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We have been “Insta-stalking” local celebrity Yahui recently and noticed how her skin has been looking super radiant even with little to no makeup.




And we’re not imagining things; we heard it from Yahui herself that she has indeed made some changes to how she cares for her skin and it’s why her skin is looking brighter than before.

Her secret? A natural Japanese facial that targets at lightening the appearance of pigmentation, and gives a luminous, spotless and fairer complexion!  It explains why her radiance is so obvious on-screen recently!

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  1. Yahui’s skincare secret

Yahui’s skincare secret

Yahui shares that she has been going for the Miroko™ Whitening Treatment by Shakura, The Whitening Pigmentation Specialist. Milk Essence and Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower (also known as Roselle) are the two key ingredients found in the products used in the facial, and are both known for their amazing brightening effects so that skin can look clear, translucent, radiant, and fair.

Shakura Whitening Treatment Process

The Shakura Miroko™ Whitening Treatment taps on traditional Japanese skincare concepts to deliver results.


The treatment is customized according to individual’s skin type with one-on-one skin analysis and consists of five main steps, starting with deep cleansing using gentle milk cleanser, followed by a light hydrating mask with massage for better absorption of the ingredients; and the use of active milk enzymes to lighten skin’s pigmentation such as freckles and dark spots for an even and brighter complexion.

Skin is also well-balanced and moisturised with Roselle Essence, followed by a soothing base mask and topped with an intensive hydro mask that contains hyaluronic acid for a lasting radiant, glowing and plump effect. The treatment finishes with a relaxing massage that enhances blood circulation and natural Shakura Miroko™ Whitening products.

The results? Much fairer, clearer and glowy skin!


Yahui quickly became a fan because she was impressed by how her skin was transformed to look much brighter and fairer just after one treatment.


My confidence is instantly boosted and I won’t have to worry about covering my uneven skin tone with shades anymore!


She also raves about how she loves that natural ingredients (Milk Essence and Roselle) are used in the treatment, and the products contain no synthetic fragrance and chemicals.


I feel like I am doing my treatment in the pure nature – absolutely divine


Try the Shakura Miroko™ Whitening Treatment

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