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Visiting an Onsen is probably one of the biggest highlights of a trip to Japan. And thanks to Yunomori, the first authentic Japanese Onsen in Singapore, you don’t have to take a seven-hour flight to Japan for this indulgence.

If you’ve already heard of Yunomori or maybe even been there, it’s time to book an appointment soon. This is because, Yunomori is offering collagen bath – the first-ever in Singapore – which we’ve tried and have fallen in love with!

This exclusive, limited-time-only Onsen doesn’t just stimulates blood circulation (like most Onsen does), its collagen content also helps increase and retain skin’s moisture, maintain its firmness, and improves its elasticity.

On top of this, Yunomori further steps up their game in firming therapy with a new IPL facial treatment.

Firm up your skin with a rejuvenating facial

This IPL facial treatment is part of a suite of newly launched IPL beauty services, which uses the latest IPL technology from Japan to deliver whitening, scar removal, and firming benefits.

These services include the Facial Aging Care with Onsen RG92 Treatment (SGD168 for 90 minutes), Body Care Treatment (SGD98 for 60 minutes), Half Leg or Half Arm Scar Removal/Whitening Treatment (SGD88 for 60 minutes), and Hair Removal Services.

We tried the Facial Aging Care with Onsen RG92 Treatment, which uses a combination of Onsen products from Japan and the IPL device on skin. Our therapist is attentive and thorough in her treatment, and makes sure that we feel as comfortable as we can.

We were initially prepared for some discomfort, given our past experience with how IPL feels on skin, but surprisingly, this treatment was absolutely pain-free.

After the facial service, our face definitely looked brighter, and felt firmer and smoother.

Time to immerse in collagen goodness

Now that your skin is all perked up, it’s time to care for your body. Dip into the collagen goodness of this new Onsen that is offered only for a limited time at Yunomori.

The water is attractively pink, which we understand is a natural tint from its mineral content. The water temperature is at around 38°C to 39°C – a very comfortable heat level that helps melt away any fatigue you may be feeling, right away.

As there are several other Onsen types available at Yunomori, we alternate between the Collagen Bath and other baths, while taking short breaks before each of them. We find ourselves feeling more relaxed with each bath, which makes it a perfect vacation for our bodies and minds.

The Collagen Bath, in particular, gives an instant boost in hydration to our skin. Our skin felt smoother instantly, and after spending more time in it, it felt tauter too.

Healthy Collagen Pot

Together with the launch of the Collagen Bath, Yunomori has also introduced a special Collagen menu, which includes the Healthy Collagen Pot, Avocado Milkshake, and Sesame Black Fungus, all of them made with ingredients known for their skin-firming properties.

The scrumptious selections range from SGD4.80 to SGD12.80 at the Yunomori Cafe.
*All prices are subjected to 7% GST.

If you’re looking for an ultimate pampering, we recommend that you finish off your day with a massage at Yunomori. We’ve visited the spa a few times for massages and it never fails to impress. We assure you that you’ll leave with all the tensions in your muscles relieved, and feel a lot more relaxed after that.

Yumonori is located at #02-17/18 Kallang Wave Mall, and is opened from 10am to 11pm daily.

Entrance fees are at SGD38+ for adults, and a pass allows you to access all the Onsen facilities for the entire day.

The Collagen Bath will be available till 15 October 2017, while the specialty menu will be available till 25 October 2017.

Enjoy an attractive discount on the new IPL service!

Enjoy 30% off the Facial Aging Care with Onsen RG92. Promotion is valid till 25 October 2017. Click on this link to redeem now!

This article is brought to you by Yunomori Onsen and Spa.