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You may have tried many different kinds of diets over the years, be it the Paleo Diet, the Vegan Diet, or simply just skipping meals in hopes that we will lose weight quickly. However, you may also have realised to your utter dismay that your weight not only stays the same, and even increases throughout your dieting period!

There are many possible reasons that explain why your diet seems to be working against you:

You are not eating enough calories

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Most of us may be familiar with the science behind losing weight: you have to consume fewer calories and burn more calories. Hence, it may seem counterintuitive, but eating too few calories can actually stall your efforts to lose fat.

According to Cathy Leman, a registered dietitian and creator of NutriFit!, when there is a severe restriction in calories, the body may counteract this reduction by slowing down its metabolism. When that happens, your body burns calories slower and you have a higher tendency of gaining unwanted weight.

Your diet food is artificially sweetened

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Certain diets encourage people to consume ‘diet foods’ that are said to help you lose weight faster. Sugar is widely acknowledged and proven to cause unhealthy weight gain, hence many diet foods claim to replace sugary foods and drinks in your diet. Some examples of these diet foods include diet soda, low-fat food, and fruit juices.

However, the truth is that all these ‘sugar-free’ food and drinks can actually be worse for your waistline than your average food. Diet coke, for example, is said to be sugar-free and contains no calories. However, diet soda is actually formulated with artificial sweeteners, and scientific research has proven that consumption of diet soda can actually cause you to gain more weight!

Your diet food is actually high in sugar


Coconut water is also another diet food that is just as controversial as it is popular. While many people advocate drinking lots of coconut water everyday to maximise its health benefits, this beverage is actually high in sugar and saturated fat.

Natural, pure coco water can have about 6 grams of sugar per serving. It may not sound like a lot, but if you are drinking this as a substitute for water, which has zero sugar, the calories can really add up.

What should you eat instead to lose weight?

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Instead of skipping dinner or chugging bottles of coconut water everyday, experts recommend that you eat the correct vegetables and fruits. This can help you to lose weight while ensuring that you get the nutrients you need.

According to the USDA, fruit and vegetable consumption is correlated with a lower risk of obesity and better weight management, due to the low energy density of both fruits and veggies. Low-energy-dense foods have few calories relative to their high amounts of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, meaning that you gain more health benefits with smaller portions.

Here are some examples of foods that are recommended by experts for their nutritional benefits, which you should definitely include in a healthy diet:

  • Chia seeds: Chia seeds digest more slowly in the body, which can potentially prevent hunger for a longer period of time. They have also been shown to support a healthy complexion, increased energy, and overall lower weight.
  • Spirulina: Spirulina has anti-toxic properties that could counteract pollutants in the body.
  • Kale: It contains vitamins B & C, which are essential for the release of energy from food.
  • Broccoli: Broccoli has nutrients that are anti-inflammatory and support the detoxification process in the liver.
  • Goji berries: Goji berries are proven to provide immunity support and protect your liver.
  • Beetroot: It contains betaine, a substance that helps prevent or reduce fatty deposits in the liver.
  • Pomegranate: This fruit can reduce inflammation in the gut and improve digestion.

Superfood Lab: an easier way to eat right and lose unhealthy weight

At this point you may be sweating at the thought of having to consume more vegetables and fruits every day: after all, research has shown that only one in 10 adults actually meet the vegetable or fruit recommendations.

Thankfully, Superfood Lab has developed an easier way that can help you make sure you get all your necessary nutrients and recommended servings in order to stay healthy and lose unhealthy weight. Superfood Lab has developed a proprietary concentrated formulation that freeze-dries and locks in all beneficial nutrients from superfoods, probiotics and plant enzymes to create two health products: SuperGreen pH7.3 and SuperRed Antiox.

SuperGreen pH7.3

Supergreen Ph7.3

As the name implies, SuperGreen pH7.3 is formulated with 28 sources of vegetables and fruits that boast a variety of scientifically-proven health benefits. These ingredients tend to be high in calcium and fiber, which are scientifically proven to aid in eliminating body toxins and promoting digestive health. They also contain many plant enzymes, which help to boost metabolism. That means your body can burn energy at a faster rate and are less likely to accumulate fat, so you tend to lose unwanted weight, which is great if you are working towards a flatter stomach!

Aside from the aforementioned chia seeds, spirulina, kale, and broccoli, another key ingredient in this product is coral calcium – it contains over 70 kinds of micro-minerals with a slightly alkaline pH level of 8.6, which is said to effectively balance pH levels of human body fluids.

It is recommended that you drink SuperGreen pH7.3 in the morning, as experts have said that the best time to take many vitamins and minerals is in the morning, with a meal. SuperGreen pH7.3 can help you maintain your gut health, feel less hungry throughout the day, and support the removal of pollutants in your body so that you can lose unhealthy weight over time.

When consistently consumed over a period of six weeks, you can certainly look forward to feeling healthier and shedding the unhealthy weight that you may have gained from making dieting mistakes.

SuperRed Antiox

Superred Antiox

Besides losing unhealthy weight, most of us would also want to sport healthy and radiant skin. In the same way that vegetables are complemented by fruits in a well-balanced diet, SuperRed helps you to look as good as you feel.

SuperRed Antiox is formulated with healthy vegetables and fruits, including beetroot, pomegranate, and goji berry. These are commonly used to enrich the blood, especially for women’s health. They also support the cardiovascular system and improve blood circulation from within so that you get healthy, rosy cheeks. Organic Maca, or Peruvian Ginseng, is another important ingredient that helps to strengthen your digestive system, which is the foundation for good skin.

Plus, SuperRed Antiox is high in antioxidants (substances that prevent cell damage). The antioxidant level of 1 glass of SuperRed Antiox is equal to 20 cups of grapes, which are a fruit famous for being high in antioxidants called polyphenol!

When you consume SuperRed Antiox with SuperGreen pH7.3, you get a synergistic effect: SuperGreen pH7.3 helps your body to better repair itself, while SuperRed Antiox promotes blood circulation in your skin to correct visible damage – this in turn gives you naturally glowing skin!

Of course, unlike fad diets that promise instant results, the best results are observed after prolonged consumption. It is recommended that you drink SuperRed Antiox before bed to boost cell recovery since skin rejuvenation is at its peak during night time, but you can also drink it in the day as well for better results.

You can purchase SuperGreen pH7.3 and SuperRed Antiox at SGD39.90 (ten days’ worth of travel sachets) or SGD79.90 (one month’s worth in bottle size) from selected Guardian stores and Guardian website.

This article is brought to you by Superfood Labs.