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Everyone loves that moment when we step out of the hair salon with a new style: our freshly coloured hair looks vibrant and we’re ready to flaunt it to the world. Unfortunately, this is also usually when the vibrancy of the hair colour is at its peak. We know that it typically won’t look as good as it did after a few weeks.

Thankfully, there are ways to keep your hair colour looking vibrant for longer than it usually would. The Kérastase Reflection range for coloured hair is here to help your hair colour look its best for as long as possible, prolonging intervals between touch-ups!

kerastase reflection range 1

All products in the new range use Kérastase’s new Système Capture Advanced technology, powered by a Chelators Complex in order to prevent water particles from adhesion to the hair strand on the long term. The colour can be protected up to 40 days, adding shine and vividness to your hair like never before.

1. It prevents water particles from destroying your dye

kerastase reflection bain chromatique

Coloured hair needs special care. This is why your regular hair care products may no longer cut it when you decided to change your hair colour.

Kérastase found that three molecules commonly found in water were to blame for color fading. Chlorine causes color oxidation and increased photosensitivity; copper has a greenish, darkening effect on colour; calcium dulls colour and causes fiber dryness.

With that knowledge, the entire Kérastase range is now empowered with the new Système Capture Advanced technology that contains Chelators Complex, a fusion of sodium citrate with Yuzu and Lychee extracts, that acts to neutralise the culpable particles in water, preventing them from dulling hair fibers.

Try: Kérastase Reflection Bain Chromatique shampoo, which is said to protect the dye in your hair up to 40 days! Kérastase has had a long history of being a reliable salon-grade brand of hair products, so we’re definitely taking their claims seriously.

It also has additional nourishing ingredients that prevent your hair from looking dry and grassy as heavily treated hair is wont to do. If your hair is particularly thin and fine, you can try the Bain Chromatique Riche for sensitised hair.

Kérastase Reflection Bain Chromatique and Bain Chromatique Riche retail for SGD 39 (exclusive of GST).

2. It doesn’t forget sun protection for your hair

kerastase reflection fluide chromatique 1

You already know how sun protection for your skin is all-important but did you know that your hair also needs sun protection as well? Heat causes hair colour to break down faster, and that also applies to sun rays directly shining on your hair.

Though your hair does not get sunburnt, harmful UV rays from the sun can cause photooxidation to your hair, which triggers discolouration and fading in both natural and colour-treated hair.

The Reflections range (aside from the Touches Chromatique) contains UV filters and Vitamin E, so you can rest assured that your hair and your hair dye is adequately protected from the sun whenever you’re out and about.

Try: Kérastase Reflection Fluide Chromatique. This is a hair oil that you can use on towel-dried hair before styling as usual. Not only will it help you tame any potential frizz and leave your hair looking more silky-smooth than before, your hair colour is enhanced and well-protected against the damaging aggressors from the sun.

Kérastase Reflection Fluid Chromatique retail for SGD 50 (exclusive of GST).

3. It provides deep nourishment for your colour-treated hair

kerastase reflection masque chromatique 1

Nowadays, hair dyeing technology has improved so the damage done to your hair during the process is significantly less than how it would have been in the past.

Even so, coloured hair, especially if bleached, still has a tendency of looking dry, grassy, stiff and lacking in shine and lustre. On top of ensuring that your colour stays vibrant for longer, the Kérastase Reflection range aimed to also provide the nourishment that your coloured hair needs more than ever.

Try: Kérastase Reflection Masque Chromatique. This is a deep nourishing hair mask that not only helps to seal in the colour dye molecules into your hair shaft, but also replenishes the moisture and hydration that your hair needs, protecting it from further damage.

Like the shampoo and leave-in hair oil in the Reflection range, the rice bran oil in Masque Chromatique nourishes each hair strand and also coats the surface for added light refraction and shine.

Use your choice of Masque 2 to 3 times a week to maintain your hair colour’s vividness and the shiny look of healthy hair.

Kérastase Reflection Masque Chromatique and Masque Chromatique Riche retails for SGD 69 each.

4. It uses the colour wheel to your advantage

kerastase reflection les touches chromatiques 2

We usually have to visit the salon regularly in order to get our hair colours fixed when it starts to fade or to turn a very different shade of colour. What if you could do your own shade maintenance at home in between your salon visits?

The concept is simple: it basically relies on the colour wheel principle. Opposite colours on the colour wheel neutralise with each other, so green can be used to neutralise red, and violet can counteract yellow tones.

kerastase reflection mixing

Try: Kérastase Reflection Touche Chromatique. Take your choice of Kérastase Reflection Masque Chromatique or Masque Chromatique Riche to the next level by adding this direct dye to it so that you can have the best of both worlds: replenishing your hair with both moisture and colour at the same time.

How to use: All it takes is 10 clicks of the Touche Chromatique most desirable for your hair colour, which you mix in to the Masque. Apply to shampooed and towel-dried hair, and massage it into the length of your hair and the ends. Leave on for 10 minutes. Lather then rinse thoroughly.

kerastase reflection francesca
kerastase reflection arika
kerastase reflection melissa
kerastase reflection jessica

It uses the ink-in-care method, new on the market, which combines the best of colour care with the Masque Chromatique, with ultra-concentrated direct dyes in the Touche Chromatique colours. This means it takes care of 2 purposes with only 1 step!

If you’re starting to feel like it’s too much trouble, we’ve got news for you: it only takes 10 clicks and 10 minutes of the Touche Chromatique to revive your hair colour!

Most importantly, those who have used it comment that it has helped prolong their hair colour, and also preserve hair fibre, which can make coloured hair look more vibrant and healthier.

Kérastase Reflection Touches Chromatiques comes in four different inks:

kerastase reflection touche chromatique 2

From left to right:

  • Red: to revive red shades
  • Cool Blond: to neutralise yellow undertones of blond shades
  • Copper: to revive copper shades
  • Cool Brown: to neutralise red undertones of brunettes

Kérastase Reflection Touche Chromatique retail for SGD 45 each (exclusive of GST).

5. It ensures regular hydration for your hair

kerastase reflection fondant chromatique

Many people make the mistake of neglecting hair care after they have achieved a beautiful look at the salon. Hair care is even more important than before because colouring is, after all, a chemical process.

Hydrated, healthy hair retains colour better than dry and brittle hair. Step up on your hair care regime and make sure you indulge in hair masks and treatments to keep your hair in tip top condition.

Try: Kérastase Reflection Fondant Chromatique. This is a conditioner that provides multiple layers of protective care for coloured hair of any intensity. In between each use of the Masque Chromatique, which is used two to three times a week, keep your hair healthy and lustrous with this conditioner, a perfect complement to the daily shampoo Bain Chromatique that protects your hair colour.

The Fondant Chromatique also features the Système Capture Advanced technology to preserve colour, and also adds shine to your locks without any added weight or greasiness.

Kérastase Reflection Fondant Chromatique retails for SGD 54 (exclusive of GST).

Check out the Kerastase Touche Chromatique in action!

This article is brought to you by Kérastase.