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About TWO L(I)PS Pout and Bumpps

Since the launch of vulva care brand TWO L(I)PS a year ago, beauty and body care enthusiasts have been blessed with a variety of products they never knew they needed (but they do!) From a mask for the vulva to a vitamin C serum and moisturiser to help the vulva look bright and spotless, there is nothing the brand hasn’t thought of.

More recently, TWO L(I)PS added to more products to their stable: Pout and Bumpps

Two Lips Pout

Pout is a hydrating serum that helps plump up the skin and restore hydration. Great for those who have dry skin on the vulva and face, Pout is enriched with hyaluronic acid in a low molecular weight for maximum absorption.

Two Lips Bumpps

Bumpps, on the other hand, is probably a dream come true for those who go for Brazilian waxing or shave; ingrown hair and folliculitis are common problems that occur after a hair removal process. This lightweight serum helps to treat these problems and fight inflammation, which we know is a literal pain.

Just like all other TWO L(I)PS products (besides the mask), Bumpps can also be used on the face. As a sebum-control serum, it helps to control oily T-zones and prevent blackheads from occurring.

All TWO L(I)PS products are dermatologically tested to make sure that they’re able to gently care for both your face, body, and vulva. Pout retails at SGD144 and Bumpps retails at SGD104. They’re both available on the TWO L(I)PS website.

10 readers try TWO L(I)PS Pout



All reviewers who have tried TWO L(I)PS’ Pout love its lightweight texture and how it was able to instantly hydrate their skin. Most of them mentioned how easily the product absorbs and how much they enjoyed using it.

They said that the product was gentle, most of them were also able to see results quickly. They commented that their skin felt more plump and moisturised, and it was even able to help soothe skin that was flaking.

Those who have tried the product on their intimate area noticed an improvement in the hydration level of their skin. One of the reviewers was even impressed by how it made the skin on her vulva more hydrated even though she wasn’t aware it was dehydrated in the first place!

Many reviewers also said they liked that this was a multi-tasking product that allowed them to care for their vulva more easily since it can be used on both the face and intimate area.

Two Lips Pout Review Anan

An An Ong, 31
I have dry skin on my face and intimate area, and since using Pout, I find that my skin is smoother, has fewer fine lines, and even firmer. This is one of the best hydrating serums that I’ve tried and I would definitely recommend it to my friends, especially those with dry and rough skin texture and those looking for a non-scented product for their vulva area.

Two Lips Pout Review Leona

Leona Tan, 27
Pout has a lightweight texture that’s similar to an essence. It’s easy to apply and absorbs quickly. My face feels more plump and moisturised after application and my makeup applies on more easily. I used it on my body too, which also became more moisturised after usage. I like that the product packaging makes it convenient for daily use as well as when I travel overseas.

Two Lips Pout Review Rina

Rina Lui, 23
I’m glad that this product can be used on both my face and vulva because it makes it more convenient to take care of my intimate areas. The product leaves a refreshing sensation on my skin and my skin feels more supple after applying it. I am surprised by how quickly I could see results and would continue to use it. I would say that Pout is one of the best hydrating serums I’ve tried.

Two Lips Pout Review Yuppie

Yuppie Nguyen, 27
I used Pout on both my face and vulva and saw improvements to my hydration level on both areas. In fact, I never knew that the skin on my vulva was dry until I used this product and it hydrated the area so much. My skin feels softer and hydrated since using the product. It worked especially well on nights when I sleep in an air-conditioned room.

Two Lips Pout Review Amber

Amber, 27
I really love how the serum comes in gel form. What surprises me the most was the smooth texture of the product, and how easily it absorbed, which makes it easy to apply onto the skin. I also love that it doesn’t have any scent. In just three days of usage, I can already feel the skin on my face becoming softer. I would recommend this product because it is safe for ezcema-prone and sensitive skin.

Two Lips Pout Review Tina

Tina, 27
This is a pampering product that’s great for dry and sensitive skin. I can definitely see improvements to my skin since using it; my skin feels smoother and less flaky, especially after treatments like IPL! I’m glad to see how quickly I was able to observe results and would continue to use it. I also love its light and non-sticky texture!

Elise Ng, 28
This product comes in a gel format and I like it. It helps reduce my skin’s flaking on my face. The product also soothes irritation that occurs after waxing. I will recommend this to those with extremely dry skin and since using it, I’ve resolved to care more for my intimate area.

Madeline Chew, 33
I like that TWO L(I)PS’ Pout has a gel-like texture and one pump is sufficient for my entire face. My skin looked hydrated and I no longer experience any flaking or cracking since using I like the product. Since hydration is key to keeping our skin looking youthful and helps our makeup stay longer, I’ll definitely recommend this hydrating product to everyone.

Trish, 30
I used Pout on both my face and intimate area and I find that skin on both areas have become more moisturised. The product also was able to absorb super fast by my skin and left no sticky feeling after application. It’s great that this product can be used on both the face and vulva, making it a convenient multi-tasker.

Faustina Lim, 39
I have dry skin on my neck and face but I wasn’t able to experience any improvements after I’ve used the product. However, I like that the product is non-greasy and can be easily absorbed.

TWO L(I)PS responds: Thank you for your feedback on the product! As Pout contains hyaluronic acid of a low molecular weight, it is meant to penetrate deeper into your skin to deliver results. For best results, we recommend pairing Pout with a moisturiser that can create a protective barrier for the skin, and also lock in the moisture that Pout has helped to provide.


10 readers try TWO L(I)PS Bumpps

Two Lips Bumpps Review Jessica

Jessica Chia, 25
I have oily-combination skin and my makeup usually looks oily by mid-day. After using TWO LIPS’ Bumpps, my T-zone looked less shiny, which means less blotting needed! My makeup also stayed on better. My skin is calmer now with less redness, and I can finally go out without makeup. While it may be a little pricey, given its many benefits and how I only needed a few drops for it to work its magic, I’d say that it’s worth it.

Two Lips Bumpps Review Clarisse

Clarisse Gan, 21

I have inflamed bumps on my body and the product helped a little with soothing the inflammation, although it doesn’t make them completely disappear. This is honestly a decent product; while it doesn’t work miracles, I saw improvements slowly – so patience is necessary! I will definitely recommend this to those who suffer from bad inflammation and black/whiteheads. I never knew that folliculitis can be treated and I am glad that this product had helped me.

Two Lips Bumpps Review Maria

Maria, 26
I used TWO L(I)PS Bumpps on both my face and intimate area. After using it for two weeks, I noticed that the bumps (caused by folliculitis) on my body have reduced and my facial skin also felt less oily. I am happy to see that my skin has less shine and I get less pimples than before over the last two to three weeks of trying the product. Besides preventing breakouts, it’s also a great product that kept my skin feeling moisturised and smooth.

Two Lips Bumpps Review Alicia

Alicia Ang, 31
I had been seeing bumps on my skin after shaving and I’ve always thought that it was normal; I was quite surprised to know that this condition was folliculitis. After using the product, I felt the areas that I’ve shaved become much smoother and these bumps were reduced. I also used this product on my face and it helped reduce oil secretion on my T-zone. I no longer need to regularly touch up my makeup with powder to reduce the shine. My makeup also last longer now and I don’t have to worry about looking oily during the day!

Two Lips Bumpps Review Christine

Chrissy, 41
This serum did a pretty good job at keeping my T-zone shine-free, but I find that it’s a little too drying for ageing skin. I didn’t think it did anything for the bumps I experience down-there. While I like that it’s soothing and calming on affected area and absorbs well into skin without any oily residue, it probably isn’t suitable for me and may work better for those with oilier skin.

TWO L(I)PS responds: Thank you for the feedback and we are glad that Bumpps helped to keep the T-zone shine free. For dry skin, we recommend that you apply Bumpps only on affected areas (e.g. T-zone on the face, or body parts that are affected by folliculitis). Do also pair Bumpps with a hydrating serum like Pout, and/or a moisturiser for best results.

Caroline Tio, 31
I experience folliculitis on my vulva and bikini line and have blackheads on my face. TWO L(I)PS’ Bumpps has definitely help with the former problem. While I don’t see any improvements to my blackhead problem, I feel that it helped with reducing the occurrence of pimples. I find that my bumps and pimples healed faster than usual since I started using this product. I love that the texture is light; almost like water, and it absorbs very fast.

Kristy Chan, 34
I have never used any products on my intimate areas before and am surprised that this is so good. I noticed some bumps on my vulva area and after applying Bumpps, my skin felt less irritated and much smoother. It has also helped my T-zone to oil up less; my skin felt smoother and makeup stayed much better.

Neo Qiao Ping, 33
I tend to have bumps at the same spot whenever I shave, but I noticed that the condition improved since I started using the product. I no longer get as much bumps and they’re also less irritated compared to before. I’m surprised at how quickly I could see results and am glad that I could find a product in the market that can really reduce bumps on the vulva.

Luna Ong, 22
I enjoyed the product a fair bit as it was lightweight, gentle, and helped solve some problems. I did not break out as often, and if I did, the product helped reduce the offending bumps. The bumps on my underarms also faded a little. However, I had some issues with the application because the applicator tip was a little hard to control.

Diana Soon, 42
Smaller blemishes disappear after three to four days of continuous use of Bumpps for me. For the more stubborn ones (such as cystic acne waiting to erupt), while they don’t disappear, the bumps are less red and the swell is contained. But I find dispensing the product challenging and the product is also quite watery so there’s a tendency to over-apply. I also wish there were clearer instruction on which step in my routine it should be.

TWO L(I)PS responds: Thank you for the feedback! We love hearing that Bumpps has worked for you. However, we apologize that the instructions for application was not clearly communicated. Bumpps should be used as the first step in your routine after cleansing, i.e. before any other serums and/or moisturizers. The bottle has also been designed to only require one squeeze when you first open it, and to store it with the nozzle facing upwards. For subsequent uses, the bottle just has to be tipped over from there, and the flow should be more manageable. Hope this helps from here!

This article is brought to you by Two Lips.