have particularly sensitive skin.

A couple of weeks later, I noticed that the rate of hair regrowth around the mons pubis had slowed down tremendously. Some of the new hair had fallen out on their own or completely halted their growth.

I was told that a maximum of 20% of hair is removed in a single AFT session, compared to a maximum of 15% for IPL – impressive results I’ve had the chance to witness myself.

However, individual results may vary, so it’s recommended to complete a minimal course of six sessions. You will notice results after two sessions but results will be more noticeable after four to six sessions! You’ll have to try it yourself to be amazed.

Sign up to enjoy your first AFT Session at only S$78!*
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Strip AFT Brazilian Hair Removal is priced at S$2,480 for a six-session package. Click here to book now!

*Individual results may vary.

This article is brought to you by Strip.