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Vue De Pulang Frozen Cream.

We bet you’ve never even heard of the brand before this.

This is actually a moisturiser by a K-beauty brand that is originally in a gel state and is meant to be put in the freezer where it’ll solidify – yes, just like ice.

Vue De Pulang Frozen Cream Reviews Product

One of the most popular reviews of the Vue De Pulang Frozen Cream was on Kimberly Kruty’s Tik Tok video, which has received more than 531,000 views as at the time of writing. We have embedded the video at the end of this article.

This product is said to be great for those who want to soothe sensitive skin and is free from artificial ingredients.

Vue De Pulang Frozen Cream Reviews Product2

Credit: Bexaused / Instagram

Its star ingredient is the Aqua-Keeping Polymer that draws moisture to keep your skin moisturised. It also contains ingredients that soothe skin, including Icelandic water (instead of regular purified water) that is said to deliver oxygen to your skin.

Online reviews on the Vue De Pulang Frozen Cream have been largely positive.


Most reviewers, like Kimberly Kruty, got a little shock from how cold the product was and said the texture reminded them of shaved ice or sorbet.

Most importantly, the result appears to be worth the super cold “shock” therapy.

Reviewers said that the moisturiser gave their skin an all over glow and that it worked well as a primer before foundation.

Vue De Pulang Frozen Cream Reviews Texture

The texture turns from gel to “sorbet” after it is frozen. Credit: Bexaused and Dewiyang / Instagram

Reviews also said that the product felt moisturising and absorbed quickly. A Redditor said that she loved the refreshing sensation it had on her skin but complained about the tacky sensation that came with it.

It all sounds good, but the question is: is a product that’s so cold necessarily good for your skin?

An Allure writer tried the product and also spoke to a dermatologist about it and the good news: the expert approved this.

Dermatologist Mona Gohara said apart from making your skin feel good and refreshed, the cold sensation also has a positive effect on the skin. One of the benefits of a product as cold as this is that it helps bring down puffiness. Gohara added that she often tells her patients to put their skincare products in the refrigerator to achieve this effect.

Laneige Water Bank Sherbet Cream

This is probably why LANEIGE had also launched a very similar product last year called the Water Bank Sherbet, which has to be frozen to be used.

This was intended to be a limited edition product. However, we found that it is still available at the Sephora website and retailing at a discounted price of S$36.40 at the time of writing.


And if you’re looking for some frozen goodness that you can use again and again, consider the Fraicheur Ice Globes, a facial massage tool that you keep in the freezer and can be used together with your sheet masks, creams, or serums.

You can view Kimberly Kruty’s Tik Tok video about the Vue De Pulang Frozen Cream below. Vue De Pulang Frozen Cream is available in Singapore on Amazon at S$23.27.


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