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When it comes to removing the hair on our bodies, we’ve pretty much tried it all. From traditional painful waxing and the slightly less stinging process of sugaring our bikini lines to frequent shaving, hair removal has become a large part of our beauty routines.

Though there’s nothing wrong with owning your body hair (it’s a natural thing!), it can be uncomfortable or annoying to deal with, depending on its coarseness, location, and even the climate you live in.

Unfortunately, the process of hair removal could wind up being just as uncomfortable, not to mention painful and ineffective. When it comes to Strip’s Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) Hair Removal treatment, these aren’t things you have to worry about.

To find out how comfortable and effective it truly is, Daily Vanity sent five readers to Strip to undergo their AFT Hair Removal treatment. Spoiler alert: It received an average rating of five out of five stars from reviewers!

What’s special about the Strip AFT Hair Removal treatment?

strip aft hair removal treatment readers reviews storefront

Strip Singapore storefront

Widely recognised as the next-generation solution to semi-permanent hair removal, the Strip AFT Hair Removal harnesses the latest light technologies to provide a safe, precise, and comfortable hair removal experience.

They’ve partnered up with Alma Laser, a global-leading expert in light-based hair removal technology to design the AFT Hair Removal treatment.

As opposed to the broad wavelength that’s conventionally used in IPL to disperse spikes of energy, AFT Hair Removal uses a narrower wavelength of light which enables a more even distribution of energy. This helps to target your hair follicles more precisely and evenly.

On top of that, their five-centimetre applicator also covers a wider area of skin than the three-centimetre devices used at common IPL or SHR service. This means you’ll get a wider coverage for hair removal, and are likely to reap more impressive results with each session!

The best part? The service is highly suitable for those with very low pain thresholds and sensitive skin, thanks to the “in-motion” technique used, the built-in cooling system, and custom-made crystal applicators.

It also doesn’t feel hot, unlike IPL, making it particularly apt for more sensitive areas like your bikini line.

The Strip AFT Hair Removal treatment is also highly versatile — you can get the service done on almost any part of your body, such as your Brazilian area, legs, bikini line, back, arms, upper lips, and more.

Strip’s unparalleled expertise

Strip store interior

Since Strip’s inception 20 years ago, they’ve pruned and waxed over 4 million bushes worldwide, being recognised and praised by customers for their speed, quality, and hygiene across all their hair removal services.

Their award-winning services are now rendered in 12 major capital cities, including Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Bangkok — just to name a few.

Here’s what readers had to say about their experience after undergoing one session of the Strip AFT Hair Removal service.

Strip AFT Hair Removal: Prices

STRIP AFT Hair Removal is available in both one-session and six-session packages, with costs varying depending on the treatment areas as well as your hair condition.

For females who take on a six-session package, prices range from S$800 for underarms to S$5,145 for legs, to S$985+ for the Brazilian region.

Strip also offers hair removal services for males, and prices range from S$980 to S$6,930, depending on the application area.

You can check out the full list of services here.

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Strip AFT Hair Removal: 5 readers share their honest opinions

Strip AFT Hair Removal review


Overall, all reviewers agreed that the Strip AFT Hair Removal service is not only the quickest but also the most comfortable they tried.

The majority of reviewers reported experiencing minimal to no discomfort during the treatment. All of them particularly liked that the cooling gel applied was very soothing, and they found that the aftercare offered effectively alleviated any discomfort, redness, or itching following the hair removal process. In fact, almost all reviewers agreed that AFT is more comfortable and virtually painless compared to conventional waxing, sugaring, or IPL hair removal treatments.

They also praised the top-notch service provided at Strip. Reviewers appreciated how the therapists took the time to thoroughly explain every step of the process, ensuring that they felt at ease throughout the entire session.

All in all, every reviewer would recommend the Strip AFT Hair Removal service to others, with some even stating it to be the best hair removal treatment they’ve ever experienced.

Jade, 31

Previously tried: Waxing
Past experiences: I used to get Brazilian waxing done because the service was within my budget and it delivered fairly effective results that lasted. However, the discomfort, pain, and increasing prices dissuaded me from signing on for the same package after my last session.
Outlet visited: Mandarin Gallery

Samples of TWO L(I)PS ICE aftercare cream

I honestly thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of my experience! The therapist was incredibly warm and friendly, ensuring my comfort throughout the treatment.

She even shaved the treatment area for me before using the AFT machine, which is super convenient for those who prefer not to worry about an additional charge or the hassle of shaving beforehand.

During the treatment, she generously applied cooling gel before using the device and regularly checked in to ensure I wasn’t experiencing any discomfort from the slight warming and zapping sensations.

I must say that the Strip AFT Hair Removal treatment is also practically painless, especially when compared to the Brazilian waxing ordeal I endured years ago.

Plus, the entire process was surprisingly swift – my partner only had to wait for me for a mere 20 to 25 minutes that day.

As for the state of my skin post-treatment, I did notice some redness and swelling, but the therapist thoughtfully informed me about this and explained the reasons behind it. She assured me that the redness and swelling would subside within a couple of hours or days.

To soothe and calm my skin right after the session, she applied a post-treatment care cream.

Even though my therapist knew this wasn’t my first time with the AFT, she patiently walked me through each step. In certain areas, she applied extra cooling gel to keep my skin as comfortable as possible. This attention to detail made the entire experience a breeze.

Overall, I liked how the Strip AFT Hair Removal was a comfortable and painless treatment, and that I saw visible results within days.

Mizan, 23

Previously tried: Sugaring and Waxing
Past experiences: I experienced pain during the hair removal processes I’ve tried. Even though there was a significant reduction in hair growth and natural exfoliation from the ingredients of sugaring, the downtime in between appointments caused some inconvenience.
Outlet visited: Waterway Point

Strip AFT Hair Removal

Strip salon interior

My body hair is naturally thick and pretty coarse. Plus, the regrowth is uneven because my hair grows at different phases.  Going into the Strip AFT Hair Removal treatment, I was hoping that it could help even things out for me.

The best thing about this whole experience was how quick, painless, and comfortable it was. Seriously, I couldn’t believe how easy it was! The room itself was comfortable, which added to how relaxing it felt.

Strip AFT Hair Removal treatment room

Strip AFT Hair Removal treatment room

My therapist also walked me through every step of the way and made me feel comfortable by ensuring no awkwardness. In particular, she was also gentle and thorough in treating more delicate and hidden areas of my skin.

I liked the cooling gel, which made the Strip AFT hair removal treatment feel even more comfortable.

Now, almost a week later, I’m noticing that my hair is growing back much slower compared to how it was during my usual shaving routine.

Iffah, 25

Previously tried: IPL, Sugaring, and Waxing
Past experiences: Hot wax tends to irritate my skin, on top of the pain that waxing in general would already cause. As for sugaring, what’s more painful than the yanking of hairs is the tugging of hairs involved. While IPL was probably the least painful treatment option out of the rest, I didn’t really see a significant difference in the reduction of hair growth from before.
Outlet visited: Paragon

Strip AFT Hair Removal treatment

Strip outlet hallway

I’ve generally got pretty thick body hair, which tends to grow back unevenly because of the various hair removal services I’ve tried over time.

What I really enjoyed about the Strip AFT Hair Removal treatment was that it was practically painless, which was a big plus for me! I also appreciated how the therapist paid attention to the areas I found most sensitive.

Comparing this treatment to the semi-permanent hair removal sessions I’ve had before, it was noticeably quicker. I’m guessing it’s because of the unique applicator and technique they use.

Strip AFT Hair Removal

Strip AFT Hair Removal treatment room

During the Strip AFT Hair Removal treatment, several things contributed to my comfort. The treatment room was spacious and cozy, and the air conditioning was set just right – not too cold like some other places I’ve been to.

The therapist was fantastic; she took her time to make sure I was comfortable at every step of the procedure. What’s more, she engaged in conversation with me throughout the session, and she even switched to Malay to ensure I felt at ease.

Whenever I felt a sensitive spot, I’d let her know, and she would immediately pause the treatment and apply more cooling gel to that area.

Now, on to my top three takeaways from the Strip AFT Hair Removal treatment. First, the service was absolutely top-notch, and I felt comfortable from start to finish. Second, it was definitely on the painless side, especially compared to waxing and sugaring. Lastly, the treatment was a breeze and I felt well taken care of throughout the entire process!

Strip AFT Hair Removal

Care sheet

I also noticed slower hair growth within a week. All in all, the Strip AFT Hair Removal was the most comfortable hair removal experience I’ve had.

Sherilynn, 23

Strip AFT Hair Removal treatment results

Strip AFT Hair Removal treatment results

Previously tried: Waxing
Past experiences: Waxing is relatively painful for me. It can also get quite messy and isn’t very convenient. So far, I’ve been using hot wax. I have to spend quite some time heating up the wax itself. I eventually stopped as the experience wasn’t very comfortable.
Outlet visited: Raffles City

While my hair isn’t too thick, I still notice the growth over time and have to deal with removal. I’m also particularly concerned about areas that are visible.

As for my experience with the Strip AFT Hair Removal – I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by how painless and comfortable it was! The process was so quick to the point where I almost fell asleep but didn’t since it was over before I knew it.

Strip AFT Hair Removal

Strip AFT Hair Removal treatment process

As for how this stacks up against my previous experiences with semi-permanent hair removal, what stands out to me is the soothing and effortless aspect of it. I didn’t have to lift a finger, and what’s even better, the therapist wasn’t pushy about selling anything extra.

She shared about her experiences with previous clients and took the effort to get to know me, which made the entire experience more comfortable.

I genuinely feel that the Strip AFT Hair Removal service goes the extra mile, and the difference after the treatment is really obvious.

As for how my skin looked post-treatment, I experienced no redness or swelling. This is probably due to the soothing effect from the cooling gel she applied.

Overall, I liked how painless and comfortable the process was, and the bonus is that my hair seems to be growing back slower!

Pei Ying, 26

Previously tried: Waxing
Past experiences: My skin is sensitive, so using hot wax often irritated it. Waxing also left bumps on my skin, and the process was uncomfortable.
Outlet visited: Mandarin Gallery

Compared to my past experiences, this was on a whole new level of comfort. I can’t emphasise enough how painless and comfortable it was! In fact, it felt so relaxing that I honestly could have dozed off. It felt like a self-care day.

I think this is the most comfortable hair removal service I’ve tried, for a few reasons — the bed was very cosy, the therapist was friendly and assuring (she had over 10 years of experience!), and the entire process felt very comfortable.

As the post-treatment care cream was applied to soothe and calm my skin immediately after the session, I also did not experience any redness or swelling on my skin.

I liked how quick the Strip AFT Hair Removal treatment was, and I could see results within four to seven days of my first session.

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