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If the snooze button is your best friend, then you’ll probably understand the challenge of the morning rush. Many of us face the dilemma of wanting to sleep in, but also wanting to look fabulous for the rest of the day. Which do we sacrifice? Sleep in and skip the beauty routine, or look great but feel horrible?

Well, you can have the best of both worlds if you play your cards right. Arm yourself with these useful tips and you’ll stop feeling guilty the next time you hit the snooze button again.

1. Achieve voluminous hair with dry shampoo before bed

Bed hair can look limp and flat – definitely not a good look. But using a hairdryer and styling product in the morning to get the poufy hair that you want can be quite time-consuming. The trick is to use dry shampoo on your hair before bed, focusing on the areas that tend to flatten out. You’ll wake up with nice, voluminous hair that require little styling.

2. Prep your hair with overnight braids

If you like to have soft waves in your hair in the morning, without spending 20 minutes with a curling tong, this is what you need to do: put braids in your hair while it’s still damp. Leave the braids overnight, and when you remove them in the morning, you’ll find that you have naturally-looking waves.

DV Tip: Do more braids if you want smaller waves, and less braids if you prefer larger waves. Remember to use a large comb to gently comb out the braids to achieve a more natural look.

3. Organise your vanity table

Remember how you used to pack your school bag the night before, according to your timetable the next day, when you were still a student? The same organisation skills can be put to use now to help you cope with morning rush.

If you find that you’re spending too much time in your beauty routine, lay out the products that you’d want to use the night before, preferably in the sequence of usage, and you’ll find yourself getting through the routine much faster. No more spending precious time hunting down the specific item you want to use!

4. Use multi-purpose products

Instead of going through several products and several steps, opt for multi-purpose products that can deliver the same result.

The product that we swear by is the ORBIS Sunscreen on Face Light. This lightweight tinted sunscreen offers a triple threat protection to shield skin from UV rays, near infrared rays, and air pollution (such as atmospheric dirt and dust) with Damage Block Veil. These three are the key environmental aggressors that you’ll face during the day.

On top of these, this skin-loving sunscreen is formulated with 80% beauty serum to further reduce sun damage.

More than just a sunscreen, this is also your makeup base, and has moisturising effects.

ORBIS Sunscreen on Face Light

If you’re really pressed for time, consider using this alone, without foundation, to achieve a light makeup look. The Blend Light Powder in the formula helps correct the yellow hue in Asian skin and the Hybrid Airy Powder covers pores and gives your complexion a soft-focus effect.

What this means: you can apply it right after toning, slap on some lip colour and you’ll be good to go!

Choose from either Light (lotion texture) or Moist (cream texture), according to your skin type and preference. We recommend Light if you have oily to combination skin, and Moist if you have dry skin. Buy now at the newly launched ORBIS online store, where you can enjoy FREE delivery with any purchase from now till 14 June!

5. Stick to your signature day look

The morning rush may not be the best time for you to try out a new look that you’re unfamiliar with. Save experimentation for the weekends, and stick to a “standard morning look” to keep your routine short and sweet.

But if you really prefer to change things up, we suggest changing your lip colour. A change of lip colour can give a different effect on your overall look, and make you look different from the previous day. We like that lipstick application is much faster to do than eye makeup, especially if you’ve already picked out your colour the night before. (See Tip #3.)

6. Wash your face in the shower

Many of us may have the habit to wash our face at the sink with our regular facial cleanser before taking a shower. Instead of doing this, wash your face while you’re in the shower instead. Put your facial cleanser at your bathroom instead of the sink area to remind yourself of this time-saving hack.

7. Pack a makeup pouch with essentials

Invest in a makeup pouch and fill it with essential makeup items such as an eyeliner, mascara and lip colour. This way, if you’re running out of time, you can head out right after you’re done with your base makeup – and it can be really quick if you do it right, check out Tip #4 again! Then, do the rest of your makeup at the office using the products in the makeup pouch that are always in your work bag.

This article is brought to you by ORBIS.