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Eczema is a skin condition that is becoming increasingly more common. Characterised by skin that has become itchy, inflamed, red and flaky, it usually appears on the insides of our elbows and the back of our knees. However, the scary truth is that it can appear anywhere, including on our scalp where our crowning glory is. This situation is further exacerbated by our hot and humid climate in Singapore.

Thankfully, Suu Balm, a homegrown brand with a series of products that are designed for those with itchy, flaky skin, and is well-loved among people with ezcema. The brand’s products are developed by Dr. Tey Hong Liang who heads the Itch Clinic at the National Skin Centre in Singapore.

The thing about eczema is that it can be extremely itchy and the more we scratch, the worse it gets. Hence, the idea behind Suu Balm is to first stop the itch with menthol and then, moisturise with various skin-loving ceramides.

Finally, a product for itchy, flaky scalp

Suu Balm Scalp Spray Featured 1

This month, Suu Balm launched the Suu Balm Rapid Itch Relief Scalp Spray Moisturiser for those of us who have eczema on our scalps, seborrheic dermatitis, bad dandruff or just have dry and itchy scalps.

Free from alcohols, parabens, fragrances and most importantly, steroids, this water-based moisturiser is perfect for all skin types. It provides immediate itch relief using natural, non-drying menthol and nourishes our scalp and hair cuticles with ceramides to help restore our skin barrier. It also soothes and alleviates inflamed, flaky scalp with Piroctone Olamine, an anti-dandruff ingredient. Also, with its convenient spray nozzle, it can be used anytime and anywhere and unlike creams, it won’t leave us feeling greasy!

This is definitely the first of such product we’ve seen in the market and are quite sure that those who suffer from itch and dryness on the scalp are going to find it intriguing.

Suu Balm Rapid Itch Relief Scalp Spray Moisturiser review: First impression

I have eczema-prone skin so sometimes, after being out and about under the sun, my scalp can get pretty itchy. I tried the Rapid Itch Relief Scalp Spray Moisturiser for half a day and I’m all ready to stock it up!

The spray nozzle allowed me to get to the itch exactly where it was and because it is water-based, it absorbed quickly into my scalp and didn’t leave any unsightly grease. Upon application, there was an immediate cooling sensation because of the menthol and with that the itch dissipated! My scalp instantly felt like the most comfortable ice bed in Singapore’s sweltering heat and I was no longer bothered by the itch. And the best thing about it? It stayed this way for a good few hours and by then, I had already forgotten that the itch even existed.

The only concern that I had was that spray bottles tend to be used up quickly; but this seemingly small bottle contains 450 sprays. Pretty worth the moolah, I’d say!

The Suu Balm Rapid Itch Relief Scalp Spray Moisturiser retails for SGD38.90 and is available on the Suu Balm website here and at most Guardian and Watson outlets island-wide.