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First things first, let’s make things clear: while there’s plenty to discuss when it comes to the social constructs surrounding the beauty choices especially for us women, body hair is nothing to be ashamed of.

However, some of us do personally prefer to have them removed for the sake of convenience and a much simpler beauty routine.

That said, those who go for regular hair removal treatments would probably know that certain methods available can be either painful (especially when your pain threshold is not as high) or ineffective regardless of how many sessions you go for.

If pain during and after the treatment is something that you constantly struggle with, then perhaps AFT Hair Removal by STRIP (yes, the renowned waxing expert in town!) will be totally up your alley.

Touted as the next generation of semi-permanent hair removal treatment, the STRIP AFT Hair Removal is developed in partnership with Alma Laser, the experts in light-based hair removal technology.

Instead of the broad wavelength that’s traditionally used in IPL to disperse spikes of energy, AFT utilises a narrower wavelength of light instead to deliver an even distribution of energy so that what you’ll get is a more targeted and precise treatment.

On top of that, AFT is also highly suitable for those with really low pain threshold as it offers a hair removal experience that’s as comfortable as it is effective, thanks to its combination of a built-in cooling system, an ‘in-motion’ technique, and a custom-made five-centimetre crystal applicators.

Together, these can deliver noticeable results after just two sessions of AFT Hair Removal. Best part? The treatment can be done from head to toe, including underarms, Brazilian area, legs, bikini line, back, arms, and upper lips – just to name a few.

If you’d like to reap the full fuzz-free benefits of the STRIP AFT Hair Removal, consider going for a course of six sessions with four-to-six-week intervals, followed by maintenance sessions once every six to 12 months, depending on your hair.

Strip Standard Grooming Rights Infographic

And if hygiene is one of your main concerns when it comes to hair removal, trust STRIP to get you covered with its STRIP standard.

This means that only single-use razors and cartridges are used for each AFT customer, and therapists are also trained to provide extra cooling gel to maximise comfort.

The AFT Hair Removal treatment is now available at all STRIP outlets island-wide.

STRIP AFT Total Comfort 3.0 Hair Removal review: 10 readers share their honest feedback after three sessions

Strip Paragon Storefront

To see whether AFT Hair Removal can deliver what it claims to do, we invited ten readers to try out this treatment on perhaps the most sensitive part of our body, the Brazilian.

Here are their initial impressions based on the first session, and final thoughts after completing all three sessions over the course of three months.

STRIP AFT Total Comfort 3.0 Hair Removal


Overall, all reviewers agreed that the AFT Total Comfort 3.0 Hair Removal by STRIP is not only the quickest and most comfortable, but also one of the most luxurious hair removal treatments in town.

Most reviewers reported minimal to no pain during the treatment, and that the aftercare provided helped soothe any discomfort, redness, and itching post-hair removal effectively. In fact, almost all reviewers agreed that AFT is more comfortable and virtually painless compared to conventional IPL hair removal treatments.

All of them particularly appreciated the hygienic set-up of the treatment with personal shaving packs for each customer as well as thorough sanitisation of the room after each session. Reviewers also liked that the therapists were very thorough in explaining the process in detail and making sure the customer was comfortable throughout each of the session.

Most of them even likened AFT to a hot stone massage, saying that it was so comfortable that it felt more like a pampering me-time treat rather than a hair removal treatment.

All in all, almost every reviewer concurred that the STRIP AFT Total Comfort 3.0 Hair Removal is how all hair removal treatments should be like – some even opined that it’s the best hair removal treatment they’ve ever tried.

Strip Funan Treatment Room Interior

STRIP, Funan

Daphne, 23
Previously tried: IPL/SHR treatments
STRIP outlet visited: Funan and Westgate

After the first session: Previous IPL treatments that I’ve tried gave me a very painful sensation akin to someone snapping rubber bands continuously on my skin! Needless to say, I’ve stopped going for my sessions as it’s left me with red spots post-treatment.

I also didn’t particularly like the hidden costs that I needed to top up for – for example, shaving was chargeable and the therapist also tried to upsell premium machines to me claiming that I will experience better results.

STRIP’s AFT Hair Removal, however, changed my perception of IPL hair removal treatments. I liked how comfortable the therapist made me feel, and the entire treatment was so painless and quick, I didn’t even realise it was over until the therapist told me the treatment was complete.

I particularly appreciated that my therapist kept me informed on every step of the process during the treatment. She also made sure that I was comfortable throughout the treatment by constantly checking in on the heat of the AFT device as well as the temperature of the icy cool gel.

Additionally, the therapist took time to thoroughly explain what I should do in case I experience any post-treatment skin sensitivity such as redness.

After three sessions: Personally, the AFT Hair Removal is like a gold standard for all hair removal treatments for me.

The treatment far exceeded my expectations as my hairs don’t seem to grow much anymore. In fact, any hair regrowth after just three sessions is a lot slower than before, and the new hairs looked finer in texture which I am fine with.

Not only did I not experience any irritation or negative reaction on the treatment area, I also noticed significantly quicker results from my second session onwards.

I especially like the ice-cool gel used during the sessions, which made the AFT Hair Removal treatment very comfortable with almost zero “heated skin” sensation – it almost felt like I was having a hot stone massage therapy rather than a hair removal session!

I also appreciate that there are specially formulated post-treatment care products available – I used a rescue cream called Ice throughout my three-month trial and it kept my skin moisturised after each session.

Huili, 25
Previously tried: IPL/SHR treatments
STRIP outlet visited: Westgate

After the first session: Regrettably, my previous IPL experience wasn’t that fantastic as the staff did not apply the gel fully and when the treatment was done, I could still feel the heat at times which was a little painful in the treatment area.

Apart from the pain factor, the lacklustre post-treatment care recommendations offered by the therapist also didn’t win me over and I didn’t continue with the treatment afterwards.

It was not the case at STRIP as I found the aftercare provided to be very detailed and well thought of. Not only did my therapist apply post-treatment care products immediately after the session at no extra charge, but she also recommended I use the premium Two Lips products at home to take care of my Brazilian area.

On top of that, she took time to explain the aftercare tips to me carefully as well to make sure that I understood each and every one of them. I also loved that the ambience of the treatment room at STRIP was very unique as compared to the previous beauty salon I frequented for my IPL hair removal treatment.

I also felt that the STRIP therapists and counter staff are highly trained and skilled at what they do because they assisted me wonderfully after the treatment and even shared with me nuggets of information regarding hair removal that I never knew about!

After three sessions: To me, it is the best hair removal treatment I’ve ever experienced! It almost felt like an indulgent massage treat or even a relaxing getaway, because it was just ultra-comfortable and luxurious.

I also like the fact that I was well taken care of by the professionals at STRIP, who were all very knowledgeable, professional, and patient in putting my comfort level first throughout the sessions and taking the time to explain all aftercare needs to me.

In fact, I was also given good post-treatment care tips from the therapist after each session which I am really thankful for.

Su Munn, 28
Previously tried: IPL/SHR treatments, sugaring
STRIP outlet visited: Tampines

After the first session: Trying STRIP’s AFT Hair Removal for the first time, I found it to be particularly pain-free and almost quite relaxing compared to the IPL and sugaring treatments that I’ve tried previously. It also gave me peace of mind that the therapists at STRIP are trained to utilise only single-use disposable cartridges and tools for each customer’s treatment.

Apart from the high comfort factor, I liked that I don’t have to worry about ingrown hair with the latest technology employed by AFT and I especially appreciated that my therapist took time to explain the aftercare tips to me before I stepped out of the outlet.

After three sessions: While I had encountered some redness in the treatment area and felt that the pain level was bearable with slight discomfort, this did not alter my positive experience with the AFT Hair Removal because I was repeatedly reassured by the professional and friendly STRIP therapist that this was to be expected.

Additionally, STRIP went above and beyond by recommending the necessary aftercare product that can help soothe the discomfort, which it did perfectly!

For me, I noticed results as early as two sessions in with hairs falling out shortly after the second session, so I definitely believe that I will continue to experience better results with more sessions.

Strip Paragon Treatment Room Interior

STRIP, Paragon

Anne, 28
Previously tried: IPL/SHR treatments, waxing
STRIP outlet visited: Paragon and Plaza Singapura

After the first session: After trying the AFT Hair Removal at STRIP, I liked how the waxing parlour operates in a hygienic environment with frequent sanitisation procedures in place.

The professional and friendly front desk team that attended to me also ran through pre-treatment indemnity disclosure terms with me so that I was aware of the risks, while the therapist in charge of my treatment was really friendly and kept me informed on every step of the process during the treatment.

She also went out of her way to make sure that I was comfortable throughout the treatment by constantly checking in with the sensorial experience of the heat as well as the temperature of the ice-cool gel so that I don’t experience any over-heating and prickly sensation that are typically associated with conventional IPL hair removal treatments.

For me, I especially appreciated that I experienced the painless treatment in a comfortable environment and didn’t have to worry about any downtime at all. In fact, I didn’t feel that my skin was dry or damaged after the AFT treatment.

After three sessions: Even though I experienced some redness and irritation in the treatment area, I feel that the STRIP AFT Hair Removal is still by far one of the best hair removal treatments I’ve ever tried because of the level of care provided.

Throughout each session, my therapist paid attention to my needs and reassured me that any discomfort I’d experience was perfectly normal and that the reactions would usually disappear after a few days – the aftercare product provided definitely helped too.

As for the results, I had already observed that my hair regrowth slowed down drastically around the second session so I certainly believe that I will continue to experience better results with more sessions.

Amanda, 26
Previously tried: IPL/SHR treatments
STRIP outlet visited: Plaza Singapura

After the first session: For me, I had a very painful experience during and after the previous IPL session. In fact, the snapping sensation was just really hard to bear and after a few sessions, I eventually let go of the remaining sessions in the package that I’ve signed up for because I felt that the pain was not worth the results I’m seeing.

Apart from the extremely uncomfortable experience, the lacklustre post treatment care recommendations and annoying upselling tactics also put me off greatly and I didn’t regret my decision to forgo my package. Additionally, it was also difficult to book appointments at the beauty salon despite its advertising claims for packages with unlimited sessions.

With STRIP, I was glad that I didn’t encounter any of those issues with my first appointment. It was pretty easy to secure an appointment slot, even more so when bookings are made at least 72 hours in advance. I also appreciated that the outlet followed up with a reminder via call, SMS, and also WhatsApp which I thought was very thoughtful and kind of them to do so.

I especially loved how welcomed I was made to feel by the front desk staff at the outlet. I was constantly reassured that I didn’t need to feel shy about the treatment I was going for and was given ample information on what I should expect from the session.

As for the treatment itself, it was very comfortable and bearable – I loved how my therapist constantly reapplied the cooling gel to ensure that I wasn’t experiencing any discomfort from the heat emitted from the application process. Needless to say, I experienced little to no pain from the treatment with this gesture.

In addition, the therapist was also very receptive and attentive when I mentioned that I was starting to feel some of the heat (which was probably due to my body’s reaction to the energy emission). Upon hearing that, she applied the cooling gel without delay to soothe the sensitive area.

On top of that, I liked that each step of the procedure was thoroughly explained to me during the treatment to ensure that I was aware of what was being done.

I also loved that a warming eye mask was provided which made the whole experience that much more comfortable. I was also very pleased to know that my therapist maintained high hygienic standards throughout the treatment which gave me great peace of mind.

After three sessions: When I say that this is how all hair removal treatments should be, I really mean it. Not only was it super comfortable and luxurious, it also felt more like I was having a relaxing hot stone massage while on vacation!

Even though I experienced some redness in the treatment area, the skilled therapist made me feel at ease by assuring me that such a skin reaction was perfectly normal. To top it all off, she even took the time to explain all the aftercare needs to me before recommending me the post-treatment care product to use at home.

While I understood that a course of six sessions is recommended in order to experience the best result, I am surprised to observe noticeable results in just two sessions with slower regrowth rate and finer new hair strands. All in all, I’d say that the AFT Hair Removal exceeded my expectations of what a hair removal treatment feels like.

Strip Mandarin Gallery Treatment Room Interior

STRIP, Mandarin Gallery

Mei Jun, 36
Previously tried: IPL/SHR treatments
STRIP outlet visited: Mandarin Gallery and ION Orchard

After the first session: With STRIP’s AFT Hair Removal, I was glad that I experienced virtually no pain during the treatment which was conducted on a comfortable treatment bed in a neat and tidy room. My therapist also patiently explained to me about the necessary aftercare after the session, which came with the application of post-treatment care products that was provided to me at no extra charge.

Overall, I’m genuinely satisfied with my first AFT treatment at STRIP and I can’t wait to see noticeable results after the next two sessions!

After three sessions: While I did not notice any difference between the traditional IPL treatment and STRIP’s latest version, I still feel that the AFT Hair Removal stands out above the other hair removal treatments I’ve tried, simply because of its effectiveness that’s matched with superior comfort.

I also appreciate the care extended by the friendly STRIP therapist who patiently explained the post-treatment care to me and even recommended the necessary product for me to try at home.

Throughout the session, the therapist applied cooling gel to soothe and calm the skin throughout the treatment, which I believe was the main reason why I didn’t feel the sensation of snapping rubber bands on my skin.

After three sessions, I observed that my hair regrowth is starting to slow down, and I think I would potentially get the best results if I follow through with an additional three sessions.

Strip Great World City Treatment Room Interior

STRIP, Great World City

Victoria, 31
Previously tried: IPL/SHR treatments, waxing
STRIP outlet visited: Great World City

After the first session: Having tried a couple of common hair removal methods previously, I’m pleasantly surprised that STRIP’s AFT Hair Removal is totally cut from a different cloth! Not only was the treatment pain-free, but it also took place in a comfortable environment where my therapist paid full attention to my needs and also my comfort level throughout the session.

I loved that post-treatment care products were applied immediately after the procedure at no extra charge, and that my therapist thoroughly explained the aftercare steps that I need to take before recommending me the suitable products from the in-house brand, Two Lips.

After three sessions: From the high comfort level to its luxurious feel, there are so many things that I like about the new AFT Hair Removal by STRIP.

Instead of a hair removal treatment, it felt more like a relaxing heated massage every time I drop by for my session – I was just so well taken care of by the professional STRIP therapist who diligently informed me on all pre- and post-treatment details.

She also didn’t hesitate to share good aftercare tips after the session for me to practise at home together with the quality post-treatment product.

I’m also glad that my hair responded very well to the treatment, with hair strands falling out shortly after the second session. I even observed a slower hair regrowth rate, which led me to conclude that I will experience even better results if I attend more sessions.

Overall, the STRIP AFT Hair Removal definitely exceeded my expectations of what a hair removal treatment feels like with a virtually painless experience from start to finish.

Sarenniya, 32
Previously tried: Waxing, laser treatments (in aesthetic clinics)
STRIP outlet visited: Plaza Singapura

After the first session: At STRIP, I take my hat off to the well-trained front desk staff and therapist that went above and beyond to ensure everything was done professionally from start to finish. My therapist constantly kept me informed on every step of the process during the treatment, and made sure that I was comfortable throughout the session by constantly checking in with me on the temperature of the AFT heat as well as the icy cold gel.

I also really liked the fact that shaving, single-use tools and cartridges, and post-treatment care products are all provided at no extra charge, which made the painless treatment that much more enjoyable.

After three sessions: [Note: For a fair review, the reviewer’s experience is not recorded as she did not promptly attend the three sessions within the suggested intervals.]

Lynnett, 31
Previously tried: IPL/SHR treatments, shaving, waxing, laser treatments (in aesthetic clinics)
STRIP outlet visited: The Cathay

After the first session: I used to get pesky ingrown hair when I used the shaving and waxing methods, which eventually left me with scars as I’d try to tweeze or pick the ingrown out.

Currently, my IPL sessions are much better compared to waxing but occasionally, I do feel the heated sensation from the IPL device a little more than usual. The ingrown situation has improved too ever since I started my IPL package.

So far, I’m continuing with my IPL package because I am seeing results and the cost is within my budget. The salon has also promised me that I will experience the full benefits upon completing the course of recommended sessions and having frequented the waxing parlour previously, I trust the therapist who is administering the treatment for me.

Having said that, I was tempted to try the latest AFT Hair Removal after seeing the recruitment post for reviewers as I was keen to find out how pain-free the treatment is.

After going for the first session, I’m happy to report that it really lives up to its name being totally comfortable – I experienced literally zero pain thanks to my skillful therapist, Rose, who applied a conspicuous amount of cooling gel during the treatment to protect my skin in the treatment area.

The treatment, which was all done under 30 minutes by the way, is by far one of the most comfortable hair removal treatments I’ve tried so far and I’m excited to go for my upcoming two sessions to see the results that it promises.

After three sessions: Not only did STRIP’s AFT dispel all the perceptions I used to have towards hair removal treatments, I also appreciate that I am in such safe hands as STRIP offers the best hygiene practices.

My therapist Rose, who was a very knowledgeable, professional, and extremely warm individual, constantly put my comfort level on top of her priority list – she has never failed to check in on me during each session to ensure that I was comfortable throughout.

While I experienced some irritation and itching in the treatment area, it was immediately soothed as soon as I applied Two Lips’ Ice, an aftercare product designed especially for post hair removal use, after the session.

In addition to the next-level comfort, I really like that the AFT Hair Removal didn’t cause as much redness as compared to IPL. It also gave me almost zero “heated skin” sensation thanks to the cooling gel used during each session – that’s how comfortable the treatment is.

Not only that, I also felt none of the rubber band-snapping sensation that I’d normally feel with other IPL hair removal treatments, and there wasn’t any post-treatment soreness in the treatment area as well.

The AFT Hair Removal showed impressive results in a really short time too – I started to notice hair falling out not long after the second session and my hair regrowth rate seemed to have slowed down significantly too.

On top of that, newer hair strands that grow out are now a lot finer than before, so I can only imagine the positive results I’d get if I continue with more sessions.

Strip Parkway Parade Treatment Room Interior

STRIP, Parkway Parade

Lorraine, 43
Previously tried: IPL/SHR treatments, waxing, laser treatments (in aesthetic clinics)
STRIP outlet visited: Parkway Parade

After the first session: My personal experience with SHR was at an aesthetics clinic in town that left me constantly flinching in pain throughout the treatment, so much so that the therapist paused every few minutes in hopes of easing my discomfort. But in actual fact, that made matters even worse as the pain only intensified for me.

I really disliked the extreme discomfort that came with the treatment and eventually stopped going back after a few sessions. The stray hairs that grew subsequently are still something I have to deal with, so I’d say that it wasn’t all that effective even after all the money I’ve spent on the package.

With STRIP’s AFT Hair Removal, however, I was pleasantly taken aback at how virtually pain-free the entire treatment was from start to finish. Not only that, it was also conducted by an experienced therapist who knew exactly what she was doing and took extra steps to make sure that I was comfortable throughout the session.

Apart from that, I’ve experienced no post-treatment discomfort following my first AFT treatment, all thanks to the premium Two Lips products that were recommended to me as at-home aftercare.

After three sessions: I really appreciate that I was made to feel completely at ease by the STRIP therapist throughout my review period, so much so that I felt that I was going for a pampering me-time treat instead of a regular hair removal treatment.

While the pain level for me was somewhat bearable with mild discomfort, I was pleasantly surprised that I experienced no irritation or reaction in the treatment area.

After trying it for three months consecutively, I noticed that my hair regrowth is significantly slower now and I’m happy to see such positive results despite having only attended half of the recommended course of six sessions.

Just like all the reviewers, I definitely agree that the STRIP AFT Hair Removal is the cream of the crop when it comes to hair removal treatments – to me, it’s effective, comfortable, luxurious, and best of all, time-saving.

STRIP AFT Total Comfort 3.0 Hair Removal: Prices and where to find STRIP

STRIP AFT Hair Removal is available in six-session packages, with costs varying depending on the treatment areas as well as your hair condition.

For females, prices range from S$550 for hands and feet to S$4,650 for full legs while a six-session package will cost S$2,250 for Brazilian.

For males, prices range from S$900 for lip and chin areas to S$6,300 for full legs. STRIP AFT is also available for the Boyzilian area at S$3,250 for a six-session package.

STRIP will be able to provide a more accurate quote after a private consultation to assess your hair condition.

Address: See the full list of outlets here
Contact: Call 6337 8747 or WhatsApp 8127 8747 (click on the number to send a WhatsApp message)
Operating hours: 10am – 9pm (Mon to Sun) | Closed on selected eve of and day of public holiday
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