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Visits to the hair salon may sometimes feel like a game of chance. You want to try a new hairstyle or colour that you saw on a celebrity, but worry if it’s going to turn out well.

Some of us chicken out and stick to the same ‘do we’ve been sporting for the last decade while others leave the salon with regret because the new look just doesn’t seem to stick.

While super skilful and experienced stylists may be able to give good advice, you can be sure that technology probably offers more accuracy.

u-hair salon entrance

To solve this problem, U-Hair, which has opened its new outlet at Jurong Point earlier this year, has all of its mirrors installed with JiNG. This is a realistic and personalised augmented reality experience that provides customers with accurate hair recommendations in real life.

u-hair salon smart mirrors

Using patented technology to precisely map and analyse data, JiNG is able to give recommendations for styles and colours that suit you.

jing ai mirror review 1

When I tried the technology, it first studied my face shape and features, before putting me in one of the many categories they have, such as elegant, sweet, cute, cool, etc.

Apart from looking at your natural appearance, it also takes into account your personal style by asking you more multiple-choice questions related to your lifestyle and preferred outfits.

I found the result very accurate and was impressed by how much it was able to tell me with a simple scan and a few questions.

jing ai mirror review 2

I was also able to virtually try out different hair colours to see if I like them before committing to them. While it was not able to factor in hair colouring techniques such as highlights, it looked more realistic than other virtual try-ons I’ve seen.

With the help of the JiNG technology, U-Hair’s stylists are now able to have a more seamless consultation with their customers. Customers’ profile and hairstyling history at the salon are also saved under their stylists’ accounts, so that better, more personalised service can be rendered at the customers’ next visit.

Other than offering a more accurate hairstyling consultation, the hair salon is also serious about its hair treatment offerings.

The salon is known for its signature hair & scalp treatment, Viege, specially curated to provide anti-ageing solutions for the hair and scalp with the use of natural ingredients.

I tried the treatment for myself when I was at the salon.

The service begins with a thorough consultation using a magnifying tool so that the stylist could have a better understanding of my scalp concerns. After that, he picked out suitable products for me and proceeded with the treatment.

u-hair salon washing area

The treatment itself was relaxing; I truly enjoyed the hair wash and head massage. I left the salon with hair that felt lighter, more hydrated, and bouncier – a sign that the treatment worked well, especially when results continue to last for weeks.

U-Hair is located at 1 Jurong West Central 2, Jurong Point Shopping Centre, #02-20F, Singapore 648886.