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The best time of the year is here for all Muslim friends all around. Families and friends gather together for this joyous and significant occasion and this calls for a great time to dress up and look your best! Ladies, have you found the perfect baju kurung yet? If you have, you do not stop here, because what good is donning the perfect outfit without making sure your make up is in tip-top condition?

Here are 5 essential make up tips for Hari Raya to ensure that you look your best:

1.Choose the right base


Applying the right base is a very important step in every makeup routine. Having something too heavy for a long day is only going to look and feel worse on your face. Opt for a fresh and natural look!

2. Create the perfect brows

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Having perfectly groomed eyebrows helps to frame your eyes and balance your features. Be sure to shape your eyes properly!

3. Highlight your eyes


They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul. Play around with some colours. However, if you’re wearing a dark coloured outfit, do use lighter shades of eyeshadow! You do not want to look too overdone.

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