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Have you ever seen a flat lipstick before?

Neither have we, so imagine how intrigued we were when we saw these lipsticks in real life for the first time:

Thefaceshop Flat Velvet Glossy Lipstick 1

Though it looks oddly like the highlighters you used to collect back in secondary school, this is actually the Flat Velvet and Glossy Lipsticks that are newly released by TheFaceShop!

It’s flat for a reason

This retractable lip crayon is shaped like a rounded rectangle for a very good reason – it helps you achieve crisper and more precise lines along the shape of your lips.

TheFaceShop recommends using the Flat Velvet and Glossy Lipstick to draw an outline along your lips first, as you would with a lip liner. At your cupid’s bow, draw a cross with the lipstick – this will make it so much easier to achieve that super-clean lip shape. After that, fill in your lip colour as you would normally.

Thefaceshop Flat Velvet Glossy Lipstick 2

Step 1

Thefaceshop Flat Velvet Glossy Lipstick 3

Step 2

We’ve tried the method recommended by TheFaceShop and we have to say: it really works. Creating a neat lip shape no longer requires as much concentration and skill as it would have with a regular lipstick bullet, and even with lip liners.

Using the Flat Velvet and Glossy Lipstick also means that you no longer need a lip liner when you’re using this lipstick. A lighter makeup pouch makes a lighter bag, and that makes everyone happy.

Matte or glossy: Take your pick

The great thing about the new collection is that comes in both Velvet and Glossy finishes, so no matter which way your preference lies, there’s something for you here.

Thefaceshop Flat Velvet Glossy Lipstick 4

Flat Velvet shades from L to R: BE01 Solar Beige, PK01 Rose Pink, PK02 Be My Pink, RD01 London Red, RD02 Darjeeling Red, RD03 Cassis Red

The six Flat Velvet shades are a semi-matte finish. What we love about it is how lightweight it feels on the lips – you don’t feel like you’re wearing a lipstick at all! It also doesn’t feather or bleed out of your lip lines, so you don’t have to waste mental bandwidth being worried about that.

Thefaceshop Flat Velvet Glossy Lipstick 5

Flat Glossy shades from L to R: CR01 Gemstone Coral, OR01 Punch Orange, PK01 Lily Pink, PK02 Rococo Pink, RD01 New York Red, RD02 Berry Up Red

Another six Flat Glossy shades make up the remainder of the collection. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as putting on a glossy, hydrating lipstick when your lips aren’t feeling in tip-top condition, or when you just want a plumper, juicy look to your pucker.

TheFaceShop Flat Velvet and Glossy Lipsticks are now available at all TheFaceShop and Nature Collection outlets and they retail for SGD16 each.