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Top Korean beauty programme, Get It Beauty, did a survey and revealed the top 5 physical traits of men and women that the opposite gender dislike (five for men and five for women). Inviting two groups of representatives for both genders, called the Better Girls and Better Guys, the latest episode of this popular talk show goes through these undesirable traits and asked beauty experts how to resolve them.

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Let’s see how many you are guilty of:

For men

1. Not putting in effort into hairstyling
2. Not shaving thoroughly
3. Poor complexion
4. Nose hair that peeks out of nostrils
5. Unnatural-looking makeup

If you’re a man reading this (or if your beau or loved one has committed one of these), watch the latest episode of Get It Beauty to learn from experts and professionals the solutions to these problems.

How about women?

This is what most of us are probably more interested in: what do men notice about women and that they don’t like? Let’s start from the last one on the list.

5. Hair above the upper lip

Unlike men, we don’t shave our facial hair, and in any case, shaving can sometimes cause hair to grow out looking thicker and darker, which is definitely not the result we look forward to. It is too painful and cumbersome to pluck them out one by one, and there’s no point applying concealer over these fine hairs because it can barely hide them. What’s worse, concealer may even cake up and emphasise the hair’s appearance. Is there any way around this problem at all?

Thankfully, makeup artist Shim Hyun Sub has the perfect solution that he shares in the show. Watch the latest episode to find out what it is – it’s genius!

removal of appearance of hair

4. Poor complexion that makeup can’t hide

Men are more observant than we thought they are. One of the Better Guys in the show commented that women with poor complexion, especially those with pimples, tend to hide the blemishes with layers and layers of makeup. However, instead of concealing these blemishes, their skin doesn’t take well to the huge amount of makeup and their skin look red as a result. They would then apply even more makeup. This is obviously a vicious cycle we have to get away from.

For acne-prone skin, Shim Hyun Sub recommends mud facial mask for skin detoxification and exfoliation. However, we know that mud packs can be extremely messy to deal with because it’s a pain to try to remove it after application. Thankfully, Shim has a beauty hack to share that can help you remove mud facial mask in literally seconds. Learn from the demonstration in the latest show!

mud pack beauty hack

3. Excessive eye makeup

Isn’t it frustrating? We’ve always thought that we should focus on our eye makeup because our eyes are the first feature that people notice about us. We’ve thought that accentuating the look of our eyes using eyeliner or smokey eyeshadow will help enhance our overall appearance too. Unfortunately, less is sometimes more, and men are generally (and secretly) averse to excessive eye makeup. How do we sort out this dilemma? Shim shows us a fuss-free way of doing our makeup to accentuate our features, while looking natural and fresh.

eye makeup tutorial for natural look

Want to know the solutions to all these beauty mistakes and find out what are the top 2 physical traits that men dislike? Watch the latest episode of Get It Beauty to find out!

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