In the beauty industry, it’s no secret that Urban Decay (UD) makes some of the best quality eyeshadows in the market. Creamy, pigmented, and easy to blend are just some of the words that have been used to describe the cult-status UD Naked eyeshadow range.

It’s no surprise, then, that anyone who’s a makeup fanatic probably has at least one Naked eyeshadow palette in their arsenal. However, did you know that there’s actually a total of 13 eyeshadow palettes released so far under the Naked line?

But with so many palettes promising curated, wearable shades perfect for day-to-day makeup, we understand that it may be difficult trying to compare among the Naked eye palettes and decide which is the best.

This dilemma is probably even worse if you don’t already own one and are looking to join the ranks of UD Naked fans around the globe by purchasing your first Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette.

Ahead, we’ve put together the ultimate comparison of all the Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palettes for your easy reference. Thank us later!

1. Naked (Discontinued)

Best Urban Decay Palette Naked

This one needs no introduction. Despite it being a decade since its launch, the original Naked palette remains a UD bestseller and a holy grail product for beauty aficionados.

When it first came onto the market, the 12-shade (full-sized!) eyeshadow palette included a double-ended eyeliner pencil and the now-classic UD Primer Potion.

The Naked palette comes with a dual-ended eyeshadow brush that accompanies most of the palettes on this list.

Take note, though, that the original Naked palette has already been discontinued although you can still find it in some C2C e-commerce stores.

Year launched: 2010

Price: S$83

Is it for you? UD wanted to prove that neutrals didn’t have to be boring, and they did just that with this great-value-for-money palette. The palette contained six existing shades, one re-released shade, and five new shades at the time of release.  Today, single eyeshadows are available for all but two of the shades in the palette.

If you’re a beginner and don’t quite know how to match your makeup to your complexion, you might want to start off with this old but gold palette. Two matte shades and 10 shimmer shades in a warm-toned colour palette ensure that you can create numerous eye looks with just this one product, no matter what your complexion.

The excellent colour payoff on these shadows is evident in swatches as well, and users say they are soft and smooth to the touch. In terms of the packaging, the velvety chocolate case adds to the luxe feel of the palette, which itself is well-sized and sleek enough for travelling.

Where to buy: Naked has been discontinued, but all Urban Decay products can be found at the official Urban Decay website, Sephora stores, and

2. Naked2

Best Urban Decay Palette Naked 2

Riding on the success of the Naked palette, UD launched a follow-up eyeshadow palette, again with 12 shades and a dual-ended eyeshadow brush.

In Naked2, there are three matte shades and nine shimmery shades in a more taupe-based colour scheme.

While the warm browns in Naked may suit those with warmer undertones more, those with cooler undertones will appreciate the neutral taupes in Naked2.

Year launched: 2012

Price: approx. S$72 (US$54)

Is it for you? Most reviews agree that you can probably get away with just owning either the Naked palette or the Naked2 palette – you don’t really need both. Some were disappointed that many of the shades in Naked2 were so similar to those in Naked – there’s even a duplicate shade in both palettes!

If you’re deciding between these two palettes, consider what looks you gravitate towards more. If you can’t live without a black shadow that can double up as an eyeliner, or as a powder to set your liquid eyeliner, then the matte black shade ‘Blackout’ in the Naked2 palette is a must-have for you. If you like a good ol’ golden-brown eye look, you’ll be better off with the original Naked palette.

Packaging wise, the Naked2 palette comes in a sturdy tin box and includes an upsized mirror, which is always a good thing.

Where to buy: Official Urban Decay website.

3. Naked Basics (Discontinued)

Best Urban Decay Palette Naked Basics

Fans asked, and UD delivered. Unlike the first two Naked palettes, which contain mostly shimmers, the Naked Basics palette is known for containing mostly matte shades.

The Naked Basics palette is “half-sized”, meaning that they contain only six shades instead of the usual 12. However, the versatility of these shades (five mattes, one satin) makes them perfect for a number of truly nude looks that can take you from work to play in an instant.

This palette has been discontinued but if you look hard enough, you may be able to find them on some C2C e-commerce stores.

Year launched: 2012

Price: S$45

Is it for you? If you just want a basic palette that can settle both your day and night looks, you might be in for a treat here with the Naked Basics palette. This palette can easily suit a wider range of skin tones, as there is a much greater difference in intensity between their lightest and darkest shades (‘Venus’ and ‘Crave’ respectively).

This palette also makes it easy to amp up a natural, everyday look to a glitz and glam evening look with darker shades. Ultimately, this is another great offering from UD for those who like their mattes, as it’s a practical palette that will see a lot of use.

However, as the palette houses more matte shades, removing the eyeshadow can sometimes cause lashes to detach. But do eyelashes grow back once pulled out? Well, the good news is they do, so you don’t really need to worry about it.

Where to buy: This product has been discontinued, but all Urban Decay products can be found at the official Urban Decay website, Sephora stores, and

4. Naked3

Best Urban Decay Palette Naked 3

While the original Naked palette is based in browns and Naked 2 in taupes, Naked 3 makes neutrals a lot more feminine with its pink hues.

The rose gold theme is clear to see in the shades curated for this palette, which match the rose gold packaging of the palette.

Based on the shade range, however, this palette is probably more suited for those with fair skin tones.

Year launched: 2013

Price: S$83

Is it for you? If you’re a die-hard fan of rose gold anything, then the choice is obvious. You absolutely need to have this palette. The hues on this palette are also great for those who are looking to wear romantic eye looks more often as well!

The palette is generally of high quality, with many shades packing a pigmentation punch while still remaining blendable. However, some shades do have issues with fallout during wear. With only two matte shades, this palette isn’t as versatile as its predecessors and the colour range isn’t as varied.

Where to buy: Official Urban Decay website, Sephora stores, and

5. Naked2 Basics

Best Urban Decay Palette Naked 2 Basics

If you’re mad for mattes, expand your eyeshadow collection with this 6-shade palette that’s the second in the Naked Basics range. Like the first, this palette is compact and easy to travel with. There’s also a good-sized mirror in this palette for its size.

If the Naked Basics palette is the matte complement to the Naked palette with their common brown tones, the Naked2 Basics palette is similarly complementary to the Naked2 palette, since both of them offer taupe-hued shades.

Year launched: 2014

Price: approx. S$39 (US$29)

Is it for you? If you’re a beginner and want to try out matte eyeshadows, Naked2 Basics is the one for you. Matte eyeshadows might be difficult to work with for makeup beginners, but UD makes it simple with these shades that offer amazing colour payoff while still being blendable (in case you need to hide any mistakes!).

The matte dark brown shade ‘Undone’ can also double up as an eyebrow powder, but some have found this shade to be the most problematic as it can sometimes be patchy and have a bit of fall out.

Where to buy: Official Urban Decay website.

6. Naked Smoky (Discontinued)

Best Urban Decay Palette Naked Smoky

Gorgeous packaging aside (they really nailed the smoky look with a translucent plastic case with smoke prints on the cover), this palette is a favourite of many who fell in love with the original Naked palette years prior.

With a good balance of warm-toned and cool-toned shades in mattes, satins, and shimmers, this is perhaps the most versatile Naked palette that will take you from day to night in an instant.

This palette has been discontinued but if you look hard enough, you may be able to find them on some C2C e-commerce stores.

Year launched: 2015

Price: S$83

Is it for you? If you always thought smoky looks and Asian eyes don’t go well together, this palette is here to prove you wrong. The shades on this palette are not too overwhelming, which means you won’t look like a raccoon or a panda when your makeup is done.

However, some users have noted that the quality of the shadows in this palette pale in comparison to previous Naked palettes, as they are chalkier and harder to blend.

Where to buy: This product has been discontinued but all Urban Decay products can be found at the official Urban Decay website, Sephora stores, and

7. Naked Ultimate Basics (Discontinued)

Best Urban Decay Palette Naked Ultimate Basics

Yet another matte eyeshadow palette with 12 shades of neutral-hued goodness (although one highlighting shade is in a shimmery finish)! The Naked Ultimate Basics palette is the result of UD junkies asking the brand for more mattes, because more is always more, right?

This palette has been discontinued but if you look hard enough, you may be able to find them on some C2C e-commerce stores.

Year launched: 2016

Price: S$83

Is it for you? If you are obsessed with matte eyeshadows and need to own them all, then this palette might be a good choice. Just take note that the matte shades are designed to complement a variety of skin tones, even though some of the lighter shades may not show up as well on darker skin.

Pigmentation and blendability are merely decent, but the shade range will keep you coming back to this palette for months and months to come. This palette is also said to work best with a primer, which is something to consider if you’re assessing the value of this product.

Where to buy: This product has been discontinued but all Urban Decay products can be found at the official Urban Decay website, Sephora stores, and

8. Naked Heat

Best Urban Decay Palette Naked Heat

This UD offering is a nod to the sunset eye makeup look with its range of 12 shades in amber tones that will look best on those with fair to medium skin and warmer undertones.

Year launched: 2017

Price: S$83

Is it for you? If you’re into the reddish-brown, earthy colours that are always a staple in the beauty world, then Naked Heat is a great choice. As usual, UD nails it with the packaging, this time producing a sunset-inspired case that is reminiscent of a summer heatwave.

As for the actual eyeshadow shades, there’s a good balance of mattes and shimmers to take you through several variations of the sunset eye – with a rose-gold duo-chrome shade called ‘Lumbre’ that stands out among the rest.

However, the shade range leaves much to be desired as there isn’t much contrast between the shades. As there are many palettes from other brands comparable to this one, keep your options open if you’re looking for the shades that the Naked Heat offers.

Where to buy: Official Urban Decay website, Sephora stores, and

Bonus: This palette is so popular, it even spawned a Petite version that retails for approx. S$39 (US$29). If you’d like to have a “sampler” to this iconic palette, consider getting the Petite version here.

9. Naked Cherry

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette

Housed in a crimson compact that comes with a full-size mirror and double-sided brush, this UD palette is probably one of the prettiest we’ve ever come across. It offers 12 shades that include soft mattes, metallics, creamy ivory, shimmery coppers and plums, and an intense black cherry.

Year launched: 2018

Price: approx. S$65 (US$49)

Is it for you? By all accounts, this is yet another quality palette that’s highly pigmented and blendable with commendable longevity. While the darker colours can be a little bold for some, the line-up has a good mix of cherry-hued neutrals and sultry shades that you can easily create an everyday look or a glamorous finish with sans fallout.

Where to buy: Official Urban Decay website.

10. Naked Reloaded

best urban decay palette naked reloaded

This UD palette is made for everyone regardless of age, gender and skin tone. It contains 12 peachy-brown shades with textures that range from silky mattes to microfine shimmers.

Year launched: 2019

Price: S$71

Is it for you? If you like reddish-brown makeup but want something that is more wearable every day, then this palette might be more suitable than Naked Heat. The formula is on the dry side so remember to first apply a primer so that your eye makeup stays vibrant throughout the day.

Also, take note that this palette doesn’t come with a brush (hence, the cheaper price tag) and the material of the palette is a tad cardboard-like and not as sturdy.

Where to buy: Official Urban Decay website, Sephora stores, and

11. Naked Honey

best urban decay palette naked honey

This is said to be the palette that has colours that are closest to the original Naked palette that has been discontinued. Consisting of neutral shades such as classic golds, warm ambers, and rich browns, the gold-based eyeshadows are said to be quite universally flattering.

Year launched: 2019

Price: S$83

Is it for you? This has matte shades that can help you achieve an understated everyday look that is easy to pull off. At the same time, its glitter shades are so opulent, you know you can easily use them to add some glitz and glamour for a night out. Some reviewers say that the colours add warmth to the skin tone and are generally universally flattering.

Where to buy: Official Urban Decay website, Sephora stores, and

12. Naked Ultraviolet

best urban decay palette naked ultraviolet

Paying tribute to the brand’s signature purple hue. this is one of the more recently launched UD palettes. It comprises 12 highly saturated eyeshadows across a combination of lucid metallics, supercharged mattes, and holographic shimmers that’s bound to help you create a look for every occasion effortlessly.

It’s even been crowned the winner of Best Eyeshadow (Editor’s Choice and Readers’ Choice) at the Daily Vanity Beauty Awards 2021, so you know this is definitely worth considering.

Year launched: 2020

Price: S$83

Is it for you? UD wanted to create a versatile purple-based eyeshadow palette that also redefines neutrals at the same time and based on reviews, Naked Ultraviolet certainly didn’t disappoint in terms of pigment load, blendability, ease of use, and longevity.

It’s also a palette that you can wear the colours subtly or build up the intensity easily for a more vivid finish if you like. Either way, plenty of reviewers say that the universally flattering colours stay put on your eyelids for an extended period of time, which is a good thing.

Where to buy: Official Urban Decay website, Sephora stores, and

13. Naked Wild West Palette

Urban Decay Naked Wild West Palette Full

This is the latest palette to be launched, complete with gorgeous snakeskin packaging (don’t worry, it’s vegan!) and bronze detailing that’s keeping with the ‘Wild West’ theme.

It houses a line-up of 12 universally flattering hues that include soft beiges, rich terracotta browns, deep copper, burnt orange, and an unexpected pop of blue and turquoise.

Year launched: 2021

Price: S$83

Is it for you? Using the iconic Naked eyeshadow formula, this UD palette has the same blendable powders in creamy matte, metallic, and shimmery finishes.

Many reviewers say that these go on velvety smooth and blend seamlessly together with little to no fallout, so you can wear these shades on their own or layer them to create a myriad of looks easily.

Where to buy: Official Urban Decay website, Sephora stores, and

Featured image by Allure.