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Ah, facial extractions— it is considered a necessary evil if you’re looking to get a brighter, even complexion. Most of the time, we grin and bear through it in exchange for clearer skin. After all, beauty is pain, right?

That was until we learnt that is a lot less painful way to draw all that impurities out of your skin: clay. A supposedly painless and effective method, this makes it great for those with skin that is easily irritated.

We immediately started looking up options in Singapore, which led us to Face Plus by YAMANO Essential Kohaku Regeneration Facial. A cleansing and detoxifying facial, it requires no extractions whatsoever. Instead, the same results are achieved with formulated Yamano products, hand massage techniques, as well as gentle yet effective relaxation methods.

Upon further research, we also realised that Face Plus by YAMANO is known for providing one of the highest quality Japanese service in Singapore, and is a brand that firmly believes in no hard-selling. Their specialty? Clay. Or, to be more specific, the Doronko White and Black Clay, which is a multi functional product that can be used as both a cleanser and a mask. The Doronko Black Clay is more suited oily, acne prone skin while the White Clay is great for dehydrated, mature and sensitive skin.

With our curiousity sufficiently piqued, we decided to send one of our writers down to try out the facial for herself.

Face Plus by YAMANO Essential Kohaku Regeneration Facial Review: What was the process like?

As someone who goes for regular facials, I have always dreaded the extraction process. More often than not, the procedure hurts, leaves my face red and stinging, and when done improperly, can even lead to bigger pores and hyperpigmentation down the road.

So naturally, I was excited at the prospect of reaping the benefits of the Essential Kohaku Regeneration Facial without having to suffer through any pain whatsoever.

Yamano Essential Facial Before Shot 2

Skin prior to facial

As someone with combination skin, my T-zone tends to be oily while my cheeks (along with the other areas of my face) are dry. This means I often experience acne and congestion around my forehead, nose, and chin, while the skin around my cheeks and general face area appear tired and lifeless.

Upon arrival, I met my therapist, Chrissy, who patiently addressed all of my concerns and discussed the steps of the facial with me. I’m told that the Essential Kohaku Regeneration Facial is ideal for those with dull, uneven complexions, as it rids your skin of blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin cells.

The result? Skin that feels thoroughly cleansed and hydrated.

1. Cleansing

Yamano Essential Facial Cleanse

The facial kicked off with a cleanse using the Yamano MD Medical Cleansing Lotion. It contains high quality clay and fermented soybean, making it a gentle cleanser that removes makeup and sunblock effectively. A warm cotton pad is then used to wipe it off before a Refreshner solution — a pre-cleansing lotion containing sage and lavender — is applied to ensure that there is no makeup residue or impurities left.

The next step, of course, featured Face Plus by YAMANO’s signature Doronko White Clay Formulated with kaolinite and bentonite, it has high absorption powers that removes impurities, dead skin cells and excess sebum from pores. I’ll admit, this left me feeling apprehensive at first as I was worried that the triple cleanse might strip my skin of its natural oils, leaving me with a dry and uncomfortable sensation that I’ve experienced with a lot of clay masks.

Thankfully, my skin felt hydrated and moisturised after the cleanse. I’m informed by Chrissy that this is because of the special healing properties of the Doronko White Clay: it contains Arnica extract and horse chestnut extract for moisturising, which also helps in improving blood circulation.

2. Shinjuhada

Yamano Essential Facial Clear Impurities

After cleansing, my face was wiped down with warm sponges (a small touch of that legendary Japanese service that I really enjoyed throughout my facial!) to be prepped for the next step: the Shinjuhada.

A fruit enzyme solution was first applied on gently to soften the dead skin cells, as well as blackheads and whiteheads on my face. This is used in conjunction with a steam machine to allow for easy removal. I’m told that this is the secret behind why Face Plus by YAMANO doesn’t require an extraction process: the combination of the enzyme solution and steam, in fact, gets all these impurities out even more effectively than through extraction. Plus, it’s painless, which I definitely appreciated.

Yamano Essential Facial Vibrating Soundwave Device

Then came the Shinjuhada. Now, the device may look intimidating, but it’s actually just a deep cleansing machine that’s used with a softener and cleansing lotion to slide the surface impurities off your skin! There was no pain involved, and was a lot more ticklish than anything.

3. Electroporation

Yamano Essential Facial Lifting Device

My skin felt squeaky clean after, which brought us to the next step: Electroporation. Relying on a electric pulse, this nifty little device helps penetrate Yamano’s special serum deep into my skin, going straight down into the cells. Apparently, this makes pores shrink to its original size. It has a light, barely there electrical pulse that feels as if tiny metal balls are massaging your face. In fact, it’s so subtle that I was nearly lulled to sleep by the soothing sensation!

The serum is also packed with chockful of great ingredients for your skin: think active ingredients that allows for skin renewal, bone regeneration, and cell renewal.

4. Essential oils massage

Yamano Essential Facial Essential Oils Massage

The massage was made better with the presence of essential oils, which Face Plus By YAMANO uses as a part of their relaxation technique. The essential oils used are often customised based on your current skin condition, which is a nice touch! Mine contains lemon and sweet orange, both containing vitamin C, which brightens skin. There’s clary sage in there as well, which contains calming properties that helps with the breakouts along my forehead area.

Chrissy then informed me that she’s about to perform a lymphatic drain massage over my head, shoulders, and spine area. It uses a gentle, steady rhythm to push the toxin fluids from your drainage system, which allows for improved circulation. This, of course, leads to better and healthier skin!

Kohaku stones are then used to further massage the oils onto my face. These stones promotes blood circulation, improves lymphatic drainage and even speeds up the skin reparation! The whole process left me feeling relaxed, calm, and even a little sleepy, which, as we all know, is a hallmark of a great massage.

5. Application of moist clay pack

Yamano Essential Facial Moist Clay Pack One

Yamano Essential Facial Moist Clay Pack Two

A moist clay pack is then applied to my skin. I’m told that it contains natural moisturising factors that allows for cleansing, hydration and smoothness. Doronko Black Clay is then applied to my problem areas as it has active ingredients like mink and cucumber that helps disinfect pimples and clogs.

Yamano Essential Facial Moist Clay Pack Three

It all wraps up (literally) when plastic wrap is plastered over my face to seal the entire mask in. This creates heat, which activates the pores, hence allowing the good nutrients from the mask to seep in more efficiently and effectively.

This was left on for fifteen minutes before it was removed, and another warm towel was then applied to my face in preparation for the last step.

6. Application of serum and sunblock

For the final step of the facial, the Bidou Skin Lotion was applied to my face. A weightless, non-greasy formula, it is a serum that helps moisturise and hydrate my skin. It was followed by the Bidou Milk Lotion. Both formulas consist of amber, which means that they both have healing and repairing functions. I’m told later that both products have won the Monde Selection Gold Award for the past six years, which is a award that recognises the quality of these products for consumers.

The very last step? Sunscreen, of course. The Suncut Aqua Jelly (SPF 50 PA+++) was used, a smooth and lightweight formula that seeped right into my skin effortlessly. I also loved how it contains no artificial colouring, parabens, or synthetic dye, and also has no titanium or zinc oxide, making it suitable for all skin types.

What were the results of the Face Plus by YAMANO Essential Kohaku Regeneration Facial?

Yamano Essential Facial After Shot

Skin immediately after facial

My skin felt refreshed and more radiant than before immediately after the facial. This effect pretty much lasted throughout the week, with foundation application deemed absolute in light of my even, smooth complexion! I also took home some of the signature Yamano Face Plus Doronko white and black clay to try, which I find works really well on my breakout-prone skin.

It’s recommended that I return for repeat sessions two times a month due to skin turnover and cell renewal rates. This will lead to a healthier skin barrier down the long run, which is definitely the desired state that most of us aspire for.

All in all, the impeccable service I received alongside with the clearly visible results means that I’ll definitely be making a return trip.

Customer testimonials:

We also discovered several other rave reviews from satisfied customers. Read on to see what they have to say!

“I have been coming to Yamano for over five years. The therapists are very nice and will recommend the correct options and therapies according to your needs. Unlike other salons, they have never rushed me to buy any beauty products without direct trying.” – Cindy Lu

“It’s very different from other salons. The therapists are excellent and the best in Singapore!”- Christine Neo

“I always look forward to my facials with my therapist because she’s extremely experienced and attentive. Having had troubled skin for years (and despite trying almost everything), Yamano is the first place I can get a facial without walking away with red patches on my face. I also never have to worry about my therapist hard-selling anything, and absolutely love Yamano’s gentle yet effective range of products that has helped me tremendously.” – Michelle Lee

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