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You may think that buying ‘Organic’ Make-up or Skincare is a safe bet for your skin, but most of the time you can be wrong. It is still important to read the ingredients list on the product you are buying, to counter-check on harmful ingredients that can actually speed up the formation of wrinkles and age spots!

Never trust what is printed on the packaging as most of the time it is only used to lure consumers into buying the particular product.

Below are 5 ingredients to lookout for when buying skincare:

1.      Parabens

This chemical is most commonly used as preservatives which is found in many products. It is particularly linked to cancer and can prevent reproductive problems such as developmental disorders in children. There are many products marketed as ‘Paraben-Free’ but still do keep a lookout on that, just to be sure.

2.      Fragrance

Commonly found in many skincare products to help make the item smell ‘fresh’ and ‘refreshing’, it often includes a blend of three thousand or more chemicals. They are sometimes also linked to allergies and breathing difficulties. Some cosmetic companies may also label them as ‘perfume’.

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