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The quest for a bouncier, brighter complexion doesn’t only involve slathering skin-lovin’ ingredients onto our faces overnight or squeezing in a quick trip to the facial spa.

Sometimes, it also brings us face to face with so-called skin-plumping collagen supplements, and forces us to ask the question: are seemingly wonder-working collagen supplements really effective for a youthful-looking glow?

When it comes to collagen supplements, not all of us are convinced that these powdered formulas can really boost collagen levels in our bodies for skin that’s like jello. Or, even if we are, there are other factors to consider, like whether it has an unpleasantly fishy taste (due to marine collagen ingredients) or is too inconvenient to add to a daily routine.

brand's suntory milcolla review (1)

Surprisingly, our search for what’s best for a dewier complexion has led us to stumble upon a collagen supplement that truly gives the results that it promises – bouncier, brighter, more hydrated skin. It’s none other than the Suntory Milcolla!

10 of our readers tried the collagen supplement over a period of four weeks and we were impressed to find that they loved it so. Read on, because we share all of their honest reviews!

About Suntory Milcolla

brand's suntory milcolla review (1)

If you’ve seen Suntory Milcolla’s familiar light pink packaging whilst binge-watching your favourite Taiwan reality shows, it’s because the product ranks number one in retail sales in the country, with over 3.5 million boxes sold in Taiwan and Japan combined.

Made in Japan, the Suntory Milcolla is a powder supplement that’s packed with Intensive Lifting Collagen – a high concentration of collagen peptides – to stimulate the body’s production of collagen and elastin for firmer, smoother, and brighter skin.

brand's suntory milcolla review (1)

The ingredients proteoglycan and ceramide provide a boost of moisture to dry or dehydrated skin, while vitamin C brightens the skin for a radiant glow. As the supplement nourishes the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin, it plumps fine lines and wrinkles, smoothens rough and texture skin, and fades dark spots too.

brand's suntory milcolla review (1)

Packaged in slim sachets instead of a large tin can, the Suntory Milcolla is designed to be easily carried around. The product also boasts a subtle milk taste instead of an unpleasant fishy flavour, which makes it yummy to consume with your favourite iced lemon tea, morning coffee, or creamy oats.

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Suntory Milcolla: 10 readers give their honest reviews



10 readers aged 27 to 44 tried the Suntory Milcolla over a four-week period, and 90% of them agreed that their skin was more hydrated than before. Seven out of 10 reviewers said that their skin felt bouncier and more elastic. Seven found that their skin was brighter and more radiant too.

Other results noted were firmer skin, fewer fine lines and wrinkles, smoother skin texture, and fading of dark spots, with two reviewers noting that their skin looked fairer after the review period.

100% of reviewers said that the collagen supplement was easy to add to their daily routine and 90% of them said that it was easy to take with them on the go.

Seven reviewers said that the collagen supplement had a subtle milky flavour, with several of them praising its pleasant taste in comparison to other brands that they’ve tried.

Jade, 44

brand's suntory milcolla review (1)

After trying out Suntory Milcolla for 30 days, my skin condition improved so much. It became brighter with a healthy glow. The texture of my skin also became smoother and plump, like mochi.

What’s more amazing is that it lightened some of my age spots and my fine lines and wrinkles seem to be less visible. My skin also feels so nourished and moisturised.

It is so convenient for me to slip a sachet into my bag to consume while on the go. The powder easily dissolved when mixed with my beverages and oatmeal. It had a subtle milky flavour and I liked the taste.

The Suntory Milcolla has made skincare a breeze for a working woman like me.


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Kai Yen, 43

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I haven’t taken other collagen supplements before because I was sceptical about how much collagen can be absorbed by the body. What I like about Suntory Milcolla is that I can actually feel the positive effects.

Although I did not wake up looking 10 years younger (after consuming the collagen supplement), I could see that my skin became fairer, more radiant, and more hydrated too. I also found that it was easier to apply my makeup, and my makeup seemed to last longer on my skin throughout the day.

The milky taste is subtle and easy to get used to. I tried to swallow it with different beverages like water, coffee, coke and herbal tea. In the end, I still found that I liked taking it with water best. I could also pour it straight into my mouth to consume. I got used to the taste after a few days and taking it became very easy.

The sachets are of a nice size and very convenient to bring around. I had a staycation during the review period and just threw a few sachets into my bag so that I could continue taking the supplement.

Larel, 38

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My skin looked brighter after three weeks of taking the Suntory Milcolla. I was also praised for my smooth skin – a praise that I haven’t heard in some time. My skin feels bouncier and hydrated and my laughing lines have lessened visibly as well. I think it’s a great product.

I enjoyed taking the supplement as it was convenient for me to consume and bring around. I loved that I could open it without using any scissors. It was easy to dissolve with beverages and had a nice milky taste. I took it with my morning coffee or tea and enjoyed the taste of it very much.

Other collagen supplements that I have tried are not so well-packed, so I had to wash my fingers and make sure my hands were dry before touching the packaging every time. They were also not as convenient to bring out.


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Juliana, 37

I was quite surprised with the results. After a week of taking Suntory Milcolla, I noticed that the wrinkles around my eyes were reduced and, after three weeks, my skin felt bouncier.

I loved the convenience of the packaging and liked how easily the powder mixed in with my milky drinks. I did not like the taste when I tried drinking it with just water, so I masked the taste with my coffee, tea, and oat milk.

I rate this product a 4.5 out of five stars!

Kovine, 37

suntory milcolla review 3

After taking Suntory Milcolla, my skin looked more radiant within a week. The results for elasticity and hydration didn’t really show in pictures, but I could feel that there was some improvement when I touched my skin.

The single sachet packaging is a clever idea to make the drink portable, as I can just slip the sachet into my bag to take with me for lunch. The powder is also quite soluble even in [colder] drinks, so it was easy for me to add it to any drinks that I was having during lunch.

When mixed with just water, the drink tasted a little fishy to me. However, when I added the powder to other drinks like tea or coffee, there was a slightly milky taste, which didn’t change the taste or texture of the drink much. I would have preferred if the powder was flavoured so that I could drink it on its own [rather than mix it in with a drink].

Queenie, 33

The previous collagen supplements I tried tasted bad and left a fishy aftertaste, which deterred me from consuming them. They also came in big tubs that were inconvenient to carry around and I wasn’t seeing any results even after taking them for a month.

When I got to try the Suntory Milcolla, I was really amazed and found myself looking forward to taking it daily! I liked the subtle milk taste and how easy it was to consume. I took it with my morning coffee and added it to my salads and yoghurt. I sometimes carried it on the go and consumed it directly [from the sachet].

Just after one week, I saw that my skin was less dull and my face was much brighter. As I continued to drink it in the second week [of the review], the people around me also commented that my skin looked firmer and more radiant. I also noticed a reduction in fine lines and that my skin is well-hydrated and more supple!


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Diana, 27

I love Suntory Milcolla’s individual sachet packaging. It’s light and convenient to bring around unlike other collagen supplements that come in tin cans or glass bottles. The sachet was also easy to tear, so I didn’t have to worry about not being able to open it or search for a pair of scissors to do so.

Personally, I thought that the milk taste was very strong. However, as the supplement comes in a powder form I could mix it in with my food, and it didn’t clump up too. I took it with my lunch – usually with something soupy so that the collagen powder could dissolve better.

After four weeks, my skin feels firmer and more hydrated.

Cassandra, 25

Honestly, I had doubts about this product as I’ve previously taken other collagen supplements that did not give results. However, this product really surprised me! My skin looks plumper and healthier ever since I started taking it, and I can see my acne texture and dark spots fading as well.

I also like that the Suntory Milcolla is easy to bring around and smells and tastes like milk. It blends super easily too. After pouring warm water, I don’t even have to stir [the mixture for the powder to dissolve]. It takes less than a minute to make too.

After taking a sachet in the mornings after breakfast on alternate days for just a month, I see that my skin has fewer fine lines, even around my eyes, feels bouncier, and is more radiant. I am finally seeing my dark spots lighten too!

I enjoyed it so much and will definitely continue taking this collagen supplement.

Kelicia, 32

Before taking Suntory Milcolla, I had small bumps along my jawline, a slightly oily T-zone, and dehydrated skin on the outer sides of my face. After taking Suntory Milcolla, my skin started to feel smoother with much fewer small bumps, more hydrated with less peeling at the sides of my face, and less oily at my T-zone too.

When I compared my before and after photos, I was surprised to see that my pores looked slightly more refined and the redness on the sides of my face (due to sensitive skin) seemed to be reduced.

The sachet is easy to tear open, even without using scissors. I mixed the supplement in with my daily morning coffee and it didn’t affect the taste of the coffee.

I found it very convenient to bring the packets of collagen along and drink them with any beverage. It was pleasant to consume and I looked forward to taking it the next day after tasting it for the first time.

Marianne, 30

I’ve been wanting to try a collagen supplement but I wasn’t sure which ones were good. The Suntory Milcolla was my first collagen supplement experience and I’m glad that it was!

I took Suntory Milcolla with my coffee every morning, which was a great way for me to not forget to take it. It fit seamlessly into my everyday routine without causing any extra hassle – I could even take it on the go. It was also super easy to dissolve in water and I was surprised that it didn’t have any weird taste at all.

After taking it for a week, I saw a reduction in fine lines on my skin and improved skin elasticity. My skin now feels firmer, hydrated, and looks brighter and more radiant too. Even though the results aren’t very visible, I can feel the changes in my complexion and I look forward to seeing the long-term results!

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