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About Topicrem Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk

Topicrem Ultra Moisturizing Body Milk

The Topicrem Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk is enriched with ingredients that moisturise, protect, and nourish dry skin. The body milk, which is the number 1 bestseller of Topicrem, has a 4.7-star rating in Google, and promises to provide 24-hour protection whilst removing any visible dryness.

What stands out about this body milk is its claims to give 24-hour hydration without leaving any greasy residue – a major winning point, especially when you live in an area as hot and humid as Singapore. It is lightweight and promises to be quick-absorbing, which is perfect for those of us who are always on the go.

Another factor that makes this such a loved product for online reviewers – The Topicrem Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk has high safety standards that make it suitable for the entire family.

The Topicrem Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk retails at SGD13.90 for 75ml, SGD39.90 for 500ml at Guardian, and at SGD27.60 for 200ml at Watsons.

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Topicrem Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk review: What did our writer think?

Topicrem Writer Pic

I’ve never really experienced a need for body moisturisers – until my upper arms started feeling and looking visibly dry and crackly in the last few years. I admit, it hurt my self-esteem ever so slightly, but not to the point that I felt the need to go out and buy body moisturisers. Prior to this, I also had a bad run of body lotions which ended up being too greasy for my comfort. In the end, all I did was apply my favourite facial moisturiser on the rest of my body, where needed, and wear less sleeveless tops.

This was why I was excited to try out the Topicrem Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk, especially with its claims to be non-greasy. I tested it out not just in the day, but at night as well. Since I sleep in a cold room every night, my skin has the tendency to become dry easily. I wanted to see if it was moisturising enough to keep my skin hydrated through a chilly night.

First impressions

Topicrem Texture

It was very smooth and milky – almost watery in consistency. Because it came in a tube packaging, I ended up pouring out way too much product, which left my skin feeling greasy and tacky right after application. Thankfully, after several minutes, my skin fully absorbed everything and I felt a quick spike of hydration to my skin. The smell was light and pleasant, which was certainly a plus point for me.

The next morning, I noticed that the body milk had kept my skin moisturised throughout my six-hour sleep. Was it as deeply moisturising as I had hoped for it to be? Yes!

Trying it in the day was a whole other experience. I’m away from home for more or less 15 hours per day – approximately four hours is spent outdoors, and the rest indoors. When I was exposed to the outdoor elements, I felt the tackiness coming through, even though the dry patches on my upper arms still felt moisturised. But in the office, where I was exposed to direct air-conditioning once more, my skin felt more comfortable and not sticky anymore.

Writer’s verdict

Topicrem Ultra Moisturizing Body Milk

This is certainly a heavy duty product that is able to provide hydration benefits to skin. A week after using Topicrem’s Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk, my skin looked more moisturised, and more importantly, less flaky. I was glad to see the dry patches gone.

I’d recommend it more of a through-the-night moisturising routine. I will certainly continue to use it as a part of my nightly skincare routine because it performs really well in terms of moisturising, nourishing, and replenishing my skin.

However, given that it feels a little heavy when I’m out under Singapore’s hot and humid weather, I’m probably going to use less of it in the day. Of course, for those of you who don’t perspire much or spend most of your time indoors, you’re probably still going to find this extremely comfortable – much like how I felt when I used it when I spent time in the office.

10 readers review the Topicrem Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk

Topicrem Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk


All the reviewers agreed that their skin felt instantly hydrated and moisturised, and that Topicrem’s Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk had no unpleasant scent. One reviewer even mentioned how her skin – which she likened to the Sahara Desert – became soft and supple to touch.

100% of reviewers agreed that within a week, they noticed their skin looked and felt more hydrated and healthy. Their dry patches had also improved. 90% of them saw these changes within four days – the same group were also exposed to air-conditioned offices for long hours, which usually cause dry and dehydrated skin.

Whilst four out of the ten reviewers feel that the texture is a little bit tacky after application, some – our writer included – believed that it worked wonderfully when used at night. At the end of the day, 70% of reviewers recommended the product for those facing dry patches or dry skin, thanks to its instantaneous hydrating and moisturising effect.

See what readers say:

Hui Jing, 24
Skin type: Dry, sensitive | Skin issues: Dry patches

Before using Topicrem’s Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk, my skin was a bit rough due to the long hours I spent in air conditioned rooms. I would find rough and dry patches on my body – sometimes my skin flakes too. Within a day of using the Topicrem body milk, I can feel that my skin has become softer and slightly brighter.

The Topicrem Body Milk does not have an unpleasant smell, which is a plus point as I’m super sensitive to smell. It is easy to apply and instantly leaves my skin smooth and moisturised throughout my day – which is great since I’m often in an air conditioned room. Although my skin felt comfortable, it did feel a little sticky. My skin took some time to absorb the body milk, but it then kept my skin hydrated for a few hours.

I would recommend this since the price is reasonable, and it’s created by dermatologists, making it highly trustworthy! I too am satisfied with the Topicrem Body Milk and will continue to use it.

Topicrem Reviewer Joycelyn

Joycelyn, 25
Skin type: Dry-Normal, Sensitive | Skin issues: Dry patches

It is light, very fluid, and quite easily absorbed. Although it feels comfortable on the skin and gives it instant hydration plus moisture, it does leave a protective layer of film that feels a little bit sticky. You can definitely feel the product on your skin.

When I first tried it, I tried the Topicrem Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk on my right foot to compare with my left foot (nothing was applied anything on it). Immediately after applying the product, the rough patches on my foot with the body milk became smoother, especially at the heel area. When I woke up the next morning, the skin on that foot was still moisturised!

Overall, the product worked for me and I would recommend it, as I think that the product is good for dry skin – the scent is subtle and pleasant, and it does what it says. It keeps your skin moisturised from morning to night and makes it softer. I feel that this product strikes a fine balance by being moisturising yet lightweight for our humid weather in Singapore.

The only part that wasn’t satisfactory was the packaging. The product is very fluid but is packaged in a squeeze tube, so every time I’ll always end up having too much product that overflows everywhere. If it came with a pump instead, the overall application would be much more enjoyable with less hassle.

Lee Ching Wer, 27
Skin type: Dry | Skin issues: Dry patches

The Topicrem Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk felt a little more like a lotion than a body milk – it was rather thick. There’s no unpleasant smell, and it instantly moisturised and hydrated my skin from morning ’till night. I definitely think it is worth a try!

Before I tried this out, my skin had visible dry patches. After using Topicrem’s body milk, I realised that just within a day, the patches looked less visible. It definitely helped moisturise my skin, however it felt rather tacky and sticky even after prolonged period. Because of that, I would recommend that others with dry skin or dry patches use this overnight instead of during the day.

Yu Han, 29
Skin type: Dry | Skin issues: Dry patches

It has a smooth texture that makes it easy to apply. However, it doesn’t absorb easily and feels tacky after application. On the other hand, it doesn’t feel greasy at all and my skin feels instantly hydrated and moisturised. It stayed that way for a couple of hours!

I have visible dry patches on my leg, so that was where I tried the body milk on. I didn’t really like the sticky after-feeling it left on my hands and legs after application. The mild fragrance was great though, unlike other lotions I have used. After using it for a week, my skin is more moisturised and soft as well.

Topicrem Reviewer Winky Wing Kee

Wing Kee Lui, 29
Skin type: Dry | Skin issues: Dry patches, back acne

I applied the Topicrem Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk once a day, and it lasted a few hours. The texture of the body milk is very smooth and lightweight – it feels that way on your skin too! Thankfully, there wasn’t any strong fragrance that irritated my skin. I also like that the Topicrem Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk sat comfortably on my skin even though I’m also under the sun often.

The body milk did not feel sticky or greasy, and gave my skin a quick hit of hydration and moisture that lasted for hours. My skin used to feel and look dry,  but after using this, the texture of my skin has visibly improved – my skin tone looks more even as well.

One issue for me was the packaging. It would be even greater if the packaging came in a pump form. All in all, it does moisturise and applies easily!

Kelicia Ang, 29
Skin type: Combination | Skin issues: Dry patches

It’s lightweight, a little runny, and although it feels slightly sticky to touch after application, it gets absorbed fairly quickly. After which, it moisturises my skin without leaving any greasiness or tackiness. For me, the body milk’s effects lasted from morning to night – at the end of the day, my skin felt as supple and moisturised as it did right after application.

Within four days, I had seen and felt some differences. My shin is dry and I usually see white marks whenever I scratch it. But after using Topicrem’s body milk, my shins look smooth and well moisturised.

Prior to this review, I had actually tried Topicrem’s Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk – I was overseas for a camp, which left me with dry skin. When I came back, I used this and it helped to relieve my dry and patchy skin, leaving it feeling smooth and soft to touch! I would definitely continue using this and recommend it to my family and friends, since dry patches can be relieved almost instantaneously upon application.

Christine Toh, 31
Skin type: Dry-Normal | Skin issues: Dry Patches

The Topicrem Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk is lightweight and comfortable, but I was hoping it could be absorbed faster. I like that it quickly hydrated and moisturised my skin, but it felt greasy.

It definitely keeps my skin moisturised for a few hours. I used the body milk after my showers on dry areas like my elbows. Over time, I noticed that my elbows were less creased and definitely softer. It’s good as a lightweight daily body moisturiser and I would recommend it to others as too.

Ultimately, I am happy with the Topirem Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk and would still use it. It has no unnerving scents, sat nicely on my skin, and delivered instant rejuvenation.

Nicole, 32
Skin type: Normal-Oily | Skin issues: Dry patches

My skin has dry patches and tend to be dry as I sleep in an air-conditioned room daily, and my office is also air-conditioned. After applying this product daily, I noticed an improvement and my skin is more moisturised!

I liked how comfortable and luxurious the body milk felt on my skin – it was smooth, creamy, and gave my dehydrated skin a boost of hydration and moisture that lasted from morning to evening.

The product seems value-for-money as it is a big tube that can be used for a long period of time –  a little bit of body milk goes a long way. It’s also great for those with sensitive skin since it doesn’t have any strong fragrance, and doesn’t irritate the skin in any manner. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who has the same skin concerns as me, since it is effective!

Hanna Tantoco, 33
Skin type: Dry-Normal | Skin issues: Eczema, Dry patches

My skin looks like the Sahara dessert and feels very rough to touch. After using Topicrem’s Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk for a few days, it feels more soft and supple to touch – I applied it on my legs, arms and elbows. My legs and arms look hydrated and healthier, plus the dry patches are no longer there!

I love that the texture is so lightweight and it doesn’t feel sticky or oily. I’m not a fan of applying body milk because it’s so humid in Singapore and there tends to be a certain ‘heaviness’ after applying body milk. Not with Topicrem though – it’s super light. You do however, have to re-apply after a few hours as the hydrating and moisturising effect doesn’t last the entire day.

After trying it for one week, I can conclude that I really like the body milk and will continue to use it. It has more pros than cons, and I believe that others who have eczema or dry patches, like me, might love it too.

Pat Lim, 45
Skin type: Dry-Normal, Sensitive | Skin issues: Dry patches

The Topicrem Body Milk was so lightweight that my skin absorbed it quickly and felt moisturised immediately. It is rather runny in consistency, but doesn’t feel greasy at all.

It’s a five out of five for me when it comes to moisture. The hydrating effect lasts longer than other products I have used before and there was no need for re-application throughout the day. It was great that my skin, which is sensitive, wasn’t even slightly irritated! I noticed that my skin, which was dry and patchy before this review, had felt and looked more moisturised since using this body milk. The only drawback is that you can feel it on your skin a little.

To sum up, it is so great and worth the try, that my own family has started sharing the body milk with me! So yes, I would absolutely encourage those who have dry skin to give this a go as well.


The Topicrem Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk retails at SGD13.90 for 75ml, SGD27.60 for 200ml and SGD39.90 for 500ml. It is available at selected Guardian, Watsons, Unity, Robinsons, Polyclinics, Ng Teng Fong Hospital and online at Betime, Redmart, Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10. Find out more here.

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