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Having been a beauty journalist for the last 13 years, I thought I’ve tried every facial you could possibly name; until I hear about the Rosebud Vajuvenation by STRIP.

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This 40-minute treatment is for your vulva, and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, firm sagging skin, and give the area a blush effect. In short, it is an anti-ageing facial treatment for your Brazilian area.

Is it normal to care for your vulva?

While perhaps our mothers may find it uncomfortable to talk freely about their intimate areas, I find that it was becoming easier to discuss issues related to our vulva health among the more progressive women. Talking about caring for the skin on our vulva is just as normal as discussing how to care better for our facial skin or body skin.

After all, our vulva is an extension of the rest of our body and is subjected to pretty bad conditions: tight undergarments, perspiration, and regular hair removal. What it means is that the skin on our vulva can be susceptible to a number of skin concerns, including looking dull, dehydrated or saggy.

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In 2020, we have a number of products and services that can help to rejuvenate the appearance of our vulva. Besides a labiaplasty, which is an invasive surgery, there are products that you can apply on your vulva, which includes a mask, a hydrating serum, a treatment for bumps, a brightening serum, and a moisturiser for dehydrated skin on the vulva. These products are from vulva care brand, TWO L(I)PS, which has been dedicating itself to creating products that serve the skincare needs of the vulva.

Think of the STRIP Rosebud Vajuvenation as what’s in between: a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that is extra pampering and effective.

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Is a facial for your vulva necessary?

Strip Rosebud Vajuvenation Treatment Room

I believe that beauty isn’t just a routine that helps to improve how you look, but also a ritual that makes you feel more confident and pampered.

What this means is that I will epilate my legs even if I know I’ll be wearing long pants, because I like the feeling of smooth legs that also look bright. It also means that I take time to apply my favourite night cream and take in its pleasant scent because it helps me relax before bed-time.

This is why I was excited to give the STRIP Rosebud Vajuvenation a try because I believe I should take good care of myself from head to toe – and that includes my private area.

STRIP Rosebud Vajuvenation review: What is the process like?

Strip Rosebud Vajuvenation Technology

The Thermal O2 Technology, which combines radio frequency, vacuum suction, and heat, is at the heart of this treatment.

When combined, these therapies help to increase collagen production, which in turn firms the skin of the vulva and thus visibly smoothing wrinkles, and reducing the appearance of fine lines. The combination of suction and heat is also designed to improve blood circulation.

The treatment involves placing the Thermal O2 applicator, which has a suction motion while emitting heat, on my labia majora. My therapist was very attentive and made sure that I felt very comfortable throughout the treatment – something that I really appreciated since the skin on our labia majora is quite delicate and sensitive.

I was surprised that the process wasn’t as uncomfortable and awkward as I thought it would be. In fact, while it felt a little weird at first, I quickly got used to it and thought that it reminded me of a hot stone massage – but for down there. I was relaxed enough to start dozing off in the middle of the treatment.

Two Lips Pout

I was recommended to use the TWO L(I)PS Pout serum.

While doing the treatment, the therapist also shared with me that she spotted dry skin on one side of my labia – something that I hadn’t noticed before the treatment. She recommended that I could use a hydrating serum that’s suitable for the sensitive vulva area such as the TWO L(I)PS Pout serum.

After the therapist was done with the Thermal O2 applicator, a cooling hydrating mask was applied to the area – yes, exactly like how most facials end.

STRIP Rosebud Vajuvenation review: What was my verdict?

Strip Rosebud Vajuvenation Store

I really appreciated that the therapist was very professional so the entire treatment was very pampering and did not feel awkward at all, even though I had to flash my lady bits at a stranger. I also like that there wasn’t any discomfort, and the treatment was, in fact, very relaxing.

More importantly, I could observe immediate results. When the treatment was over, I ran my finger along my labia majora and also checked out how it looked through the mirror. I could tell that the area looked much fairer than before and the skin tone was more even. There’s also a sense of satisfaction feeling that the skin on the area is smoother and softer than before.

STRIP said that results are evident within one session, although they would recommend a course of eight sessions with two weeks of interval. This can be followed by maintenance treatments once every two months.

I will recommend the STRIP Rosebud Vajuvenation to those who go for regular hair removal, as a post-hair-removal treatment to soothe the area.

This also makes for a great beauty ritual to start, if you believe in holistic head-to-toe grooming.

And whether or not you care about your vulva, you know what – try it at least once, just so that you can have this very interesting experience for yourself.

Rosebud Vajuvenation is available at selected STRIP outlets and is available at SGD250 for 40 minutes. First-time customers get to enjoy it at SGD80 for one session. Find out more on the STRIP website.


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