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Thermal Shape

When you think about anti-cellulite and body contouring treatments, chances are aesthetic treatments like laser or fat-freezing may come to mind.

If the idea of visiting a clinic for body treatments isn’t something you would entertain, then perhaps Thermal Shape, one of the latest treatments by STRIP (yes, the waxing expert everyone knows!) will be totally up your alley.

Thermal Shape is a non-invasive body treatment that helps reduce the appearance of cellulite so you can achieve a smoother-looking silhouette.

At the same time, it tones and reshapes your body, while improving your skin’s firmness and elasticity, so your lower body can look more youthful!

While this isn’t an in-clinic treatment, don’t for a moment think that it uses sub-par technology. In fact, Thermal Shape involves a 4-in-1 system that combines four of the most advanced contouring technologies around: Radio Frequency, Vacuum Suction, Heat, and Ultrasound Cavitation.

Together, these deliver benefits like emulsifying and shrinking fat cells, enhancing blood circulation, and increasing collagen production. These benefits in turn help reduce the appearance of cellulite so you can get the smoother and shapelier silhouette of your dreams.

The treatment can be done on any area of the lower body, including thighs, love handles, stomach, pubic area, and the buttocks.

The best part? You’ll be able to see visible results immediately after the first treatment.

And if you’d like to get the full benefit of Thermal Shape, consider going for a course of eight sessions, with one to two-week intervals, followed by maintenance sessions once every two to three months.

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Thermal Shape is available at all STRIP outlets.

10 readers review Strip’s Thermal Shape treatment

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To see whether Thermal Shape can deliver what it claims to do, we have invited ten readers to try out this treatment over the course of four weeks with one session per week. Here are their initial impressions based on the first two sessions and final thoughts after all four sessions.

Strip's Thermal Shape
  • Overall Satisfaction


Overall, all reviewers agreed that they saw noticeable improvement in their treatment area, with a shapelier form, more supple skin and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

The level of improvement varies among reviewers and also depends on whether they followed the recommended intervals between sessions.

Most reviewers reported minimal to no redness and bruising after the treatment, which went away with usage of the post-treatment cream provided.

Reviewers particularly appreciated that the therapists were very thorough in explaining the process and making sure the customer was comfortable during the sessions.

Sheryl, 20
Trouble areas: Half Leg Top – Back, Buttocks, Inner Thighs
Treatment area: Buttocks

After the first two sessions:

I exercise quite regularly but working out still doesn’t help with toning up and reducing cellulite in my problem areas such as my butt and inner thighs, which was why I wanted to try out Thermal Shape.

The first two sessions were overall comfortable. I experienced slight discomfort at times but as I had already been fully briefed by the therapist about all treatment details including the potential discomfort and care tips, I felt very reassured. During the treatment itself, the therapist always checked in with me to make sure I was comfortable.

Immediately after the treatment, the therapist applied post-treatment cream on my skin, which was probably why I didn’t experience any redness or bruising. The pain was also more bearable during the second treatment compared to the first.

Within the first three days after the first session, I noticed the skin on my buttocks felt firmer and more supple, and cellulite were slightly reduced. The therapist did advise that I needed eight sessions to see the full results so I’m looking forward to seeing even better results in the next sessions.

After four sessions: (Note: the reviewer did not attend the four sessions within the suggested intervals)

I could really notice the difference in my treatment area before and after the sessions. My butt feels a lot more lifted, and the skin in this area feels tighter. I have also seen an improvement on the visibility of the appearance of the cellulite.

Just like the first two sessions. I didn’t experience any bruising or redness on my butt and the treatment itself was also bearable.

Overall, I was satisfied with the improvements in my treatment area as well as the good service provided by the staff at STRIP.

Xin Lin, 25
Trouble areas: Half Leg Top – Back, Half Leg Top – Front, Buttocks, Inner Thighs
Treatment area: Half Leg Top

After the first two sessions:

Before my session, the therapist briefed me on the entire process including the post-treatment side effects and care, so I was fully aware of what to expect. The treatment itself was slightly painful although the pain was tolerable. I also didn’t experience any bruising and redness as the therapist had applied post-treatment care cream immediately after the session to sooth my skin.

I liked the fact that I could already see results within a few days after the two sessions. I hope the subsequent sessions continue to work and help me tone my thighs!

After four sessions:

I love how my legs look even more toned now than after the first two sessions, which complement my workout well.

Compared to the first two sessions, the last two were more comfortable as I’d gotten used to the sensation. Even though this time I experienced some redness after the treatment, the post-treatment cream and care tips helped to calm it down a lot.

For my last session I went to the Westgate outlet and I must say the service provided by the receptionists and the therapist was excellent!

Charlene, 27
Trouble areas: Buttocks, Inner Thighs
Treatment area: Buttocks

After the first two sessions:

I appreciate how thorough the therapist was in explaining the entire process, including the potential redness and bruising, to me before the session started so I could be fully prepared. During the procedure, she constantly checked if I was comfortable and whether the vacuum suction was too strong for me.

While I did feel some pain, knowing about it in advance helped me stay calm as I knew it was normal.

After two sessions, I could tell that the cellulite on my butt and inner thighs have improved and the skin here felt firmer. This was quite promising as I knew the recommended course was eight sessions and I’ve only done two. I definitely would like to see my cellulite reduced further over the next two sessions!

After four sessions: (Note: the reviewer did not attend the four sessions within the suggested intervals)

After the last two sessions, the appearance of the cellulite did reduce further. However, I didn’t notice that my butt has firmed up much or that my skin has become more supple. I do understand that a course of eight sessions are recommended to see the best result, though.

I appreciate how attentive the therapist was throughout the treatment, constantly checking if I was feeling okay and giving me post-treatment cream, which really helped with the redness and bruising.

Adrina, 27
Trouble areas: Stomach, Inner Thighs
Treatment area: Stomach

After the first two sessions:

After just two sessions, I could already feel that my skin was firmer and smoother with less pronounced cellulite.

There was some bruising on the treatment area immediately after the first session. However, I wasn’t worried as the therapist had already informed me about it beforehand and assured me it’d go away within a few hours. The post-treatment cream really help with the redness, too. Hopefully, the results will be even more obvious after the next two sessions!

After four sessions:

After completing four sessions, I notice that appearance of the cellulite has improved and the skin on my stomach has firmed up

I also like that the therapist was very thorough in explaining the process and giving me tips after the treatment to care for the bruising and redness on my treatment area.

Cheryl, 27
Trouble areas: Stomach, Half Leg Top – Back, Half Leg Top – Front, Inner Thighs
Treatment area: Buttocks

After the first two sessions:

I noticed my butt felt firmer just within a few days after the second treatment. The therapist did inform me that there would be some discomfort and indeed, it was quite painful.

However, the therapist was able to adjust the machine to suit my pain tolerance, and the post-treatment also helped to soothe my skin afterwards, so all in all, the pain was bearable.

I really look forward to the next two sessions to continue seeing results like firmer skin and less cellulite on my butt.

After four sessions:

I am rather impressed with the result after four sessions, which is even more noticeable than after the first two. My butt felt even firmer, which makes me more confident when wearing jeans now, and the appearance of the cellulite has also been reduced further.

Overall, I would recommend this treatment if you’re looking for a quick way to firm up your butt or reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Wendy, 28
Trouble areas: Stomach, Buttocks
Treatment area: Buttocks

After the first two sessions:

I’m very happy with the results of the treatment after the two sessions: my butt feels more lifted, toned and perkier, and the cellulite have definitely reduced. The therapist actually showed me my own “before and after” photos and I could really see the difference.

The treatment itself was quite comfortable. I did experience some bruising and redness afterwards, which I had already been informed beforehand, but the post-treatment cream that the therapist helped to calm my skin down.

I’m looking forward to the next sessions, which hopefully will make my butt even perkier!

After four sessions:

I love how toned up my butt area looks now compared to before – definitely looks better in denim pants!

The therapist was very reassuring and attentive throughout the treatment. She took note of my pain levels and slowly upped the intensity level after every session so I could get used to it. Even though there was still some discomfort, it was quite bearable.

Joanna, 29
Trouble areas: Stomach, Buttocks
Treatment area: Buttocks

After the first two sessions:

I’m very impressed with the Thermal Shape treatment which gave me immediate results after the first session. I was actually quite concerned about the cellulite on my problem areas, but after the first session, I could already see that the cellulite improved a lot and that my skin was more firm and lifted.

The treatment itself was quite uncomfortable at times, but because the therapist had informed me about it beforehand, so I wasn’t too caught off guard. And honestly for the amazing results, I would say the discomfort was totally worth it.

Hopefully I will continue to see improvements in my cellulite and that these results will last!

After four sessions:

I definitely saw immediate and more noticeable results with my cellulite and skin firmness after the fourth session. I also like that the results are achievable with minimal downtime.

However, I did experience some acne after certain sessions. Other than that, it was overall a great experience, and I am very impressed with the result!

Woan Ting, 36
Trouble areas: Buttocks, Lower back (love handles), Inner Thighs
Treatment area: Buttocks

After the first two sessions:

After two sessions, my butt appears more toned and the skin feels more supple as well. The first therapist was very friendly and kept checking to see if I was feeling alright. She would also explain what she was doing at every step of the way so I was fully aware of what to expect.

If I had to nitpick, I would say a two-week interval between the first and second sessions would be preferred, so as to leave enough time for the bruising and redness to dissipate. I experienced quite bad bruising after the first session, which thankfully went away after about a week. The good thing is the bruising wasn’t as bad after the second session.

After four sessions:

While the first two sessions were rather painful and uncomfortable, the third and fourth sessions were definitely more comfortable and less painful. Blue black marks were still there, although they were not as prominent and were smaller in size.

I saw results straight after the first session – a more toned up posterior and firmer skin. But the results really started to stay when I went for the third and fourth session. The pain was definitely worth it and luckily it got more bearable as the treatment continued. I’m guessing it would take constant and frequent treatments to maintain the results – pretty much like heading to the gym.

Tifaine, 40
Trouble areas: Stomach, Half Leg Top – Back, Half Leg Top – Front, Buttocks, Lower back (love handles), Inner Thighs
Treatment area: Buttocks

After the first two sessions:

The staff at Strip were very attentive and I felt very well taken care of during the sessions. The therapist was very patient in explaining the process in details. She also helped me take “before and after”photos to show me the results.

Within a few days after the first session, I could already see slight improvements in my trouble area. After two sessions, my skin felt firmer and tighter, and the cellulite was definitely less pronounced.

After four sessions:

Even though I was able to see improvements after each session, the difference became really noticeable after all four sessions when the therapist showed me my “before” and “after” pictures.

I experienced some bruising and redness, but compared to the first two sessions, it’s not as severe. My butt now feels firmer and more lifted up compared to before the treatment. I also love how quick and fuss-free the treatment is, with each session only lasting about an hour.

Celine, 43
Trouble areas: Stomach
Treatment area: Stomach

After the first two sessions:

The first part of the treatment was actually quite soothing with the buzzing sound from the radio frequency. The later part was a bit uncomfortable but it was bearable. The therapist was very helpful and reassuring in telling me everything I needed to know about the treatment, including the potential discomfort, so I already knew what to expect.

After the first session, I noticed that the cellulite became less visible, and my skin felt firmer and more supple. I’m excited to go through the remaining sessions and see even better results.

After four sessions:

After the last two sessions I could see a slight reduction in the appearance of the cellulite and my stomach also feels more shaped up. However, compared to the first two sessions, the result from the last two wasn’t as noticeable.

The therapist was attentive and reassuring throughout all four sessions, always making sure I was well-informed of all the steps and that I was comfortable, which I appreciated.

Thermal Shape treatment is available in single and eight sessions, with costs varying depending on the treatment areas:

  • Butt – SGD400 (single session) and SGD2,560 (8-session)
  • Lower Back – SGD300 (single session) and SGD1,920 (8-session)
  • Inner Thigh – SGD250 (single session) and SGD1,600 (8-session)
  • Half Legs Top (Front/Back) – SGD450 (single session) and SGD2,880 (8-session)
  • Stomach – SGD300 (single session) and SGD1,920 (8-session)
  • Pubic – SGD250 (single session) and SGD1,600 (8-session)

Do contact Strip for an accurate quote based on the extent of treatment.

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