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You have done your research on good skincare ingredients. You have invested in expensive products. And you patiently wait for results to show on your skin, thinking that great skin takes time.

But what if we tell you that great skin doesn’t have to take that much time? That your expensive products aren’t actually performing as well as they’re supposed to?

Interested to find out what’s stopping your skincare products from working properly? Read on below for all the reasons why and what the solutions are!

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Why does it feel like your skincare products aren’t doing anything?


Your skincare routine may be full of expensive products with great ingredients, but if these ingredients can’t be absorbed into your skin, they are as good as nothing.

The “problem” is that your skin – or more specifically, your skin barrier – is doing its job too well. Your skin barrier, or the stratum corneum, protects you from external agents such as pollution, bacteria, and unfortunately, your skincare products.

Because of this protective layer, your products can’t penetrate into your skin to do what they’re supposed to. That means the active ingredients only sit on top of your skin and all their skincare benefits are wasted.

Another reason your skincare products may not be as effective as they could be is that the active ingredients are unstable and quickly lose their efficacy when exposed to air and light.

Think about how your vitamin C serums turn dark yellow or orange after a while. Vitamin C is a notoriously unstable ingredient and changing colour is a sign that the serum has oxidised and is no longer as effective.

What can you do to make your products perform better?

Besides exfoliating regularly to get rid of dead skin cells crowding the surface of your skin, the most important thing you can do to get the most out of your skincare is to choose products with high ingredient penetration rates.

One of the most innovative beauty brands around, b.glen is the first beauty brand to use the QuSome® technology in their products, which increases the penetration rate of active ingredients so they can actually work their magic and deliver visible results to your skin.

How does QuSome® technology help products absorb better?

Bglen 3

One of the criteria for ingredients to be able to penetrate through the skin barrier is that the particle size has to be small enough. We’re talking about mere nanometres in diameter!

QuSome Technology is b.glen’s exclusive skin penetrating technology which encapsulates active ingredients and anti-aging ingredients into nano-sized particles. Each particle has a diameter between 70 to 150 nanometers – that’s about 1/50 of the diameter of human hair!

To get a better understanding, imagine a single human pore as an Olympic-size swimming pool. The pool will be filled with thousands and thousands of encapsulated active ingredients.

These nano-capsules penetrate through the skin’s surface and deliver them deep inside the skin, while keeping unstable ingredients from being exposed to the environment to maintain their efficacy.

b.glen products made with QuSome® technology to try

What’s special about b.glen’s QuSome® technology is that it can be applied to all kinds of skincare products, from lotion, serum to moisturiser. Here are some of b.glen’s best-selling products that use this innovative technology to deliver maximum results to your skin:

b.glen Clay Wash

B.glen Review Clay Mask

B.glen Review Clay Mask

Since facial cleansers only stay on our skin for less than a minute, beneficial ingredients get washed off right away without being able to absorb into the skin.

b.glen’s Clay Wash is able to deliver key ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and squalene into the skin to nourish and give it a boost of hydration.

At the same time, the Montmorillonite clay removes dirt, dead skin cells and oxidized excess sebum, which also helps subsequent products you put on your skin absorb better.

b.glen Clay Wash retails for SGD57, available on b.glen’s website.

b.glen QuSome Lotion

B.glen Qusome Lotion

As the first step in your skincare routine after cleansing, toner is very important as it preps the skin for the rest of your products.

The QuSome® technology used in the b.glen QuSome Lotion is a special version called “Charged QuSome®“, which doesn’t just increase the absorption of its own ingredients, but latches onto the ingredients in your next products and deliver them deep into your skin. This means it can optimise the efficacy of your entire routine.

It also contains Salicornia Herbacea extract to effectively keep your skin moisturised for up to 17 hours!

b.glen QuSome Lotion retails for SGD73, available on b.glen’s website.

b.glen C Serum

Dark Spots On Asian Skin B.glen C Serum

The C serum is one of b.glen’s best-selling product, with 1.3 million tubes being sold since 2010. What makes this vitamin C serum so effective and, as a result, well-received among beauty junkies, is the QuSome® technology that helps stabilise the L-ascorbic acid, an active ingredient that is normally highly unstable.

By keeping the highly concentrated vitamin C inside the QuSome® capsules, the b.glen C serum can stabilise it and deliver it deep into the skin to work its brightening magic!

b.glen C serum retails for SGD67, available on b.glen’s website.

b.glen QuSome White Essence

Brightening Products B Glen Qusome White Essence

If you are into brightening skincare, you probably know that results often take time to show on your skin. This is because UV damage in the form of dark spots and hyperpigmentation is often accumulated over time and is difficult to reverse.

Fortunately, you have a solution: b.glen’s QuSome White Essence. Packed with well-known brightening ingredients such as Arbutin, Nicotinamide, and Vitamin C, this serum can be used for both daytime and nighttime to continuously protect the skin against UV damage.

The advanced QuSome® technology allows these active ingredients to reach deep into the skin and target the source of UV damages in order to effectively reverse them.

With consistent use, you can look forward to a visible reduction in dark spots and an overall brighter and more even skin tone!

b.glen QuSome White Essence retails for SGD73, available on b.glen’s website.

b.glen Moisture Rich Cream

Bglen Moisture Rich Cream

If you have ever had problems with moisturisers being too thick and just sitting on top of your skin, you will love the b.glen Moisture Rich Cream.

Don’t let the name fool you – despite the luxuriously rich texture, this moisturiser absorbs almost instantly into your skin in the form of the QuSome® capsules. These capsules bring with them powerful anti-ageing ingredients such as peptides and polyamines to revitalise mature skin, by firming up saggy skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

b.glen Moisture Rich Cream retails for SGD103, available on b.glen’s website.

Where can you buy b.glen products?B.glen Luminous Glass Skin Set

Interested in giving b.glen products a try? They are exclusively available on b.glen’s website.

All five products mentioned are also available in a Luminous Glass Skin Set, which retails for SGD373, or for SGD298.40 (20% off) with subscription.

This article is brought to you by b.glen.