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Bacteria isn’t all bad for you. Just like how there are two sides to a coin, there are bad and good bacteria too. In fact, one of the more famous and popular good bacteria is probiotics which are great for both your gut and skin!

You may be dubious at first, seeing as how we’re all taught to kill off germs and bacteria since young, but the positive studies and glowing results you can get from skincare products featuring this helpful bacteria will put you at ease right away.

We’ve seen a handful of amazing probiotic skincare products pop up from time to time, from serums and masks to sunscreens, and one of them is TRUU’s 76 Probiotics Amino Purifying Cleanser.

This probiotics cleanser is touted as “possibly the world’s best cleanser” with over a million bottles sold worldwide. We know that probiotics skincare passes the healthy skin test, but does the TRUU 76 Probiotics Amino Purifying Cleanser live up to its hype?

Read on to find out just what this mighty probiotics cleanser can do for your skin as we put it to the test!

About the TRUU 76 Probiotics Amino Purifying Cleanser

truu 76 probiotics amino purifying cleanser review

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Sealed within a sophisticated glass bottle, you’ll find a soap-free formula without any harsh SLS or SLES, that is gentle even on sensitive and acne-prone skin.

TRUU’s 76 Probiotics Amino Purifying Cleanser promises to tackle enlarged pores, blackheads, small bumps, and dull or sallow skin, with visible results in 30 days.

truu 76 probiotics amino purifying cleanser review

In a consumer test where 30 people used TRUU’s probiotics cleanser for eight weeks, 99% said their skin barrier was repaired; 95% saw more conditioned and less sallow skin; 93% had more moisturised skin; and 90% noticed smoother skin with less visible fine lines.

As a bonus, this cleanser can even remove makeup with just four to five pumps of product!

Key Ingredients and Their Benefits

truu 76 probiotics amino purifying cleanser review

This luxurious treatment cleanser harnesses the power of probiotics, Japanese amino acids, and other skin-loving ingredients to promote healthy bacteria on the skin’s surface while strengthening the barrier.

That means you can say goodbye to redness, irritation, and inflammation and see improvements in your skin’s texture, hydration, and radiance!

TRUU’s probiotics cleanser is also known as a high-grade (76% concentrated) moisturising essence cleanser, made up of 25% amino acids and 51% probiotics. The former provides a deep yet featherlight cleansing experience that also balances your skin’s oil and water ratio, which helps with maintaining hydration levels.

As for the latter, it is a probiotics essence that consists of a highly efficient blend of lactobacillus and German bifida ferment lysate.

The lactobacillus works to speed up skin repair by encouraging cell renewal, improving skin softness and elasticity, and strengthening the skin’s natural defence against damage from UV light and environmental pollution.

Meanwhile, the German bifida ferment lysate offers powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe, hydrate, and promote a more balanced microbiome with beneficial bacteria.

truu 76 probiotics amino purifying cleanser review

Additionally, TRUU’s probiotics cleanser also features skin-boosting plant extracts:

  • White willow bark extract: A natural skin-soothing plant extract that has natural salicylic acid for gentle exfoliation and to unclog pores. It also helps with dull, rough skin and reduces the appearance of pores and wrinkles.
  • Bordeaux lead extract (halal-certified): Refines large pores and removes excess sebum secretion.
  • Imperata root extract (halal-certified): Provides instant and long-lasting hydration and prevents dryness and rough skin.

TRUU 76 Probiotics Amino Purifying Cleanser Review: First Impressions

truu 76 probiotics amino purifying cleanser review

Credit: Daily Vanity

First, I have to say, when I held the cleanser in its white box I was curious as to how it was much heavier than most cleansers I’ve come across.

Unexpectedly, I was welcomed with a glass bottle that looked very luxe and expensive, which I admit made me feel like my skincare routine had been elevated since it was the first product to kick off my new skin-loving regimen.

Truth be told, I was sceptical and had some reservations at first as I generally stay away from liquid or light gel cleansers that I feel wouldn’t do much for my skin, especially when it comes to deep cleansing.

But I let my curiosity and faith in probiotics (I can’t help it, I’m a fan of probiotics anything) lead the way and was pleasantly surprised.

truu 76 probiotics amino purifying cleanser review

The liquid cleanser feels almost like nothing on the skin, but lathers and foams up into a gentle, bubbly texture. It was also very therapeutic because of the spa-like scent and it wasn’t stripping at all (deep cleansing products tend to make my skin feel tight afterwards).

After one wash, my skin felt really fresh and I noticed how I had less oily skin the morning after.

Is It Really “Probably the Best Cleanser in the World”?

truu 76 probiotics amino purifying cleanser review

Credit: Daily Vanity

TRUU claims that their 76 Probiotics Amino Purifying Cleanser is probably the best in the world, and to that, I have zero qualms!

In two weeks, I noticed clearer skin overall, lightened blemishes and soothed angry zits. My pores were also less clogged and visibly smaller — I was surprised that in some areas it looked as if my pores were gone!

truu 76 probiotics amino purifying cleanser review

Credit: Daily Vanity

I also noticed fewer breakouts (due to changing hormone levels) and my skin was smoother and a lot more even. Plus, my skin was less dull and there was a sort of radiance that I wouldn’t normally achieve from just using typical cleansers. I never noticed how sallow it was till I used this cleanser!

I used to have small bumps on my chin and jawline, that weren’t that obvious but still bothered me, but after two weeks of washing religiously with the probiotics cleanser, these bumps either became considerably smaller or disappeared!

truu 76 probiotics amino purifying cleanser review

Before this trial, I had oily dehydrated skin and my dry skin would overcompensate by producing more oil and sebum, which led to cakey makeup or caused my makeup to separate and slide off my face. After incorporating TRUU’s probiotics cleanser, I realised my makeup hardly ever “goes bad”!

According to NST Proceedings, a moisture count of less than 33% is very dry skin; 34% to 37% is dry skin; 38% to 42% is normal skin; and 43% to 46% is the ideal moisture content for the skin.

Thanks to the increase of moisture in my skin, from a mere 30.9% to 49.3%, less oil and sebum were produced throughout the days!

Despite the hot and humid weather, my skin felt extremely soft, plump, and bouncy all day (without experiencing that constant greasy feeling from the afternoons onwards) since it was more hydrated than it had ever been before.

truu 76 probiotics amino purifying cleanser review

Credit: Daily Vanity

The verdict? I’m very particular about the cleansers I use and have gone through multiple products to find that one true cleanser (pun intended) that can thoroughly cleanse while addressing my main skin concerns.

I’m glad to say that my search is over because the TRUU 76 Probiotics Amino Purifying Cleanser is a keeper!

I’ll definitely continue using the probiotics cleanser and tracking the results to see just how far it can take my skin on the health meter. This wonderful experience with TRUU’s cleanser has also sparked intrigue in trying out their other products.

What People Are Saying About This Probiotics Cleanser

truu 76 probiotics amino purifying cleanser review

Don’t just take my word for it, take a look at what TRUU’s 76 Probiotics Amino Purifying Cleanser have done for others and see what netizens have to say about it!

You can scavenge through hundreds and thousands of reviews, but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find a negative one. TRUU’s probiotics cleanser comes highly recommended and boasts a 4.9-star rating.

truu 76 probiotics amino purifying cleanser review

The five main pulling factors for a repurchase, according to netizens, are its good cleansing effects, its moisturising and non-drying properties, how gentle and soothing it is, how easy it is to rinse off, and how they don’t experience any tightness in the skin after washing.

Where to Buy the TRUU 76 Probiotics Amino Purifying Cleanser

truu 76 probiotics amino purifying cleanser review

TRUU 76 Probiotics Amino Purifying Cleanser (150ml) retails for S$56.90 at TRUU’s official website.

Currently, there are super value bundle deals available from S$102.90 for two cleansers to S$219.90 for two cleansers, two 99 Oil Control Moisture Balancing Cream, and two free cleansing towels. Check out all of the ongoing bundle promotions here.

The probiotics cleanser is also available at TRUU’s official stores at Shopee, Lazada, and Qoo10. Be sure to check and only shop at these official stores to avoid purchasing fake products that have been reported due to their popularity.

Feature image credit: Photos taken by Daily Vanity.

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