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If you’ve always been curious about the elusive Provence so often mentioned in L’Occitane products, well, you’re definitely in for a treat! From the 3rd to 16th of July, you’ll get to experience the French countryside for yourself with the L’Occitane pop-up event, a immersive journey through the brand’s birthplace that includes a café filled with delectable treats and sweets inspired by Provence itself.

Loccitane Cafe Storefront

Dying to go but can’t make the trip down yet? Don’t worry, Daily Vanity has got first scoop on everything you can’t miss at the event. Read through the post for our full coverage and café price list!

The journey begins with a issued passport that you can take along with you throughout the various stations. After completing them, you can get it stamped to receive a free travel-sized L’Occitane hand cream! Sounds like a good deal to us. Our first pit stop?

1. The VR experience

Loccitane Cafe Vr Experience One

Tour the French countryside on a virtual reality hot air balloon ride! But before you begin, grab yourself a pre-flight snack: there are Calissons available, a traditional candy that has been air-flown all the way from the Provence, as well as warm Provencal tea to try out.

Loccitane Cafe Vr Experience Two

Once you’ve had your fill, strap on the VR glasses and headphones. Now, stand back, relax, and feel the wind in your hair as you ascend to the skies!

2. The skincare station

Loccitane Cafe Skincare Station One

Loccitane Cafe Skincare Station Two

Now, L’Occitane may be more known for their hand creams and body products, but did you know that they have a extensive skincare range as well?

Sample their various ranges of skincare products, from their Immortale line that focuses primarily on anti-aging to their Reine Blanche line that helps with achieving a radiant and even skin tone.

DV TipOur pick, however, has to be the best selling L’Occitane Divine Youth Oil.

Formulated with 100% natural oils, it is suitable for just about every skin type and allows for the easier penetration of skincare products after application! This lightweight, non-greasy formula goes on easily, granting effective and efficient absorption of any products following it.

3. The body and hand care station

Loccitane Cafe Body And Handcare Station One

Loccitane Cafe Body And Handcare Station Two

Here, you get to try out L’Occitane’s signature shower oils and hand creams! Hold the bottles up to your nose and take a few whiffs, or even squeeze a little on your palm to see how you like the texture on your skin.

DV Tip: Our pick has to be their ingenious shower oils. It lathers into a milk upon contact with water, hydrating and cleansing your skin all at once! Plus, it happens to smell amazing.

4. Fragrance station

Loccitane Cafe Fragrance Station One

Loccitane Cafe Fragrance Station Two

Try out the various L’Occitane scents by spritizing it onto yourself, or perhaps on the delicate hand-folded roses available at each station. Yes, you get to take one home with you, and yes, we definitely recommend storing it in your bag or room so it will smell amazingly good all day!

5. Haircare station

Loccitane Cafe Haircare Station One

With the extensive product range available, picking out the right haircare products for you might be daunting, but fret not— the L’Occitane staff is more than capable of recommending the products that work best for you. You can even get a free scalp diagnosis if you’re unsure of your hair type to speed the process along!

6. The photobooth

Loccitane Cafe Photobooth Station One

Loccitane Cafe Photobooth Station Two

What’s an event space without a cute photo booth, are we right? Make sure to strike a pose with some floating, L’Occitane themed hot air balloons for the ‘gram!

7… And of course, the Café

Loccitane Cafe Cafe One

Loccitane Cafe Cafe Two

Considering how successful the café has been in Shibuya, we can’t say we’re surprised that they decided to bring it over to our sunny shores as well! Partnering with famed Singaporean dessert chef Janice Wong, you’ll get to pick from an array of sweet treats and decadent chocolate creations that are sure to make your mind boggle.

Loccitane Cafe Cafe Three

Loccitane Cafe Cafe Four

Loccitane Cafe Cafe Five

A lot of these treats are made from natural ingredients that you can find in Provence— think Cherry Blossom, Verbena, and Rose. Perch yourself on a bar stool, order a few treats, and enjoy the French music that is piped through the space: yup, it really does feel like you’re lounging about in the French countryside.

Intrigued? Here’s a full price list of what you can order over at the L’Occitane Café:


  • Box of 5 (L’Occitane Exclusives that include Cherry Blossom, Verbena Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Bergamot, Orange Mandarin Sage, Rosemary Almond): SGD27
  • Box of 9 (L’Occitane Exclusives with Salted Caramel, Strawberry Shortbread, Lemon Thyme, Kaffir Lime): SGD38
  • Box of 16 (L’Occitane Exclusives with Salted Caramel, Strawberry Shortbread, Lemon Thyme, Kaffir Lime, Laksa Leaf Lemongrass, Peanut Butter Jelly, Gula Melaka Pandan, Gingerflower, Almond Marzipan, Praline Poprocks, Praline Feuilletine): SGD60

Dessert Creations

  • Citron (Bergamot Lemon Pear Cake, Candied Orange, Popcorn Parfait, Yoghurt Sponge, Yuzu Kalamansi): SGD9 for takeaway cake only, SGD15 for plated dessert, SGD20 with beverage.
  • Rose (Rose Pink Peppercorn Cake, Raspberry Crispy, Strawberry Ice Cream, Lavender Gel, Raspberry Pastilles):SGD9 for takeaway cake only, SGD15 for plated dessert, SGD20 with beverage.
  • Chocolate H20 (Yuzu Sorbet, Salted Caramel):SGD15 for plated dessert, SGD20 with beverage.
  • Cacao Forest (Cold Press Coconut, Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream, Chamomile):SGD15 for plated dessert, SGD20 with beverage.


Not just that: you can also enjoy 10% off all L’Occitane products at the pop-up event, as well as receive exclusive hair care, body care, or skin care gifts with a minimum purchase!