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“It’s time to switch to a new moisturiser!” “I hope it works this time round.” I’m pretty sure most of us have had this thought at a certain point in time. Realistically speaking, you can’t expect to see improvements after a day’s use. Your skin needs time to get accustomed to the ingredients in your moisturiser. However, that does not mean it is entirely impossible to achieve desired results in a short period of time.

Put aside your disappointment as we come bearing good news! Here are seven tips and tricks you can incorporate into your skincare routine to make your moisturiser work its full potential. Thank us later!

1. Clean Face

How To Take Care Of Skin While Wearing Mask Always Double Cleanse Especially If You Are Wearing Makeup

This tip is a no-brainer! After a long day outside, all you want to do is just lie in bed and rest. However, that is still no excuse for you to not remove your makeup (if any) and wash your face. With the removal of makeup and dirt accumulated throughout the day, you are less likely to experience clogged pores. This in turn, aids in the better absorption of skincare products.

2. Exfoliate

How To Take Care Of Skin While Wearing Mask Remember To Exfoliate

Dead skin cells accumulate and buildup over time as our skin regenerates new skin cells. Seemingly like a wall, it blocks and hinders the absorption of active ingredients found in our moisturisers. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that we exfoliate our skin at least one to three times a week (depending on your skin type and preferences). Lucky for us, there are many exfoliators available in the market, from physical scrubs to chemical exfoliants. If you don’t mind investing on skincare, you might also want to get cleansing tools like the Clarisonic and Foreo. These cleansing tools bring skincare to another level as it cleanses and exfoliates the skin at the same time!

3) Apply on damp skin

Rinsing 2 1

The optimal time to start your skincare routine is right after the shower, when your skin is damp. Think of a slightly wet sponge that is able to absorb liquids effectively compared to a dry sponge. The same concept applies to our skin. Damp skin enhances the absorption rate by up to 10% and allows active ingredients in moisturisers to penetrate the skin on a deeper level.

4. Layer correctly

Source: Birchbox

The general rule is that you have to apply your skincare products in order of density, from the lightest to the heaviest (Liquid→Creams→Oils). By following this order, your skin is able to receive the full benefits from the active ingredients found in each product. To kick-start the correct way of layering, we have included a simplified flowchart for your reference!

5. Finding the right formula for your skin type

Source: Soko glam

Unsure of your skin type? Here’s a quiz by Soko Glam to learn more about your skin. Finding the right moisturiser that is best suited for your skin’s needs makes all the difference in the world!

In general,

Oily/Acne-Prone – Opt for a lightweight moisturiser that is oil-free with hydrating ingredients (e.g. Panthenol, Hyaluronic Acid, and Centella Asiatica).

Dry – Opt for a rich moisturiser of a cream consistency with hydrating ingredients (e.g. Panthenol and Hyaluronic Acid).

Normal/Combination – Opt for a lightweight moisturiser that is oil-free with hydrating ingredients (e.g. Panthenol and Hyaluronic Acid), concentrating more on the T-Zone.

Sensitive – Opt for a moisturiser without irritants like fragrance.

However, do take note that every person’s skin is unique. What works for you may work differently on another person.

6. Tap, Tap, Tap

General Skin Concerns 1 2 1

If you have been applying your moisturiser by slathering it on and distributing it evenly with wiping motions, you are doing it wrong! By doing so, you are pulling onto the skin which may result to premature aging. Instead, take a dime-sized amount of your preferred moisturiser, warm it up in your hands, and work it evenly onto the skin by using tapping motions. This technique helps to stimulate blood circulation and increases skin temperature, making it an ideal condition for better absorption of your moisturiser.


7. Stay Consistent!

Source: Target

Did you know that the skin’s average cell turnover rate is about 28 days? Therefore, give your skin a chance to reap the benefits with consistent use of your moisturiser. Waiting for visible results can be a pain but that doesn’t mean it should be boring. Grab a notepad and track down your skincare journey, noting whenever you feel or see an improvement to your skin!


Here’s to healthier skin in 2018!