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Designed to provide a hit of hydration to keep dry patches and dehydration at bay, moisturisers pretty much do what they say on the tin.

But with skin irritation on the rise, as well as a focus on the effects of pollution, UV, and inflammation, we need a lot more than a simple surge of moisture.

Of course, toners, essences, and serums are great products to supplement a skincare routine, although the trend for layering multiple formulas and textures can not only lead to breakouts and irritation, but eat into your precious time and budget too.

Enter the multitasking TWO L(I)PS Juice Prebiotic Body Balm, which addresses multiple skin needs in one single tube. I hear that it’s also safe to use on the face and intimate areas. What’s more, it was awarded Best Moisturiser for Normal Skin in our most recent Daily Vanity Beauty Awards!

Intrigued, I decided to try it out for a week to see if it could replace my current facial moisturiser and body lotion. Read on to get acquainted with TWO L(I)PS Juice Prebiotic Body Balm and find out why it takes hydration to the next level.

A multitasking moisturiser for every inch of your body

TWO L(I)PS Juice Prebiotic Body Balm review product

To feed your skin with the nutrients it needs, TWO L(I)PS Juice Prebiotic Body Balm is specially formulated with plant-derived ingredients that keep your skin balanced, hydrated, and nourished.

Formulated without parabens, petrochemicals, and sulphates, the moisturiser is gynaecologically and dermatologically tested, so those with sensitive skin can breathe easy.

In fact, this skincare range is designed to support your skin’s microbiome as well as the health of your vulva (the external part of the female genitalia).

All formulas in the range sit between the pH levels of four to six – optimal levels for the skin on our face, body, and vulva. The key component in the TWO L(I)PS Juice Prebiotic Body Balm? Its proprietary prebiotic complex, which feeds your microbiome the “food” it requires to help good bacteria flourish.

Are probiotics and prebiotics the same?


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While probiotics and prebiotics may sound similar, they’re actually very different. Probiotics are living microorganisms that are found both naturally in your body and in food and supplements.

When consumed or applied topically, they can strengthen your skin’s protective barrier and even ease chronic skin conditions such as eczema.

Prebiotics, on the other hand, aren’t actually live bacteria. They are non-digestible ingredients that help balance the good and bad bacteria on your skin.

These compounds feed existing microorganisms in your body and on your skin when eaten or applied topically, helping them thrive and positively change or preserve a healthy microbiome for longer.

This is why TWO L(I)PS Juice Prebiotic Body Balm contains inulin and alpha-glucan oligosaccharide, potent prebiotics that feed only beneficial strains of bacteria on your skin, thereby reducing harmful bacteria as well as redness and skin damage.

Other skin-loving ingredients found in TWO L(I)PS Juice Prebiotic Body Balm

TWO L(I)PS Juice Prebiotic Body Balm review product 2

Besides prebiotics, TWO L(I)PS Juice Prebiotic Body Balm also harnesses the power of saccharide isomerate – a powerful, all-natural plant-derived moisturiser that binds to your skin to provide lasting moisture for up to a whopping 72 hours!

The nourishing formula is further bolstered by sugarcane-derived squalane, trehalose, and shea butter, which work synergistically to moisturise, balance, protect, and heal the skin from an onslaught of environmental aggressors, such as sun damage, smoke, and pollution particles.

TWO L(I)PS Juice Prebiotic Body Balm review: Can it really be used on the face, body, and intimate area?

I adore the sleek, minimalist packaging of the entire TWO L(I)PS Juice Prebiotic range, and that, of course, includes the Juice Prebiotic Body Balm.

TWO L(I)PS Juice Prebiotic Body Balm review texture

Straight out of the tube, it seemed like a heavy cream, but once I massaged it in, it transformed into an airy balm that soothed and conditioned my skin.

I proceeded to apply the TWO L(I)PS Juice Prebiotic Body Balm on my face, body, and intimate area – here’s how it went.


As someone with acne-prone, sensitive skin, I’m really picky about my facial moisturisers. I enjoy a lightweight yet creamy texture that melts into the skin – something TWO L(I)PS Juice Prebiotic Body Balm does beautifully.

My skin and nose are both pretty sensitive to fragrances, but the scent in the formula gave my beauty routine a spa-like upgrade without irritating my skin.

I was able to skip my toner completely, yet still experience perfectly hydrated and moisturised skin. A couple of days later, however, I started noticing bumps on my cheeks, which suggested that the formula was a tad too rich for my skin type.

That being said, I still reach for this moisturiser on nights when my skin is feeling parched and tight. It makes for a wonderful sleeping mask, and I wake up with soft, bouncy skin.


Now, the skin on my face and body have almost two completely different ecosystems – my limbs often feel significantly drier than my face, which is why the TWO L(I)PS Juice Prebiotic Body Balm was a much better match for it.

My arms and legs felt soft, smooth, and hydrated after slathering the body balm all over; and my skin felt like it was enveloped in a comforting blanket.

Despite its nourishing formula, it absorbed into my skin pretty quickly, so I didn’t have to wait too long to put my clothes on.

And here’s a tip for your hair too. I smoothed a tiny amount of my pixie cut in a pinch one morning and was surprised that it instantly tamed flyaways without weighing my hair down. It gave my hair a semi-matte finish too, which I love.

Intimate area

Since the formula is dermatologically and gynaecologically tested, you won’t have to worry about any irritation down south when you apply it on your vulva.

A little goes a long way, so I applied no more than a pea-sized amount to my intimate area. Since it absorbs relatively quickly, I didn’t have to stand around waiting for it to settle. After a few days, my skin felt smoother and softer, and I didn’t experience any irritation during the trial.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed using the TWO L(I)PS Juice Prebiotic Body Balm. It’s an incredible multitasking formula that has since replaced my body lotion and hairstyling product.

Although it didn’t quite work for my facial skin, I’d highly recommend this for those with drier skin types – it’ll quench parched complexions right away.

Meet the rest of the TWO L(I)PS Prebiotic family

two lips prebiotic range

The full TWO L(I)PS Prebiotic range consists of five essential products, starting with a cleanser and finishing off with sunscreen. In addition, they are formulated for all skin types and safe for use on your face and the rest of your body (including your vulva!).

Just like the TWO L(I)PS Juice Prebiotic Body Balm, these products are formulated without sulphates and parabens. Plus, they’re dermatologically and gynaecologically tested too.

Here’s what makes each product unique and the order in which you should use the range:

  1. RINSE Gentle Prebiotic Cleanser (S$55, 200ml): With a pH value of 4.15, the RINSE Gentle Prebiotic Cleanser has a gel-like texture that cleanses without stripping away your skin’s natural moisture.
  2. SCRUBBS Konjac Jelly Scrub (S$70, 200ml): A gel exfoliator that contains biodegradable konjac jelly beads and finely ground non-GMO olive stone powder to slough off grime and dirt.
  3. JUICE Prebiotic Body Balm (S$80, 200ml): A silky, light-as-air moisturiser that hydrates and protects your skin against bad bacteria.
  4. SLEEPOVER Repairing Overnight Mask (S$100, 50ml): This all-in-one mask contains olive leaf extract to repair and restore tired skin as you sleep, and provides up to 72 hours of deep moisture and nourishment.
  5. SCREEN Pore-refining Sunscreen (S$70, 50ml): An ultra-lightweight SPF 50 PA+++ sunscreen, this formula also features calming niacinamide to help minimise the appearance of pores and even out skin tone.

The TWO L(I)PS Prebiotic range is available on TWO L(I)PS and in-store at ION Orchard #B3-37.

This article is brought to you by TWO L(I)PS.