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How many pumps of shower gel do you use every day? How often do you find yourself having to buy new shower gels in huge bottles? Many of us have a tendency to use way, way too much shower gel just because it always feels like there isn’t enough soap to go around.

Imagine our surprise, therefore, when we heard of this new range of shower gel from eco-conscious brand Yves Rocher. They’re known as “concentrated shower gels” because, guess what, one drop is enough for your entire shower! These shower gels also carry botanical fragrances that make shower time so much sweeter.

One dollop is all you need for one shower

yves rocher eco concentrate shower gel bottles

How does it work? The Eco Concentrate range of shower gels utilises a unique patented formula which allows a small amount of gel to spread easily on the body while also foaming up generously. It’s four times more concentrated than regular shower gel, thanks to their unique formula of multi-lamellar layers.

Even the bottle design was innovated by their formulation experts. All you have to do is to turn the bottle upside down, squeeze the body of the bottle firmly, and the specially designed valve cap will release one dollop of shower gel, perfectly measured to be enough for one shower.

They come in three different scents:

  • Olive Petit Grain: to relax your mind and body
  • Mango Coriander: to energise and rejuvenate
  • Vanilla Bourbon: for when you feel sensual and attractive

Bottles that care for the planet

yves rocher eco concentrate shower gel 1

They only come in small, travel-sized bottles, four times smaller than regular bottles of ordinary shower gels, because that small volume of 100ml is actually equivalent to 400ml of the regular product!

The smaller bottles also mean that they’re extremely convenient to bring around. Now you don’t have to deal with finicky travel amenities when you’re on holiday, or when you want to take a shower outside of home.

The bottles are compact, flight-friendly, and, most importantly, spill-proof. The valve cap that the bottle comes with also prevents the gel from leaking or spilling, even when turned upside down.

Just by using a lot less shower gel in the shower, you’re already saving water and helping the environment. The fact that the bottles are much smaller but last just as long as usual bottles of shower gel also means you help to encourage less production of plastic. Each Eco Concentrate Shower Gel bottle uses two times less plastic in its production!

The price will surprise you

You’d expect that such an innovation that not only makes your life easier, but is also good for the environment, would cost a bomb. Yves Rocher is out to prove you wrong, however.

Each bottle of Eco Concentrate Shower Gel is only an ultra affordable SGD 10 (promotional rate at SGD 8 from 27 Sep to 9 Oct), so you have no excuse not to get on board with this new and environmentally-friendly beauty treat.

You can find the new shower gel in all three Yves Rocher stores found in Singapore:

  • Takashimaya Basement 1 (nearest MRT: Orchard)
  • Westgate, #02-16 (nearest MRT: Jurong East)
  • BHG Bugis (nearest MRT: Bugis)

This article is brought to you by Yves Rocher.