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Serial hair experimentalists will agree: there’s nothing better than a fresh cut and colour for complete rejuvenation. Now that we’ve fully immersed ourselves in 2022, some of you are probably itching to refresh your hair colour or give your current shade a chic upgrade.

Well, whether you’re looking to shed off past stressors from the last few months or are desperate to zhush up your look, we’ve got the latest hair colour trends to get you inspired, courtesy of Shunji Matsuo’s Kinugami 2.0 collection.

Keep reading to discover the top trends as shared by the pros, and find out how they were able to achieve these gorgeous looks without any hair damage.

The top 3 hair colour trends to try from Shunji Matsuo’s Kinugami 2.0 Collection

1. Long loose curls with earthy brown tones

Shunji Matsuo Kinugami 2.0 Collection brenda

Brown hair is far from dull and surprisingly versatile. The beauty of this dark brown shade is that it offers a spectrum of warmth and depth that still ranges from light to dark, similar to nature’s earthy tones. A gorgeous brown that’s blended in with green hues makes for a shade that’s sure to shine in just the right light.

Brenda, who can be seen flaunting her new hue, is a gym instructor and sports lover who requested a no-bleach dye job. “I’ve been keeping [my hair like this] for three to four years and I eventually want to perm my hair,” she shares.

When she visited Sean Ng, a Color Creator in Shiseido Professional’s Beauty Creators team, at Shunji Matsuo for a colour refresh, she was impressed by how he was able to achieve a lighter shade of brown with a slight green tinge – all without the use of bleach.

2. Beach waves with dark blue and violet highlights

Shunji Matsuo Kinugami 2.0 Collection portia

We have to say, there’s just something so undeniably cool about midnight blue hair. And while the shade may be strong for someone with fair skin, adding peek-a-boo panels as seen here makes it much more wearable.

Inspired by the night sky, these long, brown beach waves with dark blue tinges were upgraded with saturated yet subtle mulberry highlights. This pop of colour is a technique that helps to frame the face.

For clients who are concerned about dryness and damage post-colouring, Shunji Matsuo’s International Director Kenji recommends the salon’s Kinugami 2.0 by ULTIST to prevent those issues from occurring. It keeps the hair texture smooth and silky yet it grants you the most vibrant shades.

Portia, a human resource executive, often spends long hours in air-conditioned rooms, which can really zap the moisture from her locks. But thanks to the treatment element in Kinugami 2.0 by ULTIST, her hair felt nourished and protected long after her colouring session.

She also noticed that there was virtually no scent emitted from the dyes, unlike other ones she’s tried that bear the strong smell of ammonia. When she shampooed for the first time after the treatment, her hair “was still really soft and manageable”.

Overall, Portia was really pleased with how the colours turned out and happy that the Kinugami 2.0 by ULTIST was able to preserve the quality of her hair.

3. Sleek mod cut with a punch of lime

Shunji Matsuo Kinugami 2.0 Collection christina

Having a playful pop of hair colour is enough of a statement on its own, so the rest of your routine can be kept pretty low-maintenance. If your hair is currently brown, you may want to add in a bright sliver of colour by way of an illuminating shade, reminiscent of a single sunray in a dark forest.

Christina, a real estate agent and mother of two, switches up her hair colour about four to five times a year depending on her mood and when she feels it’s time for a refresh. She also likes to give her hairstylist full creative freedom to play with different colours and styles.

Shunji Matsuo’s Senior International Director Ayako used Kinugami 2.0 by ULTIST because “it is much less irritating compared to other brands”. Plus, it provides extra shine for even more beautiful, lustrous results. Furthermore, the scent of the formulas is minimal, “which can provide a comfortable colour experience”.

To Christina’s surprise, the ULTIST colours turned out exactly the way she wanted them to and noticed that her hair colour lasted longer and didn’t fade after a few washes. She loved the results and said that her tresses feel healthy and manageable.

Shiseido Professional ULTIST by PRIMIENCE lets you rock the trendiest hair colours without any damage

shiseido ultist by primience range

Wanna know how Shunji Matsuo’s hairstylists were able to achieve glorious colour sans damage or breakage? Well, their secret weapon is the Shiseido Professional ULTIST range.

Drawing inspiration from the elements of nature, such as the earthy tones of leaves and trees, the deep calming blue of the ocean, and more, Shiseido Professional’s ULTIST by PRIMIENCE range is a premium hair colour range that’s developed to control the undertones of Asian hair.

Available in nine wearable shades, the ULTIST collection helps you achieve your desired hair colour more easily. Each shade has a neutral grey base that controls red and yellow undertones in Asian hair, so you can go way lighter without experiencing any drawbacks, even with repeated colouring.

Thanks to years of extensive research, Shiseido Professional has developed an ingenious way to colour hair – by focusing on the core of your strands.

The brand incorporates new, original Color-in-Core Technology into its ULTIST range, which comprises three innovative components: Smooth Care Technology, Micro Oil-in-Formula, and Lasting Protection Veil.

Engineered by the hair experts at Shiseido Professional, these three breakthrough technologies let you enjoy frequent colour treatments without compromising your hair’s health and shine.

About Shunji Matsuo

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When we think of cutting-edge hair technology and innovation, Shunji Matsuo first comes to mind. The group of hair salons uses Japanese-influenced styling, perming, and colouring techniques to transform the look and feel of dark, coarse, and heavy Asian hair.

They use superior, high-quality hair products, and offer a range of hairstyling services, from perms and rebonding to creative colouring as well as scalp and hair treatments, so you can enjoy great service and quality at affordable prices.

Try Shunji Matsuo’s Kinugami 2.0 collection by ULTIST today to experience the difference! Shunji Matsuo’s Creative Colouring prices start from S$125.

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