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When it comes to hair & scalp centres in Singapore, few can compare to TK TrichoKare in terms of popularity and accolades.

Since its establishment in 2004, this trichological centre has won multiple awards for providing some of the best hair treatments in Singapore, including being recently crowned the Best Treatment for Hair Thinning in Daily Vanity Spa & Hair Awards 2019. You will also find many positive reviews online left by repeat customers – in fact, TrichoKare has been awarded 4.7 out of 5 stars on Facebook from more than 300 customers.

Daily Vanity is so impressed that we wanted to find out what made TrichoKare so popular among its customers, and what truly differentiates them from their counterparts. We dug a little further to see the reasons for TrichoKare’s resounding success:

Customisable European Herbal Hair Remedies

TrichoKare believes in using dietary nutrients from natural food sources in order to give their customers a head of thick, lustrous locks that shine from inside out. Hence, all their treatments and products have been carefully formulated with premium European herbal remedies. Each of these remedies is validated by certified Trichologists (scalp and hair specialists) with products formulated by a professional herbalist.

As hair and scalp conditions tend to differ from customer to customer, TrichoKare doesn’t believe in using a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone. Instead, treatments are also customised to suit each and every customer’s needs. The trichologist will first do a Tricho-Scan and Tricho-Analysis that give detailed diagnosis of hair and scalp problems, before devising a remedy for you from a broad array of natural plant extracts

Certified Trichologists

Tk Trichokare

Trichologists are well-studied in the area of hair care and scalp, hence they are responsible for diagnosing your hair condition and advising the next course of action to take so that you can resolve any hair and scalp issues you may be facing.

What makes TrichoKare’s Trichologists a cut above the rest is the fact that they have passed the conformity assessment of providing consistent standard, meaning that you can expect the same standard of professional expertise across all the Trichologists.

That’s not all: TrichoKare has also been awarded the Certified On-The-Job Training Centre Certificate by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) in May 2017, which acknowledges TrichoKare’s consistent efforts in training all trichologists with a structured framework. It is no easy feat to be certified by a higher learning institution for good skills training, so you can be sure that you will be in good hands at TrichoKare, no matter which trichologist you may be assigned to.

Dedicated to Excellent Customer Service

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Source: Run Society

Beyond just having well-trained staff, TrichoKare is frequently recommended by customers for their fantastic customer service. For starters, each and every treatment is done in a luxurious and pampering setting, so that you feel at ease throughout the treatment.

Many trichologists at TrichoKare have been complimented for being knowledgeable and friendly. According to customer reviews, the trichologists are always able to explain your hair and scalp problems to you thoroughly but in a way that is easy to understand.

They also go the extra mile to ensure that you are feeling comfortable throughout the entire treatment – for example, a reviewer commented that they provided a private room for her as she was a Muslim wearing a tudung, and she appreciated the consideration extended to her.

Best of all, almost all customers who left a review agree that they have never experienced any hard-selling at TrichoKare!

Effective Treatments With Visible Results, According to Reviewers

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Source: 8 DAYS

Many customers have commented that they are able to see visible results, especially in terms of a cleaner scalp, less hair fall, as well as reduced dandruff.

When customers are in the hands of professional trichologists who are able to properly diagnose your condition and treat it with customised premium remedies, it is no wonder that they are able to see actual results after their treatments at TrichoKare!

After understanding more about TrichoKare, we can certainly see why they are one of the best hair & scalp centres in Singapore. If you want to give this popular trichological centre a go but are not sure what treatment to start with, we recommend one of the centre’s most popular treatments – the Award-Winning HairGro & Scalp Treatment.

TK TrichoKare Award-Winning HairGro & Scalp Treatment: What You Can Expect

Just like other treatments at TrichoKare, the Award-Winning HairGro & Scalp Treatment begins with a hair and scalp analysis. You will get to see your scalp and hair follicles up close with lens that magnifies up to 200 times. This not only helps your trichologist to analyse your scalp condition before the treatment, but also works as a visual proof of the improved scalp condition after treatment is administered.

Tk Review Results One

Hair and scalp analysis

Depending on your hair and scalp condition, you may be advised to undergo TriOxy, which is a three-step procedure that works as a hair and scalp “reconstructor” to boost hair growth and prevent hair fall. It incorporates a European herb masque that is customised to each customer’s hair and scalp conditions.

First, an OxyPeel is massaged onto the scalp to prevent hair follicle ducts from being congested. Next, the Trichologist sprays on an oxygen-rich formula using the OxyJet to accelerate your scalp’s cell metabolism and improve blood circulation. A suitable ampoule will be applied with the OxyJet to treat your specific condition. For example, those with sensitive scalp may get a calming, anti-redness ampoule, while those with oiliness are better off with a clarifying one.

Tk Review Oxyjet One


The third step is OxyNutrient, which is done to provide nutrients and boost hydration to your scalp. You’ll then finish with the Photodynamic Therapy, which is a red-light laser lamp shone to support hair regeneration and scalp healing.

Tk Review Photodynamic Treatment

Photodynamic Therapy

During the treatment, you can also look forward to a revitalising hair bath and hot pad relaxation. The former restores the scalp’s sebum balance so that you feel refreshed, while the latter gives you 2.5 hours of quiet me-time with a hot pad laid across your shoulders.

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TK TrichoKare currently has four outlets islandwide, and they have just opened a new outlet in Ngee Ann City (#05-22A) in August this year. The convenient location makes it easy to drop by for your weekly appointments when you are hanging out in town on the weekends.

Tk Trichokare Ngee Ann City

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For more information on TrichoKare’s four outlet locations, please visit their website here.

This article is brought to you by TK Trichokare.