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They say with age comes wisdom, freedom, and ease. With every boon, however, there’s always a bane.

When 51-year-old Amanda entered her late 40s, she started to notice visible signs of fatigue, even after a good night’s sleep. Her skin had started to sag a little around her eyelids, cheeks, and mouth. Not to mention, her complexion began to appear more sullen and textured, enveloped with large pores and a rough texture.

Though Amanda is incredibly diligent when it comes to her skincare routine, no amount of facials, serums, or masks could adequately lift or hydrate her skin. In a bid to achieve a more contoured visage, she heeded her facial therapist’s advice and tried a High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment, which didn’t go as smoothly as she had hoped.

Despite applying numbing cream on her face and ingesting a painkiller, she felt uncomfortable during the treatment. The sensation was akin to someone snapping a rubber band on her skin. As the doctor started to work on thinner areas like her forehead and jawline, the pain intensified, which deterred her from attending subsequent sessions. Although she looked fresher after her first, her cheeks were swollen for about a week, making her appear chubbier than she actually was.

So, when she was asked to try The Artisan Wellness’ TempSure treatment, a non-invasive procedure that promises to tighten and lift the skin while being practically painless, Amanda was thrilled. She couldn’t wait to find out what it could do for her skin.

What is TempSure?

The Artisan Wellness Tempsure

As we age, our skin inevitably loses two important proteins that maintain its health and elasticity: collagen and elastin. This loss makes our skin more prone to wrinkles and sagging, which was what Amanda was experiencing. If you’re above the age of 35, TempSure can address fine lines and wrinkles, loose and sagging skin, and even cellulite.

TempSure harnesses high-voltage monopolar radiofrequency to provide precise heating of the skin, ligaments, and deeper layers of facial tissue. As it reaches those layers, the non-invasive treatment encourages new collagen production. Once the new collagen fibres and tight, dense, and neatly organised, you’ll see more lifted, younger-looking skin.

In order to stimulate collagen growth and promote skin tightening, the temperature would be raised to an optimal 39 to 42°C in a timed manner of five to seven minutes. This is made possible thanks to the fastest-in-class built-in temperature sensor located in the handpiece, which can measure tissue temperature. When other common facelift devices emit excess heat due to its pulsed mode of release, it can cause pain and a loss of facial fat – side effects we want to avoid.

TempSure is developed by CynoSure, a well-known laser and energy device company from the USA, and its original settings were designed for Caucasian skin. Since Asians tend to have thicker skin and heavier facial tissue than Caucasians, Dr Isaac Wong from The Artisan Wellness has developed his own protocol for Asian faces.

The consultation

The Artisan Wellness Tempsure Consultation

At the lounge area, Dr Wong sat Amanda down to conduct a quick facial assessment. He then described the process to her and explained the technology behind TempSure. After showing her a series of successful “before” and “after” images, he answered any queries she had for him.

Having done HIFU elsewhere in the past, pain and discomfort were her main concerns. However, Dr Wong assured her that this would be a painless treatment, so she had nothing to fear. He also informed her that three or four sessions should be done to achieve the best results, and these results could last at least a year or more.

Dr Wong also said that new collagen will continue to be produced a couple of weeks after treatment. Upon hearing that, she grew more excited about her first TempSure session.

The Artisan Wellness TempSure treatment: What the procedure looks like

The Artisan Wellness Tempsure Cleansing

With her queries sufficiently addressed, Amanda was led into a private treatment room where Dr Wong’s assistant, Julia, had her lie down.

First, she cleaned Amanda’s face to prep her skin for the treatment. Then, Julia spread a cool layer of gel on the targeted areas of Amanda’s skin. Starting on the right side of Amanda’s face, Julia placed the handpiece over her jawline, close to her mouth.

The Artisan Wellness Tempsure Handpiece

“As she glided the smooth, flat tip over the area of my face she was working on, the machine emitted calming music to signify that the treatment was in progress. This music would stop when the wand was ‘off’ so I could tell if treatment was in progress or not,” Amanda shared.

The Artisan Wellness Tempsure Handpiece 1

There was no pain, only a warm, tolerable sensation. The sensation of TempSure is often likened to a hot stone massage, which Amanda agreed with. The flat tip of the TempSure handpiece is around the size of a 20-cent coin. While Amanda didn’t drift off to sleep during the treatment, she felt incredibly relaxed.

After Julia was done with the right side of Amanda’s face, she handed her a mirror so that Amanda could compare both sides of her face. At this point, she could already see a noticeable difference and was pleased with the treatment thus far. Her right cheek looked and felt tighter, and it was visibly less saggy too. Julia proceeded to work on the other half of her face.

“The treatment took about an hour or so. Having previously done HIFU elsewhere, I can safely say that TempSure is much more comfortable,” Amanda reported.

Results after one session of The Artisan Wellness’ TempSure treatment

The Artisan Wellness Cynosure Tempsure Before After

Another look in the mirror an hour later, Amanda noticed that her cheeks looked less saggy and more sculpted. “My eyelids looked lifted, which made me look less tired and more lively,” she said. The treatment was also able to tone the skin around her mouth, creating a more defined smile.

As Amanda has sensitive skin, she experienced slight flushing on her cheeks, but it looked natural enough for her to walk around the mall comfortably after the treatment. A day after, her skin felt soft and smooth, and the results she saw the day before remained unchanged.

Overall, her face looked slimmer and younger, and she saw fewer fine lines and wrinkles after the treatment too. It had worked better than any topical treatment she had tried in the past. In fact, Amanda was so impressed with the initial session, she signed up for three more sessions on her own.

About The Artisan Wellness

The Artisan Wellness Interior

Established with a mission to provide bespoke aesthetic treatments for each and every patient, The Artisan Wellness offers a suite of procedures to address numerous face, hair, and body concerns. The clinic was founded by Dr Isaac Wong, a physician with eight years of experience in aesthetics.

If you’d like to make an appointment for TempSure at The Artisan Wellness, click here.

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