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When we talk about hair loss prevention treatments in Singapore, Yun Nam Hair Care is definitely one of the first experts that comes to mind. And it isn’t surprising. Yun Nam Hair Care has been in the Singapore market since 1984, treating various hair and scalp troubles.

Trying Yun Nam Hair Care’s signature treatment

After hearing so much about the well-established brand that has outlets islandwide, we want to know what exactly happens during a treatment session.

We sent one of our readers, Pei Wen, who is concerned about her thinning hair, to try Yun Nam’s signature FASTGroTM Hair & Scalp Treatment.

Pei Wen has gone to several hair and scalp treatment centres and tried many hair loss prevention remedies in the last few years, but she would like to find the one solution that works for her.

Customised treatment tailored to your needs

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to hair and scalp care. Your genes, lifestyle, and age all affect your hair fall and hair growth. Yun Nam’s FASTGroTM Hair & Scalp Treatment is customised according to your individual needs.

Yun Nam Hair Care’s specialist Michelle talked extensively to Pei Wen in order to understand the possible causes of her hair problem. A scalp scan was also done in order to better understand Pei Wen’s hair and scalp condition.

We discovered that while Pei Wen doesn’t suffer from severe hair fall, inadequate rest and high levels of stress can be preventing her hair from growing at a rate fast enough to replace the hair she loses.

Michelle also pointed out that her clogged follicles and oily scalp may have prevented her hair from receiving enough nutrients from her treatments and hair products. This clogging problem might even block natural hair growth.

A thorough scalp cleansing was recommended for her first session. This will help her get rid of any clogging in her hair follicles and allow her hair to absorb nutrients better, as well as improve blood circulation to help stimulate the follicles for hair growth.

Yun Nam Hair Care: How’s the treatment like?

All products used at Yun Nam Hair Care are made with premium natural herbs such as Ginseng, Dang Gui, and He Shou Wu.

The customised herbal blend was applied onto Pei Wen’s scalp through a scalp massage. Michelle explained that the product helped remove the dirt particles and oil clogs in her hair follicles, while the massage administered during the treatment improved the blood circulation in her scalp.

Michelle explained that the treatment will continue to work its magic on Pei Wen’s scalp for the next few days, and she will see flakes falling from her scalp.

This is not to be mistaken as dandruff, but these flakes are actually dead skin cells that have accumulated and clogged her hair follicles previously. The fall out is minimal so Pei Wen can continue with her daily routine after the treatment.

After the treatment was over, Michelle did a scan on Pei Wen’s scalp again. It’s significantly cleaner after just one session!

Yun Nam Hair Care review: What does Pei Wen think?

Pei Wen was impressed by how professional and knowledgeable the Yun Nam Hair Care specialist is.

“I’ve been to several places for hair and scalp treatments and I’ve not met anyone who is as knowledgeable as Michelle. I feel like I understood my problems better after the consultation, and am confident about the solutions available to solve them,” Pei Wen shared.

“Michelle was very friendly and answered my questions patiently. The scalp massage was relaxing and comfortable, so I thoroughly enjoyed the session,” Pei Wen added.

She continued to see positive results, with visibly less hair fall in the three days after the treatment.

For more info, visit Yun Nam Hair Care’s website.

Enjoy a free treatment!

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