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Fact: we all dread the hair damage that comes after a trip to the salon, especially if we’re getting our tresses coloured. At conventional salons, our hair and scalp are subjected to products containing harsh, harmful chemicals that leave our strands brittle and parched.

So, would visiting an organic hair salon that uses natural ingredients to colour our locks be the better alternative? And more importantly, would we still get the brilliant results we’re after even with gentler formulas?

To find out, Daily Vanity sent five readers with different hair types and conditions to Talia Hair and Beauty Organic Salon to test out their Organic Hair Colouring service.

Spoiler alert: The average rating was four stars out of five! Read on to discover what made the experience special for them.

About Talia Hair and Beauty Organic Salon

Talia — which means “dew from heaven” — Hair and Beauty is an eco-friendly boutique salon located along Joo Chiat Road.

This classy and cosy salon was born out of the philosophy that beautiful and healthy hair can be attained with the use of the right products, namely those composed of natural ingredients that deliver optimal effectiveness.

Talia Hair and Beauty Salon

Their organic approach to hair colouring and treatments

Partnering with European brands like My.Organics and the famous luxury brand Balmain, Talia Hair and Beauty Organic Salon only uses premium-grade products to ensure your tresses get the care they deserve when you’re there!

My.Organics is a sustainable Italian haircare brand that has been recognised for their approach to conscious beauty, using more natural, bio-farmed ingredients and fewer chemicals.

talia hair and beauty salon products

Balmain’s products, on the other hand, are known for their inclusion of silk protein, an anti-ageing protein derived from non-animal sources, and argan elixir, which is rich in vitamin E and nourishes the hair.

Apart from this, Talia Hair and Beauty also uses its goji treatment mask after every organic hair colouring session .

They’re a green salon

With an expressed commitment to sustainability, Talia Hair and Beauty Organic Salon carries a range of shampoos, conditioners, and essential oils packaged in 100% recyclable bioplastic and stocks only cruelty-free products.

They’re also a proud member of B1G1: Business for Good, a social enterprise which plants a tree on the salon’s behalf each time they receive a compliment on their services.

They’re wallet-friendly too

Despite making a more eco-conscious decision, you won’t have to worry about a hefty bill.

This is because Talia Hair and Beauty Organic Salon charges incredibly reasonable prices. Here are just a few examples of their services and corresponding prices:

  • Haircut (includes wash and blow) – from S$55
  • Organic Grey Hair Roots Retouch – S$98
  • Organic Whole Head Colouring/Highlights – from S$140
  • Customised Scalp Treatment – S$140
  • Goji Intensive Hydrating Hair Treatment – from S$120
  • Organic Perm – from S$150
  • Balmain Express Moisturising Hair Treatment — from S$90

Talia Hair and Beauty Organic Salon

Address: 2 Fowlie Road, The Sycamore Tree, #01-10, Singapore 428505
Operating Hours: 11am – 8pm (Tue to Fri) | 11am – 7pm (Sat) | 11am – 6pm (Sun)
Contact number: 8795 5773 (WhatsApp)
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Now let’s get up close and personal with our readers and find out what they thought about their organic hair colouring session.

Talia Hair and Beauty Organic Salon: 5 readers share their honest opinions

Talia Hair and Beauty Organic Salon


After going for the Organic Hair Colouring service at Talia Hair And Beauty Organic Salon, readers noticed that their appeared smoother and softer.

They were also pleasantly surprised at how pleasant the organic hair dyes and hair mask used smelled, especially because previous salons they’ve encountered were filled with strong ammonia scents.

Most of the readers were satisfied with how their hair turned out, and felt that it was one of the most comfortable hair salon experiences they’ve had. They also appreciated how attentive the stylists were, and loved the cosy and calming ambience of the salon!

Claire, 27

Hair dyeing frequency: Once every few years

Concerns from past salon experiences: too expensive, damaged hair, results were not what I expected, the salon tried to hard-sell their packages, and there was a strong ammonia smell during the session.

Desired outcome: Hair colour that suits my skin tone and is flattering, minimal to no damage to my hair, and a salon experience that doesn’t take a huge chunk out of my wallet.

Talia Hair and Beauty Organic Salon Organic Hair Colouring service

I’m very pleased with the overall Organic Hair Colouring experience I had at Talia Hair and Beauty Organic Salon! What stood out to me was that the salon’s products smelled very nice and did not have a nasty ammonia smell at all.

There was also no stinging sensation during the entire process, and I’ve also gotten tons of compliments on my hair colour since!

After my appointment, I noticed my hair was super glossy and smooth, and my scalp felt clean. One week after my session, my hair still looks incredibly smooth.

My favourite part of the entire experience was getting my hair combed, washed, dried, and styled, as I don’t have a habit of maintaining my hair daily.

I also love how genuine the people at Talia Hair and Beauty Organic Salon were. In particular, Karine, the owner, was also super helpful and informative when we communicated over WhatsApp.

Overall, this was the most comfortable hair colouring session I’ve ever experienced, and I’d recommend it to others.

Bibiana, 31

Hair dyeing frequency: Once every two or three years

Concerns from past salon experiences: discomfort and irritation, and expensive prices.

Desired outcome: Hair colour that doesn’t damage the hair and that lasts a long time

Talia hair and beauty salon reviews

My stylist, Jason, was really patient and listened to me explaining the style I really wanted from the Organic Hair Colouring session. The results were gorgeous, and there was no residue left on the scalp.

I have rather sensitive skin, and compared to other salons I’ve gone to, there was definitely less stinging from the products used. The quality of my hair a few days after also remained as good as when I left the salon!

I particularly enjoyed the aesthetics of the salon, how peaceful and quiet it was, and how the hairstylist was very patient and attentive to my desired look.

I enjoyed the overall result I got from Talia Hair and Beauty Organic Salon, and Jason did a great job!

Sherilynn, 23

Talia hair and beauty salon reviews

Hair dyeing frequency: Once every four to five months

Concerns from past salon experiences: discomfort and irritation, hair became damaged from it, chemicals used were too harsh, colour was not long-lasting, and there were hidden costs involved.

Desired outcome: To achieve the hair colour I want and for it to last long without drying out my hair too badly.

The whole service and Talia Hair and Beauty Organic Salon felt very premium, and knowing that the products are organic really reassured me as I knew that whatever was being done to my hair was not going to be too damaging.

I liked that the process was very therapeutic and that my stylist took the time to enlighten me on the benefits of using organic hair dye. The products smelled amazing, on top of that!

As for the Organic Hair Colouring session itself, I had opted to just touch up my roots and enhance the previous hair colour that I already had, and I was satisfied at how accurate the colour turned out to be.

My scalp felt refreshed after the treatment, there was no irritation at all, and the stylist gave me really pretty curls to end the session. Overall, I’d recommend Talia Hair and Beauty Organic Salon to other friends and readers.

Swee Qi, 30

Hair dyeing frequency: Once every five months

Concerns from past salon experiences: damaged hair, irritated scalp, high cost, improper hygiene practices, harsh chemicals used, colour faded quickly, and results that were not up to expectations.

Desired outcome: Long-lasting results that won’t do too much damage to my hair

Talia Hair and Beauty Organic Salon Organic Hair Colouring service

In the past, I’ve had bad hair dyeing experiences whereby the colour did not show up even after bleaching my hair a few times, so I’m really glad that the colour came out great during my Organic Hair Colouring session at Talia Hair and Beauty Organic Salon, even without bleaching!

My scalp felt refreshed after the treatment and was not irritated at all from the colouring process. I’ve also washed my hair a few times since my session, and so far, the colour is still pretty vivid! Texture-wise, it felt the same as it did before I dyed it, but I can safely say it did not damage my hair any further.

Overall, there were three things I liked about my experience at Talia Hair and Beauty Organic Salon.

Firstly, the scent of the hair products. To my surprise, the hair dye and hair mask that were used smelled particularly great, and the mask felt cooling and relaxing on my scalp! I didn’t detect any strong chemical smell that you usually experience when dyeing your hair.

I also liked how my hair didn’t feel damaged from the dye job. Lastly, I liked that the colour was vibrant despite the fewer chemicals used.

Jade, 31

Hair dyeing frequency: Not often; previous experience was four years ago.

Concerns from past salon experiences: My last session left my hair coarse, brittle, and damaged, and the blonde colour I initially got turned into brass way too quickly. The chemicals used were also too harsh.

Desired outcome: A thorough hair consultation, dye formulas that don’t sting my scalp, and lasting colour.

Talia Hair and Beauty Organic Salon Organic Hair Colouring service

During the Organic Hair Colouring session, I chose a “milk tea” grey shade, so three rounds of bleach were required.

I appreciated how the hairstylist at Talia Hair and Beauty Organic Salon checked in at every round to make sure I wasn’t experiencing too much discomfort from the bleach, and how meticulously he applied a scalp protector to shield my scalp from the harshness of the bleach.

He also promptly cleaned up spots of bleach that landed on my forehead, temples, and neck to prevent skin irritation. The hair treatment that came after the final round of hair dye made my hair feel softer and more manageable, which is something I didn’t expect.

My favourite part of the process was the hair washes after each round of bleaching! I liked the citrusy scent of the shampoo and the floral fragrance of the conditioner they used, as they made for a very relaxing experience.

Overall, the dye formula is much gentler than my previous colouring session, and I liked the smell of the haircare products used.

This article is brought to you by Talia Hair and Beauty Organic Salon.